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Dizziness During Pregnancy – How To Prevent

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Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy Dizziness

Table of Contents

Do you often find yourself experiencing dizziness during pregnancy? This is caused by the increased levels of progesterone in the flow of blood to your baby causing low blood sugar levels and the blood flow in the brain giving you pregnancy dizziness.

This is quite common during your trimester along with you feeling disoriented, unsteady, or vertigo, which can make you feel dizzy as you’re about to fall or faint. But you need not worry as it is a common symptom of pregnancy that is avoidable with shorter steps.

When does pregnancy dizziness start and is it common?

Most women tend to experience dizziness in their early pregnancy between the 12th week or even in the first few weeks of the second trimester of your pregnancy. Dizziness in women is perhaps not the first sign of pregnancy, but early pregnancy symptoms caused by low blood sugar due to morning sickness even before you miss periods, do not eat properly leading to feeling nauseous, all occurring within days of conception.

What other than the blood pressure and low blood sugar causes dizziness during pregnancy?

Here are the factors that likely cause dizziness when pregnant in women:

  • The body is not producing enough blood for the rapid circulatory system for the two of you.
  • The blood vessels caused by the high levels of progesterone tend to relax and widen. This increases the blood flow in the baby by slowing your blood pressure. You may feel dizzy due to the cut in the blood flow to your brain making your head spin.
  • The growing uterus could pressure your blood vessels especially when you try to lie down on your back causing dizziness.
  • The women in pregnancy release plenty of heat contributing to you feeling lightheaded.
  • In cases when your blood sugar drops or you are dehydrated. Or there is an increase in your heart rate leading to a dizzy spell.

Medically reviewed tips to aid dizziness in pregnancy

Ob-Gyn has recommended that no matter how normal these head spins might seem like, they mustn’t be ignored. To be on the better end, you must avoid your otherwise daily chores including driving and intensive workouts that could cause harm to either you or your baby. Perhaps, if the dizziness makes you feel unlikely, do not hesitate for help immediately to be on the safer end.

According to the health information, primarily try lying on your back as soon as you start to feel dizzy or you experienced lightheadedness. This would help you prevent passing out. Then, elevate your feet to increase the blood flow levels to your brain.

Just in case following the above isn’t possible, try sitting down and push yourself ahead bending forward while placing your head between your knees. While you do so, breathe slow and deep. Also, if sitting isn’t possible too, kneel down on one knee and bend forward.

Follow these steps and allow yourself a good blood flow and avoid dizziness.

Is it possible to prevent dizziness in pregnant women?

To are a few pointers to help you prevent dizziness in the first place:

  • Walk slow and steady

A pregnant woman must not stand up too quickly when sitting or lying down. This causes the blood pressure to drop which makes you feel faint.

  • Eat often

You must make sure to eat a good healthy diet with more amounts of proteins and carbs like whole-grain bread or pasta. This helps stabilize the blood sugar levels and also aids the morning sickness along with foods to help boost your sugar levels like a mini-box of raisins and fruits.

  • Stay hydrated

With the major lifestyle changes, pregnant women must avoid feeling lightheaded by drinking more than usual. Try to aim to drink enough, up to 12 to 13 glasses of fluids per day.

  • Be wise and smart while dressing up

Pregnant women must opt to dress smart by wearing easy-to-shed layers in case you experience dizziness and overheat. Tight fits, scarves, or hats are to be avoided depending on your body functions.

  • Do not lie on your back

Lying on your back puts pressure on the blood vessels, especially in the second and third trimesters as they tend to press on the vena cava. This is the vein that carries the blood back to the heart and could interfere with the optimum circulation that could be a cause of dizziness.

  • Breathe in fresh

With your pregnancy, staying inside could cause you to feel stuffy and overheated that could cause your blood to trigger dizziness. So take time out anytime throughout the day for a five-minute walk outside. It will help you maintain the blood volume and relieve other symptoms like constipation and swelling.

When do the dizziness during pregnancy end and when to call for a healthcare provider?

Unfortunately, dizziness during pregnancy generally lasts till the end of your pregnancy and subsides after birth.

At times not having enough iron supplement results in the depletion of the oxygen-carrying blood cells. In this case, you could pass out, so it is recommended to call the doctor as soon as possible.

That’s all about the dizziness in pregnancy. Pregnant moms must make sure to eat healthily and keep themselves away from iron deficiency. Dizziness during pregnancy is generally caused due to overheating and to help you further, Parenthood Bliss has accumulated an article with hack during pregnancy especially in the summertime. To view, all you need to do is click and explore!

To Conclude:

Having a healthy pregnancy is essential to avoid pregnancy complications. Perhaps, with the dizziness that causes pregnant women to feel lightweight, it is essential to take notice of the significant signs and consult a doctor when needed.

FAQs: Everything You Need To Know About Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy Dizziness

1) When must one be worried about dizziness in pregnancy?

In case you experience persistent dizziness along with you feeling blurred, constant headaches, or palpitations, you must contact your healthcare provider. This could be a symptom of anemia or any other negatively affected illness.

2) What do bad signs during pregnancy entail?

Negative signs during pregnancy include:
  • Bleeding vagina
  • Fits
  • Major headaches with a blurred vision
  • Fever
  • Weakness in getting out of bed
  • Abdominal pain
  • Difficulty in breathing

  • 3) Is it considered normal to have dizziness during pregnancy?

    Yes! Feelings lightheaded or dizzy is a common factor in early pregnancy caused by hormonal changes and increased blood volume. Therefore, you need not worry otherwise.

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