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15 Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys: Top Picks for Every Occasion

Table of Contents

Best Gifts for a 17-Year-Old Boys

Table of Contents

Stepping into 17 years is quite a milestone to celebrate, and comes along with the hassle of choosing gifts. Find it difficult to choose the top 10 best gifts for 17-year-old boys? We’ve got you!

A boy at age 17 is said to love gadgets and games that are technical. He will have a more settled life compared to the one he led at the beginning of his teenage with a set of clique friends now. Why not then look for something that is perhaps shareable and community-friendly? Gifts like these come in handy at parties, night stays, and gathering helping him build his social skills too!

Here Is A List Of The Top 15 Best Gifts For 17-Year-Old Boys!

1. Gaming Headset by RUNMUS

Gaming Headset by RUNMUS

This is a great gift for a gaming enthusiast that comes with 7.1 surround sound and a noise-canceling mic. Its features include powerful 50mm drivers that deliver excellent audio quality, customize the fit, adjustable headband, and padded ear cups. The best part is that the headset is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and PCs.

Amazon Reviews

Love these headphones! They really bring out the best and they really let the rhythm be heard and not get lost in the noise around you. The only list thing I can find with these headphones is myself in the music!

Fit perfect and works great. Good price for an elite product. Gaming to music finding they work tons better than my expensive Sony so for no echo clear voice works great couldn’t be happier five Star All The Way

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2. Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is sleek and ergonomic construction to impress the 17 year old boy. It has a water-resistant feature that makes it durable with its high-quality touch screen display, and GPS. The boy can hear his favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcast also allowing an SOS message with just a single tap!

Amazon Reviews

I splurged bought this in the middle of the night back in 2020. Never saw myself as an Apple Watch kinda girl but figured I had the iPhone & AirPods might as well indulge as well! I have no regrets buying this, so convenient to be able to see who texted me or is calling me without having to pull my phone out!

I love this machine. I work a demanding job in management and it is so nice having my Apple Watch alert me of texts, calls, notifications, etc. I’m always on call and it’s very important to keep a pulse on messages from staff and my company. When clients are nearby it looks so much more professional to glance at my watch instead of drag out my phone. It synched many of my apps, all contacts, calendar, etc. I feel like a spy when I ask Siri from my watch to remind me of an engagement or to look something up, spell something out, etc. I do not have a data plan with it, but the extra $10 on my phone bill would be well worth it. Right now my phone needs to be within 30-40ft from my watch to get notifications, but it still functions perfectly as a watch without the phone with many, many apps and features most tailored toward health and exercise. Even though it is comfortable, I do not currently sleep with it on, but I can’t deny how handy it is to have your wake-up alarm on your wrist especially if the wake-up is a vibration instead of a jarring noise right away in the morning.

I did a lot of research to what smart watch to buy. I decided to go with Apple because they have quality products built to last. I went with the smaller size watch because I have small wrists and don’t need the larger screen. I love that you can change the display screen to whatever you want and the weather is handy to me with a flick of my wrist. I decided to go with the Series 3 because it had everything I needed and I’m very glad I went with the 3 instead of the 5. I thought I would like some of the 5’s features but the 3 has everything I need at a reasonable cost! It is also very easy to change out bands and protective cases. You can have any color out there to match any outfit!

Only downside so far is that it only keeps a charge for about 2 days, but charging it is very easy and fast. It has just become routine to charge my watch overnight just like my phone.

This is a must-have in this virtual world!

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3. Desktop Charging Station

Desktop Charging Station

As mentioned earlier, a 17 year old boy is bound to like tech toys, and keeping them all in charge is quite a task. This desktop charging station makes a great room for all devices with 6 different charging points. It has an impressive 45W charge capability cutting down the waiting hours and is incredibly ergonomic.

Amazon Reviews

Replaced a block of chargers for my parents. 2 cell phones, 1 smart watch, rechargeable hearing aids, wireless charger as an extra… all nice and neat. I’ll be another one for myself at some point..

I use this charging station every day to charge my phones and tablets. The extra slots are super useful for storing your devices. They are wide enough to hold a tablet with a thin case. The PD port can charge my galaxy and pixel phone at rapid speeds meaning almost fully charged in about an hour.

The PD port stopped working and I reached out to the seller (HomeInnk-US). They were very responsive and was able to help me resolve the issue completely to my satisfaction. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer support offered. This was an excellent purchase and I’m a happy customer.

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4. HD Media Streamer from Roku

HD Media Streamer from Roku

This is an excellent handy streaming tool allowing the boy to stream his favorite shows, movies, etc. It can be easily plugged into the TV effortlessly and is affordable offering high-quality streaming power.

Amazon Reviews

Who needs satellite cable TV when you get all these channels on Roku TV for free. There’s also other apps available with plenty of free channels and they’re actually good channels. I’m impressed. I almost bought a Samsung TV for my bedroom because you get Samsung TV Plus for free, but this is basically the exact same thing, but better. Grab one if you’re on the fence. It’s worth it!

This is very nice. Not sure what I can say that will be mind blowing or super helpful, as so many people have experienced The Roku by now. We finally have decent enough internet at home to stream things, so I snagged this up on the very next sale to try. Yep, it’s a keeper!

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5. Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball

This is a classic toy that comes with both touch and sound interactive modes allowing plasma in different ways! The plasma ball comes in many different methods of interacting with lights delivering hours of fun.

Amazon Reviews

This was a present for my grandson- he loves it and VERY interested in the treason it works – it is educational!!

Love this plasma ball it’s mesmerizing! My son keeps insisting that I turn off the lights in his classroom (that’s where it is) so that he can play/look at it. It really is cool how it follows your hand or finger when you touch the exterior. Super fun to watch on its own. It’s plastic so no worries about broken glass. It’s pretty durable it got knocked a couple times by my sons toys and no problem. Really great to put in a kids room as a nightlight! I’m buying another for my son’s room for that reason. Well worth the money.

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6. MyMap Ancient History Scratch Off

MyMap Ancient History Scratch Off

Does he like to travel? This gift has a large wall map featuring early century explorers printed for the boy to scratch off the map once visited. It is also a great display for the boy’s room acting as a fun reminder of trips and learning more about geography.

Amazon Reviews

high quality product, i really like
fast delivery
I recommend

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7. Boys RC Boat

Boys RC Boat

This remote-controlled boat is an exciting product with features built into it. It is super easy to control and reaches a speed of up to 20 mph.  

Amazon Reviews

Good zippy little boat. I had an issue with mine. The company emailed me back quickly and went above and beyond tha correct the issue. I have never had such amazing customer service. These folks really stand behind their product and make sure you are satisfied. They have earned a customer for life. The boat is a great first boat or just fun time boat for anyone. Not easily upgraded like hobby level boats.


The boat is fun and super fast. It’s easy to handle and rides nice even through small waves. The remote is lightweight and easily breakable do not drop it. As far as overall value and fun absolutely great buy. I would suggest getting extra batteries to ha e on hand after it’s 12 min run time you will want to swap batteries and keep driving.

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8. Teens Drone

Teens Drone

This GPS drone comes with an equipped multiple flight mode providing a great experience while piloting the aircraft. It is a fun gadget for the 17 year old boy, helping him take his first flight.

9. Game of Phones

Game of Phones

This is a fun party game helping them increase their social skills whilst still using their phone. It is a deck of cards featuring challenges for all players to complete including easy tasks like finding the oldest photo of yourself etc. It is extremely fun when played in large groups improving communication skills.

10. Canon EOS Camera

Canon EOS Camera

This is the best gift for a 17-year-old boy who has everything and for teens who want to switch from their phone’s camera to a DSLR because it includes a number of essential, basic items. The 24.1 MP, wi-fi-enabled Canon EOS Rebel can take pictures and record full HD 1080p videos. This bundle includes an 18-55mm II lens, additional telephoto wide-angle lenses, 2 SDHC memory cards, a padded camera bag, a tripod, and everything else they need to get started.

Amazon Reviews

It is the best bang for your buck. Includes extra battery, 2 32gb memory stick, external flash, two extra tele and wide angle lenses, filters, ……
I started with Canon T50 35mm film camera more than 30 years ago and now have a PowerShot SD 750 and now bought this. Canon is the best value for beginners although you can buy professional cameras from other brands but if you want to shoot simple, nice family or picnic photos this is the best choice. This seller has good reviews. I had a question about the package and they answered me quickly and professionally. You won’t get disappointed.

I’ve used this set up semi professionally just about daily for like a year and a half plus now. I did get extra batteries and charger thought he original is still strong. The tripod is meh and the filters aside from the UV filter which is kind of a throw away filter no matter where you buy it but all the other filters suck. I went and bought different ones which are way way better and look worlds better in post edit. The bag and strap are nice though I don’t use them so I can’t speak on their quality over time and use. The external flash is kind of garbage it’ll work for a little bit then stops or breaks (mine did both). The fish eye/macro lenses look decent enough but I never use them and have no plans to so I can’t speak on them. Memory cards work as they should I got more after but I shoot a lot of photos constantly. I’d have to say if you’re looking for a kit to use at family outings and such not a bad buy. If you’re looking to get into photography it might serve you better to price out your own kit even if the cost is a lil more because you’ll spend it twice between buying this kit and then replacing half of it to get better quality stuff though that’s the name of the game I guess. All in all it’s a good camera and has taken my abuse well and I’ve been way harder in it than most people ever will be it’s entire life.

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11. Accidentally Wes Anderson

Accidentally Wes Anderson

A group of photographers ventured to the far corners of the planet for this book, catching eccentric, capricious, and peculiar areas. Accidentally Wes Anderson takes you on a journey to some real-world locations that are evocative of the filmmaker’s distinctive visual style, with permission and a foreword by Mr. A. There are models from each mainland, and each picture is joined by the area’s history.

Amazon Reviews

It was fun to read and the stories behind each picture that was taken is amazing. It is a very personal book and made feel like I knew those in the stories. Very enjoyable

The size is pretty bigger than average but slightly smaller than a coffee table book. The quality of the pages is higher than I expected. And of the course the images and narratives are absolutely marvelous. Sent it to 2 friends as a gift and will probably get one for me and for other friends

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12. Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5

The Acer Nitro 5 has a Driven illuminated, 15 inches full HD widescreen show, which is joined by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4GB of VRAM illustrations card and conveys up to 90 casings each second. The Acer has a 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9300H processor that can reach 4.1 GHz, allowing it to perform as well in academic settings as it does in gaming environments.

Amazon Reviews

My person to whom this gift was given said that it is excellent. We were very satisfied with the speedy delivery.

For a notebook sized laptop, this thing is quite the beast when it comes to graphical and processing power. Now I know it doesn’t stack up against a prim and proper desktop computer that is built with top of the line components, but with the current economy and apparent chip shortages products like these will be in higher demand. Overall, it will run all of the games I want to play at a good resolution (1080p) at high or ultra settings at a stable 60 FPS.

While this laptop for the price is an absolute steal, I needed to spend an extra $100 for it to truly shine. The SSD on this laptop is only 237GB which is dreadfully small if you’re into gaming so be prepared to invest in a external hard drive in the size of your choosing. My monitor which is around 6 years old only uses a HDMI cord so I needed to buy an HDMI to VGA so I can connect this laptop to my monitor. Finally, this laptop also has two USB ports; one type 2.0 port and one type C. In order to connect my keyboard, mouse, and XBOX 360 adapter I needed to buy a USB hub that goes into the type C slot. In my opinion, while it might be a pain to drop another $100; in the end it was absolutely worth it.

Now I have a list of games that I have played or tested that I believe may help any potential buyer decided on taking a chance with this laptop. Do note that I aimed for a stable 60 FPS and all are at 1080p.

Yakuza Like a Dragon- Maintained 60 FPS on high settings.
Witcher 3 GOTY – 60 FPS with dips into the low 50’s on ultra settings
Battlefield 4- 60 FPS on ultra.
Watchdogs 2- 60 FPS with dips into the low 50’s on high/ultra settings.
Doom Eternal- 60 FPS on ultra.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided – 60 FPS on high/ultra.
Fallout 4 (no graphics mods) – 60 FPS on ultra.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 – 60 FPS on high
Farcry 5- 60 FPS on ultra.
Mass Effect Andromeda- 60 FPS with dips into the low 50’s on high/ultra.
Overwatch- 60 FPS on ultra.
Ron G.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

13. Tabletop Easel

Tabletop Easel Parenthoodbliss

Tabletop easels might be just the best gifts for a 17-year-old boy teen if she or he is a budding artist. U.S. Art Supply’s tabletop easel features a seven-position adjustable track bar for quick and simple angle adjustments. The angle can be nearly vertical or completely horizontal, and the top bar can be adjusted to fit a canvas up to 23 inches tall. This easel is sturdy enough to use at home and small enough to take on the road, making it an excellent present for a 17-year-old boy.

Amazon Reviews

Very well-made easel——completely assembled and packaged. Inexpensive as
as compared to other models. Very satisfied
with purchase.

I haven’t used this easel yet, but ordered it because of the good reviews. It arrived in an Amazon box undamaged and I love that I didn’t have to assemble it. It’s great that it’s adjustable. My husband and I both think it’s well made.
I’m going to add rubber feet as suggested. I also liked customer Amy’s suggestion for attaching another removable small piece of wood for smaller canvases. Since I’m starting with smaller canvases, that’s a great idea.
This is my first easel as a beginner painter and I think this will help me a lot as I pursue a new hobby.

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14. Gonex Home Gym

Gonex Home Gym

Gonex has created a home gym with resistance bands, push-up bars, ab rollers, and more that are equally suitable for intermediate and advanced users. The lightweight honeycomb structured training base can withstand the tension of up to 250 pounds and hold up to 300 pounds. It is tough, durable, and simple to transport and store thanks to the fold-up design and its low weight.

Amazon Reviews

This is the perfect product to own if you’re the type that normally only does push ups, sit ups and pull ups to stay in shape. It very easy to use and you feel every bit of muscle usage.

This is a really nice enhancement to a traditional band set. Versatile is a perfect description. The platform provides some cool options for push-ups and a great alternative for squats. Good booklet to provide ideas about different moves that can give you a total body workout. And the bar+handles provide a nice variability to keep your muscles guessing.

I would say this is a great for those who are in-shape and want to stay there, but don’t want the hassle of a gym. Good for beginners as well, probably a rest day option for high performance athletes.

Finally, really solid customer support. I had an issue with a band and they took care of it and were extremely responsive.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

15. The Aftco Reaper Hoodie

placeholder Parenthoodbliss

The Aftco Reaper Hoodie could be an excellent gift for a 17-year-old who enjoys outdoor activities, fishing, or casual comfort. This hoodie offers both style and functionality with its durable material and built-in sun protection. It could be especially appreciated by someone who spends time by the water or has an interest in fishing.

Amazon Reviews:

Perfect fit, color tone, stable, and looks amazing on. Can wear other then just at our hunting. Amp. It’s a keeper!!

I live in upstate NY. It gets cold. This is very warm and comes with an attached gaiter. I gave two of these as gifts and they were much appreciated.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

A Final Word on The Best Gifts for a 17-year-old Boy

Gifting a 17-year-old boy is rather a task to get them off their phones and into the fields outside. This list of toys that are mentioned above promotes outdoor play encouraging creativity, STEM learning, and problem-solving abilities. You can also check out our best sensory toys and if you are wondering what to get for a 17-year-old girl instead, we got you covered with our list of best toys to buy for 17-year-old girls.

FAQs: Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys

1. Is a 17 year old too old for gifts ?

No! You can gift anyone from age 1 to the oldest. Gifts are representations of love towards the person gifted to.

2. Is a 17 year old teenager ?

Yes, a teenager is from age 13 - 19 years. Therefore, there might be some who mature quite early but that doesn’t take away from them being a teenager.

3. What is a good gift for a 17 year old boy ?

17 years is an age typically associated with boys being on video games. As this would hold for an average kid, regardless of a boy or a girl, the best gift is one that helps them balance their screen time and outdoor games.

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