10 Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys

Table of Contents

Best Gifts for a 17-Year-Old Boys

Table of Contents

Stepping into 17 years is quite a milestone to celebrate, and comes along with the hassle of choosing gifts. Find it difficult to choose the top 10 best gifts for 17-year-old boys? We’ve got you!

A boy at age 17 is said to love gadgets games that are technical. He will have a more settled life compared to the one he led at the beginning of his teenage with a set of clique friends now. Why not then look for something that is perhaps shareable and community-friendly.

Gifts like these come in handy in parties, night stays, and gathering helping him build his social skills too!

Here is a list of the top 10 best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys:

1. Gaming Recliner Chair

Gaming Recliner Chair

It makes an excellent gift for a boy who loves games or is simply in need of a chair to accessorize his bedroom. This car has a vibrant red and black style that is sure to catch his eye creating a great addition to his space. Its padded construction with the headrest and recliner footrest makes it comfortable for hours to sit on. Either used for games or simply to do his homework, the solid hardwood frame is sure to last long. Adding to this, it is extremely easy to clean, all thanks to the high-quality LeatherSoft upholstery.

2. Gaming Headset by RUNMUS

Gaming Headset by RUNMUS

This is a great gift for a gaming enthusiast that comes with 7.1 surround sound and a noise-canceling mic. Its features include powerful 50mm drivers that deliver excellent audio quality, customize the fit, adjustable headband, and padded ear cups. The best part is that the headset is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and PCs.

3. Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is sleek and ergonomic construction to impress the 17 year old boy. It has a water-resistant feature that makes it durable with its high-quality touch screen display, and GPS. The boy can hear his favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcast also allowing an SOS message with just a single tap!

4. Desktop Charging Station

Desktop Charging Station

As mentioned earlier, a 17 year old boy is bound to like tech toys, and keeping them all in charge is quite a task. This desktop charging station makes a great room for all devices with 6 different charging points. It has an impressive 45W charge capability cutting down the waiting hours and is incredibly ergonomic.

5. HD Media Streamer from Roku

HD Media Streamer from Roku

This is an excellent handy streaming tool allowing the boy to stream his favorite shows, movies, etc. It can be easily plugged into the TV effortlessly and is affordable offering high-quality streaming power.

6. Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball

This is a classic toy that comes with both touch and sound interactive modes allowing plasma in different ways! The plasma ball comes in many different methods of interacting with lights delivering hours of fun.

7. MyMap Ancient History Scratch Off

MyMap Ancient History Scratch Off

Does he like to travel? This gift has a large wall map featuring early century explorers printed for the boy to scratch off the map once visited. It is also a great display for the boy’s room acting as a fun reminder of trips and learning more about geography.

8. Boys RC Boat

Boys RC Boat

This remote-controlled boat is an exciting product with features built into it. It is super easy to control and reaches a speed of up to 20 mph.  

9. Teens Drone

Teens Drone

This GPS drone comes with an equipped multiple flight mode providing a great experience while piloting the aircraft. It is a fun gadget for the 17 year old boy, helping him take his first flight.

10. Game of Phones

Game of Phones

This is a fun party game helping them increase their social skills whilst still using their phone. It is a deck of cards featuring challenges for all players to complete including easy tasks like finding the oldest photo of yourself etc. It is extremely fun when played in large groups improving communication skills.

To Conclude:

Gifting a 17 year old boy is rather a task to get them off their phones and into the fields outside. This list of toys that are mentioned above promotes outdoor play encouraging creativity, STEM learning, and problem-solving abilities.

You can also checkout our best sensory toys and if you are wondering what to get for a 17 year old girl instead, we got you covered with our list of best toys to buys for 17 year old girls.

Best Gifts for 17 Year old Boys FAQs

1. Is a 17 year old too old for gifts ?

No! You can gift anyone from age 1 to the oldest. Gifts are representations of love towards the person gifted to.

2. Is a 17 year old teenager ?

Yes, a teenager is from age 13 - 19 years. Therefore, there might be some who mature quite early but that doesn’t take away from them being a teenager.

3. What is a good gift for a 17 year old boy ?

17 years is an age typically associated with boys being on video games. As this would hold for an average kid, regardless of a boy or a girl, the best gift is one that helps them balance their screen time and outdoor games.

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