10 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Of 2023

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Best Baby Breathing Monitors Of 2021

Erratic breathing patterns during sleep are a known factor for both premature and healthy babies. Hence, in such cases, it is always better to have the best baby breathing monitor handy with you.  According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), periodic breathing occurs when the breathing pauses for 5 to 10 seconds, which is normal.

However, on the other hand, some babies may experience serious periodic breathing conditions. This is the reason why technology has stepped in to help us out with the use of monitors, available in the market to help track the breathing pattern of the little one. 

What then do these monitors do ?

These monitors track the baby’s respirations by taking into account either the movement or the levels of oxygen. The best baby breathing monitor is available in three kinds:

1. Wearable

These monitors can be easily clipped onto the diapers or the clothes of the baby.

2. Worn around the foot

This monitor is worn around the foot of the baby, that gathers the data as per the levels of oxygen in the blood as well as the heart rate.

3. Do not make any contact

These kinds of monitors track the motion through the video monitor.

When does a baby need a breathing monitor ?

Although it is mentioned above that babies healthy or premature can face periodic breathing, it is said healthy babies might not have the urge of these monitors. This is because attaching a baby breathing monitors could just be an additional ache for the parents who might get worried due to some false alarm.

However, premature babies that are born with a medical condition might need additional monitoring. These could be rented from a local hospital or a medical supply store on the result of the child’s pediatrician. If it isn’t recommended, there is no need to buy one until and unless you wish to and are comfortable.

10 best baby Breathing Monitors of 2022

1. Owlet smart baby monitor duo

Owlet smart baby monitor duo

This breathing monitor has a camera included that helps track the oxygen of the baby as well as the heart rate that can be viewed on the encrypted HD video, and communicated through two-way audio via the Owlet app. It slipped through the foot of the baby with a sock-like device connecting the base, glowing in green indicating no danger.

2. Snuza Hero baby movement monitor

Snuza Hero baby movement monitor

The Snuza movement monitor has no cords, wires, or sensory pads attached. All you need to do is simply clip this small device to the baby’s diaper that vibrates every 15 seconds and alarms after 20 seconds when no movement is noticed. The best part is that it is portable, and doesn’t need to be synced to the smartphone.

3. Nanit monitor system

Nanit monitor system

It is specially designed as a swaddle that tracks the breath in a geometric pattern to show the breathing motions via a camera. It is also a versatile monitor that also helps track the sleeping patterns, watch and listen to the baby, and Livestream everything to the smart devices through its app.

4. Wellue BabyO2 baby oxygen monitor

Wellue BabyO2 baby oxygen monitor

This breathing monitor offers to track the oxygen level, heart rate, and movements, all at half the cost compared to the other monitors. It comes with a free app and computer software just in case a print is needed.

5. Angelcare AC337 baby breathing monitor with video

Angelcare AC337 baby breathing monitor with video

This can be used by simply placing the sensor pad under the mattress of the baby’s crib. It also includes a camera measuring the temperature of the room, an alarm clock that alerts the parents every 20 seconds when no motion is detected and has impressive battery life.

6. Miku smart baby monitor

Miku smart baby monitor

The Miku smart baby monitor allows it to track the breathing, sleeping, and body movement patterns of the baby. It comes with a detailed app that can also take the temperature of the little one without any contact made to the body. This monitor could also come in handy when you aren’t around by playing music, downloading as well as sharing photos and videos.

7. MonBaby baby monitor

MonBaby baby monitor

This allows to track the breathing, movement and take the temperature of the baby in just at $50. It is a popular choice being pocket friendly, all parents need to do is snap it onto the clothes of the baby and you’ll know of the breathing patterns, when they roll to their stomach, setting off the alarm.

8. Bebcare Hear Digital Audio Baby Monitor With Breathing Mat

Bebcare Hear Digital Audio Baby Monitor With Breathing Mat Parenthoodbliss

If you have a large house, and if you want to monitor your baby’s breathing from anywhere in the house, you will need to choose monitors with a longer range. The advertised range of monitors refers to a tested unobstructed range in the open area. The Bebcare Hear is the extra-long-range movement monitor with an impressive 2,000 feet of range in an open area. The baby monitor will also alert you if you are out of range.

Since houses generally have walls and furniture that will cause disturbances in the signal, it becomes difficult to know exactly how much range we will get from a monitor. If you have a large house, choose a monitor with the longest range that you can find, to ensure it will not lose signal.

9. Sense U Baby Movement Monitor

Sense U Baby Movement Monitor

The Sense U is an award-winning movement baby monitor that, just like the Snuza, clips onto the diaper or pants of the diaper and tracks the baby’s abdominal movements.

If your baby’s movements slow down, or no movement is detected, you will immediately be alerted via your smartphone. According to safe sleeping practices that help to prevent SIDS, the babies should be sleeping on their backs. The Sense U is the only monitor on the list that will track your baby’s sleeping position and then notify you when your baby rolls over onto their stomach so that you can reposition the baby to a safer, back-sleeping position.

10. Babysense 7

Babysense 7

The Babysense 7 is the under-the-mattress movement baby monitor which has two-plate sensors that will help you track your baby anywhere on the crib mattress. If the movements slow (less than 10 micromovements per minute) or stop completely for 20 seconds, the Babysense will sound a loud alarm, and the lights will flash to alert you.

To Conclude : The Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Parents at first need to understand that these baby breathing monitors are just to help them and not get them all paranoid. They help you by keeping a close watch while you are not around with the tracking of periodic breathing. On the other hand, according to research, there may be times when these monitors may not always be consistent or reliable. Also, just in case the baby faces major breathing conditions like sleep apnea, contact the doctor immediately.

Best Baby Breathing Monitors FAQs

1. Are baby periodic breathing monitors important ?

When it comes to a healthy premature baby, the breathing condition rarely occurs in more than 5% of their total sleep. However, if it occurs to be exceeding it could be considered as periodic breathing, or is accompanied by a change in the oxygen saturation.

2. Do babies sleep keeping their mouths open ?

Babies of age 3 to 4 months have not developed the reflex that may help them breathe except while crying. According to researchers, breathing from the mouth during sleep will only develop when a kind of blockage in the upper airway is experienced in either the throat or the nose.

3. How do you know if a baby is finding it difficult to breathe ?

The best baby breathing monitor must have:
  • Grunting while trying to breathe
  • The muscles under the ribs start to suck
  • The baby starts to breathe faster
  • No breath for more than 20 seconds
  • Regular shorter pauses in breathing
  • 4. Which is the best baby breathing monitor ?

    There are several baby monitors available in the market, however, some of the best-rated baby breathing monitors are Babysense 7, Sense U Baby, Owlet, Bebcare, and Miku.

    5. Is Miku better than Owlet ?

    The Miku smart baby monitor allows you to track your baby’s breathing, sleeping, and body movement patterns. It comes with a detailed app that can also take the temperature of the little one without any contact made to the body. On the other hand, the Owlet breathing monitor comes included with a camera that helps track the oxygen and the heart rate of the baby which can be viewed on the encrypted HD video, and communicated through two-way audio via the Owlet app.

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