7 Best Overnight Diapers of 2021

Overnight diapers help the baby stay dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours without disturbing their sleep. These diapers have disposable counterparts, ultra-thin cores, dryness layers, and are extra absorbent compared to regular diapers.

However, the need for these diapers varies up to each baby, where some are good with regular diapers, while others have heavy amounts and regular diapers don’t seem to cut the edge for longer sleep stretches. These are recommended for babies that are around 6 months of age. 

What is the best overnight diaper for babies ?

For you to pick the best overnight diaper for your baby, it is important to go through the list of tips to help you decide :

1. Take a test drive

A test drive for an overnight diaper is the most essential thing to do before you go in and buy bulks. This trial and error method helps you choose the best brand that fits the baby and is suitable.

2. What suits better for the boy may not suit the girl

We need to understand that no heavy diaper fits both these genders perfectly as their urinating patterns and wetness differ. Therefore, try using different brands to know what works the best for your baby.

3. Size up

It is noticed that most parents prefer to use one size larger diaper at night. The only reason being, the extra ounce of absorption, however, we must also keep in mind to see if it fits the baby perfectly, that is from the waist snuggling through the legs.

4. Add a pad

Parents, these overnight diapers do not guarantee to be leak-free. This is why you could try adding a booster pad to the diaper to prevent leaking. These pads easily slip into the diaper.

Here is a list of the best 7 overnight diapers for babies :

1. Seventh generation disposable overnight diapers

Seventh generation disposable overnight diapers Parenthoodbliss

These overnight diapers have a core that is high in capacity, made from sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp, containing no chlorine bleaching, and free from fragrances. They are eco-friendly, good absorbency, and great for babies with sensitive skin.

2. Extra absorbent Luvs triple leak guard diapers

Extra absorbent Luvs triple leak guard diapers

The leak guard diaper is a bit expensive compared to the regular diapers, featuring 3 absorption areas designed to keep the baby dry at night, It can absorb  up to 20 times the weight, includes a wetness indicator, and larger tabs for comfortable fitting

3. Pampers pure disposable diapers

Pampers pure disposable diapers

This is not specially designed for overnight but is mostly used by parents at night for the baby due to their absorbency without any leaks. They are made from plant-based fibers, cotton making it hypoallergenic without the use of chlorine bleaching, fragrance, lotion, or parabens. The pamper pure diapers have adorable cute prints with a wetness indicator included.

4. Overnight diapers - The Honest Company

Overnight diapers - The Honest Company

The diapers by Honest company have adorable fluffy sheep printed on them, and are super safe on the babies sensitive skin. The diapers are plant-based, hypoallergenic, with outer layers, absorbing an extra 20% compared to the regular diaper. It is a given that the babies are for sure look like little cute sheeps sure to print on them.

5. Up & Up overnight diapers

Up & Up overnight diapers

These diapers are super absorbent, soft, have a stretchable waist and sides, all at a great and affordable price. The Up & Up diaper is free of latex, fragrance, and elemental chlorine with a hypoallergenic inner core.

6. Huggies overnites diapers

Huggies overnites diapers

The overnight diapers of Huggies are super absorbent, specially designed for sleep offering 12-hours of protection to the little one. They have extra-grippy tabs securing a good fit with a quilted inner liner that locks away the wetness, allowing breathable skin for the baby.

7. Sposie booster pads

Sposie booster pads

Take it from us, these booster pads are lifesavers. Despite using an overnight diaper, leaks are possible. All you need to do is slip these pads inside the diaper, they are soft, hypoallergenic, and increase absorbance up to 8 ounces of fluid.

To Conclude :

As parents, it is incredibly tiring to wake up in the middle of the night to change the diaper of the baby after a wholesome day. This is when these overnight diapers come into play, they are super absorbent, keeping the baby dry overnight, avoiding itches and disturbing periods of sleep. However, test the diaper before you buy bulks to avoid wastage and to know what brand suits the best.

Pro Tip – Always keep a booster pad handy!

FAQs: Top 7 Best Overnight Diapers of 2021

1. Do overnight diapers work ?

Yes! They are made extra-absorbent compared to the regular diapers. It helps to keep the little one dry, prevents any leaks, and lets the baby sleep peacefully.

2. Do babies wear diapers for 24 hours ?

Generally, most babies wear diapers for 24 hours. This also means their skin and mucous membranes are in constant contact, letting any chemicals wind up in the baby's system. We’d recommend letting the baby free for sometime in the day to air up.n the day to air up.

3. How long is the baby allowed to wear an overnight diaper ?

These overnight diapers are designed to keep the baby dry for about 12 hours. They are extra absorbent, with 20 to 25 percent additional capacity compared to the regular diapers.

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