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Does The Sugar Pregnancy Test Work?

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Home Pregnancy Test With Sugar

Table of Contents

Women and pregnancy! The love-hate relationship women go through is pregnancy. While actively trying to conceive or even when shying away from a baby, women are universally known to bear the anxiety of pregnancy on their shoulders up until menopause. Have you also been spending a lot of your money buying over-the-counter medical tests and found yourself searching the web for DIY pregnancy tests like home pregnancy tests with sugar? Well well, you are not alone in this case either!

At times, many women the eagerness to learn about their pregnancy, and at other times just out of impatience or for the sake of doing something adventurous tend to take DIY pregnancy tests at home. Home pregnancy tests with salt, toothpaste pregnancy test, bleach pregnancy test, and sugar test for pregnancy at home are some of the most common DIY tests spoken about on the internet.

And in this blog today, we will be discussing everything you need to know about the sugar pregnancy test; right from how to do it, all the way to how viable it is, and what you need to keep in mind if taking the pregnancy sugar test at home.

So let’s get started, shall we!?

First Things First: What is a Sugar Pregnancy Test?

A sugar pregnancy test is a homemade pregnancy test or a DIY pregnancy confirmation method that uses sugar and urine to determine pregnancy status. This test, much like the OTC stick pregnancy test, supposedly determines the pregnancy of status by determining the presence or absence of the pregnancy hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

How to Take a Sugar Pregnancy Test at Home?

To do the pregnancy Sugar test, you will essentially need 

  • White sugar crystals
  • Your urine
  • A cup to conduct the test in

It is recommended to use a sterilized, clear cup to be able to see the reaction if any.

Step-By-Step Instructions For The With Sugar Pregnancy Test

1. Add a few spoons of sugar crystals into a sterilized cup

2. Collect your urine sample in another cup

3. Pour the urine sample into the sugar cup

4. Wait for some time to observe the occurrence or absence of a reaction

Observation Of The Sugar Test For Pregnancy At Home

  • If the sugar clumps in the mixture, you’re supposed to be having a baby!
  • If nothing happens to the mixture in terms of consistency, the test result is supposed to be negative.

Best Results From The Sugar Test For Pregnancy At Home

The supporters or believers of the sugar pregnancy test claim that this test works best when left alone to sit for some time. Once you have added urine to the sugar crystals, you’re supposed to wait a few minutes and monitor it for any possible reactions.

  • Positive result: Clumpy consistency with sugar chunks as hCG in your urine is claimed to react with sugar crystals to give that result.
  • Negative result: No visible reaction; the sugar simply dissolves in the urine, like it would in water.

Here’s another pregnancy test for you: the bleach pregnancy test!

What Is The Best Time To Do The Sugar Pregnancy Test?

Everything depends on the ability to detect the presence of hCG in your urine when it comes to a pregnancy test, whether it’s done at home or with a pharmacy pregnancy test kit. hCG is the earliest and most important indicator that a woman is pregnant, and it’s all that occurs in the early stages. Here are a few tips for taking a pregnancy test!

Throughout the day, urine might become diluted with a variety of different elements, resulting in a level of hCG in the urine that is difficult to detect. As a result, the optimal time to perform the test is first thing in the morning, with a fresh sample of the day’s first urine.

Does The Sugar Pregnancy Test Work?

To address the hottest debate in the mamma community and the DIY-test believer community: does the sugar pregnancy test work? Well, there’s no better way to put this but no, the pregnancy Sugar test does not work. This homemade test is not scientifically backed and hence no, it cannot be said to be 100% fool-proof.

The believers of this method claim that clumping which is supposed to be considered a ‘positive’ essentially takes place due to the reaction of sugar to the hCG hormone; hCG makes it difficult for sugar to dissolve and hence the clumps. However, the scientific medical community does not back the claim or the DIY method to test if you are pregnant or not.

When Should You Take The Sugar Pregnancy Test?

As established, homemade pregnancy tests like the sugar test for pregnancy at home have no scientific or medical backing.  If you’d still like to take this test out of sheer curiosity or just for fun, it is recommended to take this test just when you’d take a regular stick test: a week to ten days after you miss your period.

The timeline is suggested based on the fact that it takes around two weeks for the hCG level to increase in the urine after implantation. The sugar test for pregnancy at home must also be taken, preferably, first thing in the morning as hCG content is high in the first urine sample.

You can also take a 9 DPO pregnancy test to get the results!

Final Thoughts: Does The Sugar Pregnancy Test Work?

There are multiple ways to test pregnancy, some of them are backed by medicinal science while some are just DIY or homemade tests. To attain concrete, fair and accurate pregnancy results, it is recommended to not rely on DIY tests and instead opt for over-the-counter test kits. These kits are accurate, quick, reliable, and affordable. However, it still needs to be kept in mind that one may have to take multiple tests over weeks and take the first test at least one week after the missed period on first-morning urine to get the most accurate results

If not for the home test kits, clinical pregnancy tests are another way to approach pregnancy status. Clinical pregnancy tests are typically conducted by taking a blood or a urine sample to test pregnancy. Both of these tests bank upon screening the presence of hCG to determine pregnancy.

Tap here for the best pregnancy test kits!

FAQs: Sugar Pregnancy Test

1) Why does sugar not dissolve in urine if pregnant?

The believers of the DIY sugar test for pregnancy claim that sugar does not dissolve in urine when pregnant because the presence of hCG or the pregnancy hormone in urine keeps the sugar from dissolving.

2) How can I test pregnancy at home?

The most accurate, reliable, and highly recommended way of testing pregnancy at home is by using an over-the-counter home pregnancy test kit. You may also use the toothpaste pregnancy test to get your results.

3) Will salt dissolve in urine if pregnant?

The believers of the DIY salt test for pregnancy believe that salt, when in contact with hCG-laden or pregnant woman's urine, curdles instead of dissolving, indicating a positive pregnancy. However, this belief is not backed by science.

4) How would I know if I'm pregnant without taking a test?

The most common indication of pregnancy, without having taken a test to be sure, is a missed period. If you have recently had unprotected sex and a week or more has passed without the start of an expected menstrual cycle, it might be indicative of pregnancy. Using a pregnancy test kit is the best way to be sure.

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