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How Many Baby Clothes You Need To Buy?

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How many clothes to buy before baby is born

Table of Contents

One of the most exciting parts about having a baby is planning their closet and deciding which clothes you should add to your baby registry. Let’s all admit it, baby clothes are adorable and your little one will look even more adorable in them! If you are a new parent, you need to know certain things when it comes to baby clothes. You might have some questions, too. How fast will my baby grow? How many clothes of each size do you need? What clothes does a new baby need? It’s hard to answer because every baby is different! Typically, you do not need a lot of baby clothes as you might think because your new baby will never wear half the items. Keep on reading to learn more about baby clothes. 

How Many Clothes Do You Need In Each Size?

Baby clothes are expensive. So, buy less than you think you need or want because babies grow up in a blink of an eye. More often, your baby’s closet will be filled with clothes that they’ve never worn. There is no exact number because everyone has their own experiences to share. But every mom will tell you that you don’t need as many clothes as you think. When it comes to buying anything related to the baby, as we mentioned before, less is always more (except for diapers, you need a lot of diapers!). Moreover, you can always buy more later. 

How Many Clothes Should You Buy Before The Baby Is Born?

It is very easy to go overboard with and waste hundreds of dollars. Remember to not go over-budget even before the baby is here. Before the due date, you need to buy clothes for the 2 weeks of their life or buy for 0 to 3 months instead of a newborn. A normal size baby grows out of newborn clothes very fast. Moreover, you’ll be changing your baby’s clothes at least once per day. Buy enough shirts, onesies, pants on hand so that you don’t have to stop everything to do laundry because you ran out of clothes in a matter of 2 days. Your little one’s clothes should be simple, soft, comfortable, and user-friendly because you’re going to be unsnapping, removing, and changing clothes off your baby multiple times per day.

How To Build Your Little One’s Wardrobe?

Before building a wardrobe, you need to think about how many baby clothes you’ll need and how you should add clothing to your registry.

1. Laundry

How often you do laundry and your access to it makes a huge difference in how many baby clothing items you’ll need on hand. This list will assume that you do a few loads of laundry throughout the week. However, if that’s not the case, you might need more or less clothing. How to adjust?

  • Simply multiply the numbers given below by two, if you plan on doing laundry just once a week.
  • Or cut the numbers given below in half, if you plan on doing laundry every day.

2. Sizes

It’s tricky to figure out sizes and how many pieces you need in each size. Also, it’s tough to foresee how big your baby will be at the birth and how quickly they might grow. So, here are some tips you need to keep in mind when you are buying clothes for your little one:

  • You need to think big because most newborn sizes top out around 8 pounds. If you have a bigger baby, from the start, they could need 0 to 3 months in size. Whereas, if they’re smaller, they’ll fit into newborn sizes for a few weeks. So, just pick some newborn items and then focus on 0 to 3 months.
  • Try mixing it up because every baby brand, when it comes to sizing runs differently. Since you won’t know your baby’s body type, try mixing clothes from different brands. This way you’ll have a few different fit options to choose from.

3. Stay Organized

Baby clothes are cute and are easy to lose track of. The best way to know what will fit your baby right now and what you are available in the next size is by organizing your little one’s closet in sizes.

  • Invest in some drawer dividers, if you’re storing most of the baby’s clothes in a dresser. These dividers will keep everything in one place. Plus, you can set it up by clothing type, size, or any way you’d like.
  • Invest in some closet dividers, if you’re storing your baby’s clothes in a closet. These sturdy hanging signs will make sure that your clothes are separated into different sizes.

Here‘s A Sample Baby Clothing Registry For Your Little One

In this list, you’ll have the standard number of clothing items you’ll want on hand for your newborn’s arrival. Additionally, we’ve included items for summer and winter babies and some things for special occasions.

1) 7 Onesies or Rompers

Onesies or bodysuits are an easy, no-fuss outfit. It comes in both long and short-sleeves. It is comfortable for summer and can be worn as a basic layer in winter. With seven, you’ll always have a clean one available. Even if you do laundry a couple of loads per week.

2) Burt's Bees Baby Organic Short Sleeve Bodysuit (5 Pack)

Burt's Bees Baby Organic Short Sleeve Bodysuit (5 Pack)

Amazon Reviews

Love the print and the quality such is to be expected from Burts Bees. May run a lil big in my opinion. Love them tho.

Daughter loves these for her baby. Ordered twice as a gift.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

3) 3 to 5 Pants

Babies don’t need to wear pants (for a while) but it’s good to have a few pairs available. On chilly days, you can pull the pants over the bodysuits and keep their tiny legs warm.

4) Carter's Pant (2 Pack)

Carter's Pant (2 Pack)

Amazon Reviews

For more product reviews visit Amazon

5) 4 Sleepers, Footies, or Gowns

Although these sleepers and footies are perfect for sleeping, they can be used during the daytime, too. In colder climates, you can pair them with a swaddle during the nighttime. Moreover, a gown is always a great wardrobe addition. They are perfect for the first few months when you want something quick and easy for the constant diaper changes.

6) 2 Hats

During the early weeks and months, beanie-style hats are important to keep your baby warm. Remember do not use hats when the baby is sleeping! You should start with two hats, one for the wash and one for your little one to wear. For colder weather, we would recommend buying fleece hats.

7) Copper Pearl Top Knot Hat

Copper Pearl Top Knot Hat Parenthoodbliss

Amazon Reviews

What darling little hat! Fabric is soft, pattern is understated and the little top knot is so cute. I look forward to seeing my soon-to-be-born grandson wearing it!

Love love LOVE our copper pearl top knot! We really love copper pearl products but hadn’t ever tried the top knots but decided to try for our recent newborn. They are the BEST!! Probably the most underrated CP product! The hats stay on so well, are suuuuper soft, and are freaking adorable! Also they adjust size to fit your baby no matter the size! Can’t brag on them enough! If you’re on the fence do it! And grab a swaddle while you’re at it cause those things are awesome too!!

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8) 5 Pairs of Socks

Make sure your little one’s feet are cozy in socks, even during summers.

Additional tip: Try to buy them all in one color, this way you don’t have to worry about matching those tiny socks. Also, if you are having a winter baby, simply add two extra pairs.

9) Burt's Bees Baby Ankle Socks (6 Pack)

Burts Bees Baby Ankle Socks 6 Pack Parenthoodbliss

Amazon Reviews

These are the best . We had some when my toddler was a baby and learning to pull up. The no slip bottoms are perfect and the elastic band doesn’t give out after time. I just bought more of same brand when he grew out of the first set.

These are my favorite socks for my daughter. We have tile throughout the house so we have to have grip-socks all the time. These are PERFECT! Socks get dirty fast around here, so these get washed sooo many times and don’t lose any integrity! I’ll buy these forever!

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10) 2 to 3 Swaddles

Yes, we know, swaddles can’t be considered as clothes, per se. However, a lot of babies spend a lot of time with them. Why is that? Simple, for the first few months, most babies like to be swaddled because it feels very womblike. Also, it prevents their startle reflex from waking them up. During sleep time, you might find many nights where you just put your little one in a diaper and swaddle them to sleep.

11) Aden + Anais Classic Cotton Muslin Swaddle (4 Pack)

Aden Anais Classic Cotton Muslin Swaddle 4 Pack Parenthoodbliss

Amazon Reviews

I have loved these blankets since I babysat my friends daughter and she always had one with her. We used one from this pack as one of the backdrops for my son’s newborn pictures and it worked perfect!

My daughter is already 2 y.o. I still use it as a blanket for her. She loves it. Caring it everywhere. The quality is just superb. I machine wash it every day and after 2+ years it is just like a new. My baby and I just love it.
Anna S

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Are You Expecting A Summer Baby?

1) 1 Sun Hat

If you are outside on sunny days, your baby needs a sun hat. They are a must-have and you should get one with a wide brim. Also, make sure it won’t fall off and it fits snugly. You should opt for a sun hat that has an adjustable toggle which will create a custom fit as the baby grows.

2) i play by Green Sprouts Brim Sun Protection Hat

i play by Green Sprouts Brim Sun Protection Hat Parenthoodbliss

Amazon Reviews

Got this for a last minute beach trip, I do like that you can tighten it, I bought it for my newborn. She’s 6 months old now and she can still wear it !

This hat has a sturdy wide brim that does a great job of protecting my baby’s face. I also love how packable it is and it retains the shape very well. We’ve had her wear it in while in the pool too though sometimes it does fall over her face and we have to readjust it. It is very lightweight and will blow away at the slightest breeze so the neck strap is very necessary.

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3) 2 Lightweight Blankets

You can use cotton or a muslin blanket to protect your little one from the sun. A blanket will not overheat your baby. Simply drape it over your carrier, stroller, or car seat. Also, make sure to leave plenty of space for air to circulate.

4) Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddle (3 Pack)

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddle (3 Pack)

Amazon Reviews

I was on a search for berry swaddles, I know sounds weird but I always thought they were so cute. I looked at many option but other brands I just didn’t like something, whether it was the price ($25+ for one swaddle) or the other swaddles in the pack.. I came across these, I loved each of the swaddle designs and the price was fair. They just got in and are exactly as pictured! They are adorable! They are on the thinner side so if you are looking for something thick these aren’t for you. I wanted something breathable so I can also use it as a nursing cover and car seat cover, these will work great for that. These are muslin so aren’t incredibly soft but they should get softer after some washes. I’ll make sure to update my review after some washes … but so far I’m in love!

These are my favorite blankets for warm weather. They’re thin and light with a good stretch, perfect for swaddling or lightly covering my baby. Plus they’re so bright and pretty; they make me happy every time I look at them.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

Are You Expecting A Winter Baby?

1) 2 Sweaters or Sweatshirts

When there’s a chill in the air, you can put your little one in a cardigan or zip-up hoodie. Plus, it’s easy to take them off if your baby gets too warm.

2) Carter's Cardigan

Carter's Cardigan

Amazon Reviews

For more product reviews visit Amazon

3) 1 Pair of Mittens

Cozy mittens are perfect to cover up their little hands. Get a pair which comes with a cord, so that the pairs stay together and one of them won’t go missing.

Additional tip: Cotton mitts tend to come in handy with newborns (even if it’s not winter). It prevents them from scratching themselves with their super-sharp new nails.

4) Zutano Cozie Fleece Mittens

Zutano Cozie Fleece Mittens

Amazon Reviews

Perfect for my 4 month old grandson, soft and warm. Love that there is no finger or thumb, just the mitt. Easy to put on and take off

My baby has the hottest hands after wearing these outside. These are great high quality mittens for babies. They are very thick and work very well.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

5) 1 Winter Coat or Bunting

If you are due during winter, your little one needs at least one layer of extra-warm outerwear. For colder regions, get your baby full-body outerwear to make sure that they will stay snug during any weather.

6) Magnetic Me Fleece Pram

Magnetic Me Fleece Pram

Amazon Reviews

I just bought this for my unborn son to have when we leave the hospital. I can’t wait to use it. It is so soft inside and out. I love the convience of the magnetic snaps. If this line was lower priced I would have all of their products.

Cute, cozy and so easy to get on and off. I wish they made this for my 5 year old!

For more product reviews visit Amazon

7) 2 Slippers or Booties

Your babies won’t need shoes until they start walking or crawling. However, you can buy them, some booties which are great for extra warmth.

8) Zutano Cozie Fleece Booties

Zutano Cozie Fleece Booties

Amazon Reviews

If you hate socks falling off, you HAVE to get these! They’re so cute, really soft, and they actually stay on baby’s feet. All the way through stores, the airport, etc without losing one!
These are the best booties we have ever found. Our baby feels so comfortable because they always fit right. They’re soft cotton inside and soft fleece outside. They don’t come off and get lost like other booties.

For more product reviews visit Amazon

Clothes For Special Occasions

You’ll probably have a few occasions to dress up your adorable little one. Make sure to buy some elegant outfits. A coming-home outfit will be a sweet addition!

1) Aden + Anais Snuggle Knit Newborn Gift Set

Aden + Anais Snuggle Knit Newborn Gift Set

Amazon Reviews

This nightie is so incredibly soft after many many washes! I wish they made these for adults!

Item is a little pricey, but considering the quality, I’d say it is worth it. It is so very soft and adorable. If I had gotten this as a gift, I would have really appreciated it. The blanket is larger than what I thought and honestly I love it! I can’t wait for my little guy to get here so I can see it on him! : )

For more product reviews visit Amazon

2) Parker Baby Co. Bows And Headbands (10 Pack)

Parker Baby Co. Bows And Headbands (10 Pack)

Amazon Reviews

So many headbands are advertised for infants but are way too big. I love that these fit my newborn (but also can stretch to fit my 6 year old as well. The variety in pattern and color is nice to have options without all the bows looking the same. With two girls these have by far been my favorite.

These are super cute bows and for the most part a really great quality. We have one bow that has an imperfection, but I am pretty sure I can fix it so it’s not noticeable. I appreciate the different colors and looks available in this set. To get the variety elsewhere it seemed like I would have to buy so many bow sets. I’m happy with this purchase.

more product reviews visit Amazon

In Conclusion

While preparing for your baby’s arrival, it’s tough to resist the urge to add every cute baby outfit to your registry. Babies create a lot of mess and having clothing options for quick outfit changes will come in handy. Then again, your little one will grow up quickly, and they aren’t going to stay in one size for very long. So, buy wisely!

FAQs: Baby Clothes to Buy?

1) How many layers of clothes does a baby need?

You need to dress your baby in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing. This will make sure they are comfortable in the same environment. Ideally dress in this order in winters- Cotton- Fleece- Woolen

2) How many layers do babies need overnight?

The general rule of thumb for dressing your baby for sleep is to put them in one additional layer than you would wear. Make sure there are no loose sheets or blankets when your baby is sleeping.

3) Should babies wear socks to bed?

It is perfectly safe for your little one to wear socks in bed. Moreover, let them wear socks, if they feel safe and secure in it, or if the air is a bit chilly.Assure theyre not tight around the ankles

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