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Discover Your Baby’s Gender With 17 Fun Gender Prediction Tests!

Table of Contents

Best Funny Gender Prediction Tests To Try At Home

Table of Contents

The gender prediction test is a fun way to guess your little human’s gender before your 20-week ultrasound scan. Although the ultrasound performed between 18 and 21 weeks of pregnancy is your first official opportunity to determine the sex of your baby, there are actually quite a few methods by which you can predict the gender of your baby before the sonographer tells you.

These methods are meant to be fun rather than factual, and they range from the ancient Chinese birth chart to more recent baby gender predictor tests like the nub theory, skull theory, and Ramzi theory.

Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest gender prediction tests!

1. Pregnancy Cravings & Gender?

This old wives’ tale says that if you always reach for cheese, meat, or other salty foods, you’ll have a boy. But are you longing for all the sugar, spice, and sweets in the store? Then the child has to be a girl.

2. What Does The Mayan Culture Say About Gender Prediction?

The Mayans believed that calendars and a bit of basic math can predict our gender. Simply examine your gestational age and the year you got pregnant. You’re carrying a girl if both numbers are either odd or even. It is a baby boy if one is odd and the other is even.

3. Can The Mom’s Weight Predict Gender?

It’s typical for a pregnant lady to put on weight, but have you been packing a few extra pounds? You might be having a girl. Are you both feeling sick? In some cultures, it is believed that you are expecting a boy if the father is also experiencing morning sickness.

4. Ring Swings On The Baby Bump

String a ring on a piece of jewelry and hold it over your tummy. The baby in your womb is a girl if the ring moves in circles. If it swings to and fro, it’s a boy!

5. Right Or Left?

According to a Chinese gender test, if your fetus’s right-hand presses on the left side of your belly after the seventh month, he is a boy. The opposite side indicates that you are carrying a baby girl. People in some parts of the southern United States believe that an egg from the right ovary produces a boy and that an egg from the left ovary produces a girl.

6. Try Salt Or Baking Soda

Place some baking soda in a disposable cup and urinate in it. It’s a boy if the baking soda fizzes. You can also apply some salt on your breasts right before you sleep at night. You’re having a girl if the breasts are moist in the morning.

Fact-checking: When mixed with baking soda, any acidic liquid will bubble, and the salt will probably fall off your sheets by morning. But you still don’t miss out the fun!

7. The Drano Gender Test

The Drano gender test is something you’ll likely come across if you’re looking for a gender test at home. This test involves mixing urine with Drano, which has the potential to produce noxious and harmful fumes. There is no reason to put yourself or your baby in danger just for a gender prediction test, even one that is highly dubious. If you want to give a gender prediction test a try at home, keep reading for safer alternatives.

8. Examine Your Curves

Does your face appear to be getting rounder by the hour? As per this customary Latin American gender prediction test, you ought to prepare for a girl. You will have a son if your face stays the same but your hips gets bigger and rounder.

9. The Red Cabbage Orientation Test

In the red cabbage gender prediction test you’re not looking for a frothy reaction but rather a specific color. Put some chopped red cabbage in a pot of water to conduct this gender test at home. Let it come to a boil then remove some of the cabbage water and pour it into a cup to let it cool.

Now, mix the cabbage water and a sample of your morning urine in equal parts. Whirl it around and see what color it turns into. Purple, in contrast to pink or red, is believed to denote a girl.

10. The Swinging Accessory Orientation Test

The accessory orientation test is almost indistinguishable from the ring test. You play out this one on your wrist. Use a necklace rather than a ring on a string to take this test. Place your arm on a table or other flat surface with your wrist facing up.

Dangle the necklace from your wrist and bob it a few times up and down. Watch the motion it makes when you stop bobbing it by letting it hover over your wrist. The baby may be a girl if it moves in a circle. If it fluctuates, you might be expecting a boy.

11. The Baby Hairline Gender Test

This is a bit uncommon gneder prediction test. Look at the hairline on the nape of your youngest child’s neck to determine the sex of your next baby. If their hairline comes to a top in the center, you are carrying a child of the other gender. You will welcome another child of the same sex if it is straight across.

12. The Acne Gender Test

Are you sporting a clear, dewy complexion? Congrats, you might be having a boy! Or do you look like hell? It could be because of the estrogen from the little girl inside you. When it comes to home tests for gender, the complexion of the mother has long been debated. To be honest, some women feel more attractive than usual while carrying a boy, whereas with daughters, they felt less so.

13. The Key Orientation Test

Here is a crazy gender prediction test that appears to have no premise at all. You can still try though! This one says that a woman may be pregnant with a girl if she picks up a key by the long, skinny end. On the other hand, she may be carrying a boy if she picks it up by the broad, rounded end.

14. The Linea Nigra Orientation Test

When you are halfway into your pregnancy, you might see a line of more obscure color that moves up the center of your knock. That’s called the linea nigra, and it is a normal part of pregnancy. However, some people believe it can reveal your growing baby’s sex! If your linea nigra stops at your stomach button, it implies you might be having a young lady. Its a boy if the line extends to your chest and ribs!

15. The Nub Theory

The Nub Theory test is one of the most common and, some would argue, the most accurate at-home gender test in the early stages of pregnancy. Once you have a picture from your 12-week ultrasound, you can give the Nub Theory a try for yourself. All babies have a “nub” between their legs between 11 and 13 weeks. The term for this is the genital tubercle. This baby gender predictor test says that the angle of the nub tells you if your baby will be a boy or a girl.

16. The Ramzi Theory

This baby gender predictor, also known as Ramzi’s method, claims to be able to determine your baby’s gender as early as six weeks. You can determine which side the placenta is on for this gender prediction test with a 2D ultrasound scan. If the placenta is on teh right side of teh womb, teh child most likely is a boy. Whereas, if the placenta is on the left side, its perhaps is a girl.

17. The Skull Theory

The Skull Theory is similar to the Ramzi theory. This gender prediction test requires you to examine one of your scan photos from your 12th week scan. The theory is based on the idea that men and women have different cranial structures. It is believed that you can begin to see these in the belly, as soon as 90 days into a pregnancy. According to a Netmums report, 92% of mothers found that the Skull Theory accurately predicted their child’s sex.

A Final Note

We use the term “gender” here because parents frequently refer to their children’s sex. But they are not the same thing. Typically, a child’s sex is determined at birth based on their genitals. However, the gender identity that they later assume based on their feelings and actions may not match their sex designation.

FAQs: Gender Prediction Tests

1. How can I guess the gender of my baby?

You can get an ultrasound, which is usually done between weeks 18 and 20 of pregnancy if you want to know the sex of your baby. The imaging procedure should be able to tell you the baby's sex with about 80 to 90 percent accuracy provided that your ultrasound technician has a clear view between your baby's legs.

2. How accurate is the gender prediction test?

With just a small amount of blood, you can now tell with 99.5% accuracy whether you will be blue or pink in the future! DDC scientists look for the presence of the Y chromosome during sample analysis to determine whether the baby is a boy or a girl. It is the most accurate test currently available.

3. Which gender kicks on the right side?

or that you probably have a boy if you feel your baby move more on the right side. There is no evidence that boys and girls move differently in the womb.


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