25 Gender Neutral Names For Your Baby – Baby Unisex Names

While most parents do not like the wait and would rather want to identify their baby’s gender in the form of a huge gender reveal party; there also are some parents who like to keep it a surprise. Now you could be an expecting parent who wants to keep your baby’s gender a surprise. But that should not take the fun of prepping up for your baby’s welcome from you! You can still, of course, chalk down on a few unisex baby names to eventually choose from.

Apart from just the determination (or otherwise) of the gender, there’s another factor why some parents like to choose unisex names. Some parents believe and understand that if you impose gender-specific names or color on the kids since birth, it might cause restrictive, stereotypical thoughts in them for life.

No matter what your reason is, we are here to help you out! While there are exhaustive lists on the internet with hundreds of names at once, we have made this experience rather easy and non-confusing for you here at Parenthood Bliss.

Without further ado, here are 25 timeless, meaningful and exciting unisex baby names to pick out from-

1. Aiden

Meaning: Fiery
Origin: Irish

Most Common Variations: Ade, Adyn, Aidan, Ayeden, or Aydan

2. Ashton

Meaning: Ash tree town, or someone who is from the town of ash trees.

Origin: English
Most Common Variants: Asheton, Ashten, Ashtin, Ashtyn, Ashtynne

3. August

Meaning: Revered, distinguished, majestic
Origin: Latin
Most Common Variations: Augustus, Gus, Augustus

Bonus Fun Fact: August has actually derived from the name of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus!

4. Bailey

Meaning: A public officer of justice, a bailiff
Origin: English, French
Most Common Variations: Bailee, Bailie, Baily, Bayly

5. Cameron

Meaning: The chosen one
Origin: Scottish
Most Common Variations: Camaron, Cameroon, Kamron
Bonus Fun Fact: Cameron is also the name of a crater on the moon!

6. Dylan

Meaning: Great tide or, the Sea (In Welsh myths, Dylan ail Don was a sea-god)

Origin: Welsh

Most Common Variations: Dillan, Dylahn, Dylann, Dyllan, Dyllen, Dylynn

7. Dana

Meaning: God is my judge or Generosity

Origin: English

Most Common Variations: Danna, Danah, Dainna, Daynah,

Bonus Fun Fact: Queen Latifah’s real name is Dana; Dana Owens!

8. Dakota

Meaning: Friendly
Origin: Native American
Most Common Variations: Dacotah, Dakoda, Dakotah, Dekowta

Bonus Fun Fact: Dakota actually is the name of a Native American tribe, a language, and also two states in the US: North and South Dakota!

9. Emerson

Meaning: Brave, Powerful
Origin: English, German
Most Common Variations: Emersen, Emmerson

10. Greer

Meaning: A watchful guardian
Origin: Latin, Scottish
Most Common Variations: Grear, Grier

11. Jayden

Meaning: Someone who is thankful to God
Origin: Hebrew, American
Most Common Variations: Jaden, Jadeyn, Jadin, Jadyn, Jaiden, Jaydon

12. Jesse

Meaning: King; or God Exists (In the holy bible, Jesse is described as a figure who was the father of David and who eventually became the king of the Israelite)
Origin: Hebrew
Most Common Variations: Jessee, Jessey, Jessi, Jessy, Yishai

13. Jo

Meaning: A sweetheart
Origin: Scottish
Most Common Variations: Joe, Jojo

Bonus Fun Fact: The all-time classic piece of literature, “Little Women,” had one of the leading characters named Jo March.

14. Kai

Meaning: Of the sea; keeper of the keys
Origin: Hawaiian

Most Common Variations: Keh, Kei, Ky, Kye

15. Kendall

Meaning: Valley of the River Kent
Origin: American

Most Common Variations: Kendel, Kendelle, Kendyl, Kyndel

Bonus Fun Fact: There’s a mountain in Colorado called Kendall; also a famous ski destination.

16. Lennon (Well, who does not know John Lennon here!?)

Meaning: Child of love
Origin: Irish

Most Common Variations: Lennan, Lennyn, Lenon

17. London

Meaning: The capital of the UK

Origin: English

Most Common Variations: Londen, Londyn, Lunden, Lundon

Bonus Fun Fact: Country names, State names, or City names are rather common across the world; for example, Texas, Greece, Tokyo, Paris, Nevada, ==Dakota (as mentioned earlier in the list), and Montana (as coming up next).

18. Montana

Meaning: Of the mountains

Origin: Latin
Most Common Variations: Montana, Montayna

Bonus Fun Fact: As mentioned in the last point, Montana is also the name of a state; the fourth largest US state in the area.

19. Noel

Meaning: Christmas, Christmas Carol
Origin: French, Latin

Most Common Variations: Noël, Noele, Noell, Noella, Nole, Nowel

20. Phoenix

Meaning: Phoenix is symbolic of “a mythical bird reputed to live for a thousand years before erupting into flames and then rising again from its own ashes.” It also means Dark Red color.

Origin: Greek

Most Common Variations: Pheenix, Pheenyx, Phenyx, Phoenyx, Phynix

21. Quinn

Meaning: Descendant of Conn; chief leader

Origin: Irish, English, Celtic

Meaning: Quincy (fifth son’s estate); descendent of Conn; chief leader, wise, reasonable, intelligence

Most Common Variations: Quenn, Quin, Quiyn, Qwinn

22. Reese

Meaning: Somebody with great passion; an enthusiastic person

Origin: Welsh, English

Most Common Variations: Reece, Reise, Reyce, Reyse, Rhyce, Riece, Ryese

Bonus Fun Fact: America’s favorite Peanut Butter Cups candy brand is called Reese’s.

23. Robin

Meaning: Bright; social; also a bird’s name

Origin: English

Most Common Variations: Robben, Robbin, Robbins, Robene, Robin, Robynn, Robynne

24. Sage

Meaning: Wise
Origin: Latin

Most Common Variations: Sagia, Saige, Saije, Saje, Sayge

Bonus Fun Fact: The plant Sage is a herb that is usually added topically for an extra punch of garnishing flavor to dishes. It is very common for Italian dishes in particular.

25. Tony

Meaning: Someone who is priceless
Origin: Latin, Greek

Most Common Variations: Tonee, Toney, Tonie, Tonik, Tonina, Tonio, Tonis, Tonny

So, did you shortlist any of the neutral baby names from our list? Or have you already found a name that you cannot stop thinking of? Or are you looking for baby names specifically for boys instead? Whatever the situation is, the little one deserves the best baby bottles to drink their baby formula. Hope you’ve also kept a stock of baby diapers too, you surely wouldn’t like waking up in the middle of the night for a diaper changing session. 

Nonetheless, do not forget to leave a comment for us in the box below! We at Parenthood Bliss are always keen and happy to hear from our lovely readers.

FAQs - 25 Unisex Names For Your Baby

1.What does the unisex baby name Jody mean?

Jody is a unisex baby name that is of Hebrew origin. Jody means God is gracious, or someone who is praiseworthy. There is also an asteroid called Jody that orbits the sun.

2.Is Sasha a girl’s baby name?

Sasha is actually a unisex baby name, though it is more frequently used for girls than boys. Chris Hemsworth also names his son Sasha. Sasha means defender of mankind.

3.What is a unisex baby name with J?

Jaime is a meaningful unisex baby name starting with J. Jaime originates from English which means ‘supplanter.’ However, a common variation, J’aime originates from French which means I like or I love.


So, did you shortlist any of the names from our list? Or have you already found a name that you cannot stop thinking of? Do not forget to leave a comment for us in the box below!

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