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Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Best Funny Announcement ideas

Pregnancy announcements are always exciting, but if you’re searching for an original and humorous way to do it, we have all the ideas you need. A fun theme for simply Mom and Dad, the dog, or the older siblings may all make for funny pregnancy announcements

And to carry out pregnancy announcements maybe you’ll write something clever on a letterboard or wear a quirky outfit to tell it. Maybe you’ll go all out with an impressive picture session or a custom flyer that includes graphics and phrases. Whatever special, endearing, and—most importantly—hilarious method you choose to share your pregnancy news will be so memorable. Check out all the great pregnancy announcement ideas announcement ideas for you, written below. We also have included funny pregnancy announcement ideas as well as cute pregnancy announcements.

Pregnancy announcement by keepin' it real - pregnancy announcement ideas

A puzzled toddler, morning sickness, and a “Here we go again…” from the father? Sounds reasonable. Use those factual stories to your advantage to make a delightfully relevant pregnancy announcement since they are humorous because they are true.

Funny pregnancy announcement - kids being kids

Give out kids’ genuine reactions, and let them speak for themselves! The expression on a toddler’s face, when informed that a new baby is on the way, is the funniest thing ever. Keep things casual and don’t wear anything spectacular to enjoy the pandemonium. It’s easy and hilarious to write a straightforward pregnancy post with the kids just being themselves. Another one out of the great pregnancy announcement ideas, isn’t it?

A bump coming out; funny pregnancy announcement ideas

This is such a unique way to announce that a baby is within! Although chalk is a simple medium, you may also paint on paper or even express the idea on a whiteboard. It will be hilarious to observe how well your partner can depict your bump.

Being a parent, one of the concise pregnancy announcements

Get ready since it’s a way of life. This well-staged photograph is a terrific, humorous way to announce the impending arrival of a first child.

Not so social distance; funny pregnancy announcements ideas

The time spent in quarantine was put to good use because Mom and Dad didn’t get the notice to keep their distance of six feet. When we are well beyond the epidemic era, it will be fascinating to reflect back on this timely baby announcement. 

Make Alexa a part of your; funny pregnancy announcement ideas

Today, a lot of the hard lifting is done by Alexa and all the other lovely robots in our life. With this onesie, she may playfully “help” the delighted soon-to-be grandparents learn the good news. You can snap a picture of it to post on social media, but first, give Grandma the actual onesie in the mail or in person.

Film Poster; pregnancy announcement ideas

Get the popcorn ready because a brand-new Blockbuster is about to start! You and your spouse should appear on a movie poster while reading all the cookbooks and pregnancy guides you can find while in bed.

Soon to be! These two are in the upcoming movie ‘Pregnant,’ which is based on a true tale and stars in a new role!

Outnumbered and officially tied up; pregnancy announcement ideas

Is a third child on the way? As a unique way to announce your pregnancy, have your children tie you and your spouse up with an outnumbered flag.

Getting started; pregnancy announcement ideas

You’ll adore this one if you consider yourself to be creative. Create some eggs by stenciling names, including the baby’s, on the top. A pleasant surprise like this would be appropriate for an Easter egg hunt.

Here we grow once more; pregnancy announcement ideas

This is a spring-themed pregnancy announcement concept. Create your statement on a letterboard or a blackboard, then embellish it with flowers and foliage.

A pumpkin for our patch; pregnancy announcement ideas

You can’t wait to start using pumpkins as decorations now that autumn is in the air! Make a display of pumpkins of different sizes and give them the names Dad, Mum, and Baby.


Go for it now that you have a variety of pregnancy announcement ideas! Any of the aforementioned options are excellent selections. Having fun is the most important thing, whether you’re sharing the news with your significant other, the soon-to-be grandparents, or your other kids.

The decision is yours as to whether you want to be adorable and original or make everyone giggle. Your relatives and friends will be over the moon with any pregnancy announcement you pick, whether it’s for a single pregnancy or twin pregnancy!

FAQs: Funny Pregnancy Announcements Ideas

1. How should I announce my pregnancy?

It's customary to personally inform your spouse, parents, and any other close relatives you choose to include in the celebration. Virtual calls, regular phone calls, or pregnancy announcement cards are all excellent choices if your family is far apart.

2. What month is best to announce pregnancy?

Many women decide to hold off on making a pregnancy announcement until they are at least 12 weeks along. Typically, this is due to worries about the possibility of a miscarriage (pregnancy loss) during this time.

3. Who do you announce pregnancy first?

Friends. You should probably start by telling your closest pals. When you feel more at ease, you may then expand the group or publish an official statement on social media. But be cautious that even the most well-intentioned friend or family might accidentally spill the news.

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