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60 Best Flower Names For Boys

Table of Contents

Flower Names For Boys

Table of Contents

Yes! You heard it right. Why only stick the names to a baby girl when you could also name your little baby boy using flower names for boys?


It’s almost spring! We are surrounded by beautiful flowers, what better inspiration than the environment? The brutal winter has passed, you’ve started experiencing the temperatures in double digits, the bright and warm sun is out, the home garden flowers are blooming, and your handsome boy in your arms-warm and contained. What to name the baby? Should it be a Greek origin or a Latin origin? Is it better to have a unisex name instead?

To help you pick the best flower names for boys, we at Parenthood Bliss have curated this article with the best 60 unique flower names for baby boys. Let’s dive in.

60 Best Flower Names for Boys

Listed below are the best picks for flower names for boys: 

  1. Allium – It means a colorful round flower that falls into the same group as garlic and onions
  2. Antonio – This Greek word literally means Flower
  3. Aster – A cute baby name from a flowering plant with thin petals, originated from Greek and means ‘star’
  4. Azalea – This baby boy flower name is one that loves the shade
  5. Balsam  – Also known as the touch-me-not plant, these have incredibly cute little flowers, a perfect match for your baby boy
  6. Clem – Also known as the leather flower, this name for your baby is assured to enhance the softness of the little munchkin
  7. Clover – Clover or Trifolium translates to three leaves and is originated from Latin 
  8. Cosmos – A beautiful pink flower which also means ‘universe.’
  9. Crocus – This baby boy name means a purple flower that produces the most expensive spice – Saffron
  10. Dahlia – Dahlia is a name that is widely used in Mexico and America
  11. Daisy – Mostly induces in the names for girls, Daisy can also be used for baby boys. This English name is widely used in North America
  12. Freesia – This baby name for boys symbolizes ‘innocence’
  13. Geranium – This name is gaining popularity and is the cutest amongst all baby boy names
  14. Heath – This little flower name can also translate as a girl name – Heather
  15. Iris – A name for boys and girls, this beautiful flower is also a part of the eye
  16. Lavender – This is a purple flower that is popularly known for its fragrance
  17. Lily – The word ‘Lily’ is also used commonly for many plants that resemble true lilies 
  18. Mallow – One of the cutest baby names that you can choose to name your little boy
  19. Marigold – This vibrant orange flower is unique and is one of the classiest floral names for your little munchkin
  20. Mazus – This name is inspired by an adorable flower
  21. Narcissus  – Originated from Greek, it is where the word Narcissism comes from
  22. Orchid – This is a sweet baby name that includes the asparagus and iris in their families too
  23. Primrose – A name that is popularly used due to its presence in a book and The Hunger Game series
  24. Ren – Ren is a kind of Orchid and was originally known as Renanthera
  25. Sedum – Or ‘Autumn Joy’ is a cute baby boy name
  26. Tlip – This name refers to the most popular flower on the planet!
  27. Valerian – This plant has a sweet scent and makes a cute baby boy name
  28. Vervain – You might remember Vervain from the Vampire Diaries. They are tiny little flowers that bloom in bunches and make an interesting name for your baby boy
  29. Yarrow – These white flowers grow in North America and Europe
  30. Zephyr – It was originally known as ‘Zephyranthes’
  31. Fiore – It is an Italian translation for ‘Flower’
  32. Fiorello – It means ‘little flowers’ in Italian and makes a cute name for your little baby boy
  33. Fleur – A french name for ‘flower’
  34. Florent – Name that means ‘flowering’ and is originated from Latin
  35. Florentine – These blue flowers are another form of Florent
  36. Florian – Means ‘Rose’ or ‘Flower’ in Latin
  37. Flos – These bush flowers are originated from Latin
  38. Mawar – Meaning ‘flower’ in Indonesian translation, this name for baby boy is extremely cute and adorable
  39. Pua – Originated by the Hawaiian origin, means flower and is a cute baby boy name
  40. Trandafir – Translates to ‘rose’ in Romanian
  41. Ward – Means ‘Rose’ in the Arab language
  42. Acacia – This flowering plant is mostly grown in Australia, can be found anywhere across the globe
  43. Alyssum – Is mostly found in the Mediterranean area and is a popular boy name
  44. Borage – Also known as the ‘starflower,’ this flower has a beautiful electric blue color
  45. Camellia – It is mostly grown in Eastern and Southern Asia and makes a unique name for a baby boy
  46. Dandelion – A beautiful, healthy, and popularly found flower, makes an attractive baby boy name
  47. Lotus – As unique as it sounds, it represents ‘rebirth’ and is a beautiful baby boy name
  48. Oxalis – This flower grows across the world
  49. Aconite – Also known as the Wolfbane, it is widely used in most movies and myths
  50. Anemone – Or, Wildflower, it grows mostly in North America and is a unique baby boy name
  51. Archangel – both and Angel and flower, it makes an attractive name for a baby boy
  52. Bloom – Ironically, when looking for the perfect name for the bloom season, the word itself is a perfect baby boy name!
  53. Bugloss – also known as ‘Viper-Bugloss,’ attracts honey bees unlike most on the list
  54. Chicory – This blue flower is quite versatile as it can be used in salads too, and has a familiar taste as of regular coffee
  55. Coffee – Speaking of coffee, we’re sure coffee lovers would love to name their baby boys with their favorite beverage
  56. Coleus – This flower has numerous health benefits their way
  57. Indigo – Flower and a color? How unique could a baby boy’s name be?
  58. Jonquil – These flowers are widely used in perfumes and make an adorable baby boy name
  59. Moon – Yes, you heard it right! Moon is a perfectly unique baby boy name
  60. Spring – To end the list, why not name the little handsome after the season?

To Conclude

Choosing a name for boys or a name for girls could be quite a task for all new parents. As baby names not only mean that they will be called out using the title but tends to still be with them forever. This thought tends to put a lot of pressure on the minds of most parents, for both, girls and boys.

Therefore, we hope that the list above, specially curated for baby boys has helped you take loads off your shoulder and has encouraged you to pick a floral name, be it one that symbolizes the bright yellow flowers or the golden flower of spring or the purple flowers, originated from a Greek/Greek mythology, a Latin name or a French word, a suitable name for your beautiful baby is all that counts.

FAQs on Flower Names For Boys

1) What boy name means flower?

  • Aaron
  • Akhtar
  • Ambuj
  • Bakul
  • Anthony
  • Bud
  • Lily
  • Asciano
  • Aloe
  • Adman
  • 2) What boy name means to love?

  • Amadeus
  • Amado
  • Amato
  • Amatus
  • Amias
  • Amor
  • Aziz
  • Caradoc
  • 3) Why is having a name important?

    A name is one of the greatest connections to their own identity, as well as, their individuality. Addressing someone with their name is also a sign of respect and also makes a positive impression.

    4) What is the rarest name for a boy?

  • Aziel
  • Finlay
  • Kenji
  • Hernan
  • Marcellus
  • Maynard
  • Storm
  • 5) How to pick the perfect name for your baby?

  • Avoid any passing trends
  • Classic names aren't boring
  • Try and revisit your family tree
  • Honor the culture that you are a part of
  • Look upon meanings and pick the one that fits best
  • Contemplate the nicknames
  • Consider middle names
  • Remember to keep in mind the initials
  • 6) What are manly flower names?

  • Jago
  • Macauley
  • Leroy
  • Guy
  • Fabio
  • Soren
  • Arnold
  • Carl
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