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31 Best Snug Rain Gear For Toddlers In 2024

Table of Contents

Snug Rain Gear For Toddler

Table of Contents

Wondering what to do to keep your kids from getting wet and dirty on a wet day? A wet day is a no day for playing outside without the proper gear. Children these days are sick of being inside the four walls and might be excited to have a little fun in the muddy season out in their backyard or garden. Obtaining the right rain gear for your toddler is of utmost importance to keep them safe from all rain-borne diseases.

Here is the top best rain gear for toddlers in an exhaustive list. We have divided the gears into different categories as per the requirements.

Top 6 Rain Jackets For Toddlers

To spend more time outside in the rain without catching a cold is by wearing a great raincoat for little kids, toddlers, and big kids too. Let’s check out some awesome raincoats for your child. These are some of the top rain jackets for toddlers.

  1. Columbia Switchback II and Columbia Watertight Jacket
  2. Jack Wolfskin Rain Days Kids
  3. REI RainWall Jacket For Kids
  4. Reima Lampi Jacket
  5. Shred Dog Elevated Kids Hardshell
  6. VillerValla Shell Rain Jacket
Sl. No.Brand NameAvailable SizesDescription
1.Columbia Switchback II and Columbia Watertight JacketXXS to XLIt is a lightweight raincoat for kids and is loved for its affordability. It is also packable and protects your kid completely.
2.Jack Wolfskin Rain Days Kids18M to 14YThe European brand Jack Wolfskin has made it into the United States finally.. Their gear is of a premium quality combined with a notable focus to be outdoor efficient. Jackets from Jack Wolfskin are lightweight, packable, and free of PFC.
3.REI RainWall Jacket For Kids4T to 18YREI RainWall is an all-time favorite for its packability and quality. Also, a notable point is that it is in the market in an array of sizes.
4.Reima Lampi Jacket18M to 12YBag worthy feature of Reima is that its jackets are free of PVC. They are flexible and soft in cold weather too. Its large hood is yet another feature to be mentioned.
5.Shred Dog Elevated Kids Hardshell4T to 16YShred Dog kids jacket is waterproof and made of commendable high quality. It is enough to keep your kid warm and dry and ideal for layering in cold weather. However, it’s not ideal for wet and hot climates but best for cooler temperatures.
6.VillerValla Shell Rain Jacket6M to 10YVillerValla is a hands-down favorite for its durability. It’s an outright perfection for snow, rain, and slush with its notable tiny details. The suits and jacket/pants can be obtained in bright solids and stripes. The sizing of these jackets is in Euro hence you must measure your child’s height to avail yourself of the best fit.

Top 4 Rain Bibs For Toddlers

  1. CeLaVi Classic Rain BIbs Kids
  2. Jan and Jul Puddle Dry Rain Bibs
  3. Polarn O. Pyret Rain Bibs
  4. Reima Lammiko Rain Bibs
Sl. No.Brand NameAvailable SizeDescription
1.CeLaVi Classic Rain BIbs Kids9M to 8YCeLaVi rain bibs are thicker and softer rain jackets that are perfect for a muddy day out. They will keep your kid super clean in the rainy season. In warm weather, you can send your kid out dressed in these bibs. They fit firmly as they have a snap attached at the waist. These suits are free of harmful substances like PVC, nickel, fluorine substances, flame retardants, and AZO dyes.
2.Jan and Jul Puddle Dry Rain Bibs1T to 5TJan and Jul rain bibs are perfect as a suit for both cold days and rainy days. These bibs are obtained in a fleece-lined version too.
3.Polarn O. Pyret Rain Bibs1Y to 8YPolarn O. Pyret Rain bibs are very thick amongst all the options mentioned here. It’s known for its durability, waterproofness, and breathability. These can be your favorite for cold weather, shoulder seasons, and creek exploration.
4.Reima Lammiko Rain Bibs9M to 8YReima Lammiko bibs are water-resistant and come with suspenders that are adjustable. These are super comfortable for kids when they are outside in the wetness. Its weight ranges from light to medium. They are thinner when compared to Polarn O. Pyrets which makes them more breathable.

Top 6 Rain Suits For Toddlers

  1. Jan & Jul Cozy-Dry Waterproof Play Suit
  2. LL Bean Toddler Rain Bunting
  3. Oaki Trail Suit
  4. Reima Roiske
  5. Stonz Rain Suits For Toddlers
  6. VillerValla Shell Overall Suit


The most comfortable way of keeping your toddler dry in the rainy seasons is rain suits as they spend more time either sitting or crawling. This one-piece suit keeps out wetness making it invaluable in the rains. Some of these rain suits may go up to a larger size and for your reference, we have all the top rain suits for you to pick from.

Sl. No.Brand NameAvailable SizesDescription
1.Jan & Jul Cozy-Dry Waterproof Play Suit1T to 6TJan & Jul playsuit is lined with fleece and provides the perfect warmth for your kid in cold and wet weather conditions. This can be used in the spring and fall but also in winters layered with some extra protection. Jan & Jul comes with an unlined version of a playsuit named the Puddle Dry. These suits have comfortable cuffs, are adjustable, have brimmed hoods, and reflective piping.
2.LL Bean Toddler Rain Bunting2T to 4TLL Bean suits are basic and have zippers to put on and take off easily. A great brimmed hood is another feature to be pointed out.
3.Oaki Trail Suit12M to 14/15YOaki trail suits are durable and have a wide set of color and size ranges. They are also easy to layer along with the cuffs that can be adjusted and pinchable waist. However, if your kid doesn’t love a suit that is noisy then avoid buying an Oaki. These suits are available for kids who are older too and brag reflective detailing.
4.Reima Roiske12M to 6YReima suits are waterproof and free of harmful chemicals. They come with  reflective properties to make them water-resistant and taped seams.
5.Stonz Rain Suits For Toddlers12M to 4TThe Canadian company of Stonz has lightweight and loose-fitting rain suits that are incredibly durable. They have seam-sealed and bound construction, covered zippers that are waterproof, and PU coating. These rain suits come in an assortment of eight different colors and a built-in hood visor. Apart from these features, Stonz rain suits have warm cuffs with the functional touch of thumb holes.
6.VillerValla Shell Overall Suit1Y to 6YThe VillerValla suit is a shell than a rain suit. It is noted for its extreme durability and a great hood.

Top 5 Rain Mittens For Toddlers

  1. Helsinki Shell Gloves
  2. CeLaVi Rain Mittens
  3. Polarn O. Pyret Rain Mittens
  4. Reima Knit-Lined Rain Mittens
  5. Vilnius Recycled Rain MIttens


Finding the perfect rain mittens is a daunting task but here we have the absolute best rain mittens for you. Keep your little one’s hands dry on the wet and cold days and pave the way for many happy adventures. Here is the list of all the rain mittens that actually work.

Sl. No.Brand NameAvailable SizesDescription
1.Helsinki Shell Gloves4Y to 7YHelsinki rain mittens are the best in the market that are lined lightly with reinforced seams. These can be easily layered.
2.CeLaVi Rain Mittens0 to 4YWith thick fleece liner, these are the best for prolonged warmth in wet and cold weather.
3.Polarn O. Pyret Rain Mittens6M to 6YThese rain mittens from Polarn O. Pyret’s are more lightweight when compared to VillerValla. They are super easy to put on and take off and do a great job while on. For colder days, you must layer them underneath.
4.Reima Knit-Lined Rain Mittens6M to 8YReima Knit-Lined mittens are knit and not fleece-lined but can be easily layered underneath. They come up to the wrist and can be cinched to prevent water from seeping in.
5.Vilnius Recycled Rain MIttens2Y to 7YVilnius mittens are recycled mittens that come with flexibility. They are easy to move in because of the fleece lining.

Top 8 Rain Boots For Toddlers

  1. Bogs Neo-Classic Boots
  2. Bogs Baby Bogs
  3. Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots
  4. KidOrca Above The Knee Rain Boots
  5. Lone Cone Kids Rain Boots
  6. Muck Boots For Kids
  7. Stonz West All-Weather Boots
  8. Stonz Rain Boots

Kids need the best waterproof boots to splash around in wetness and mud without them getting dirty or wet. These rain boots listed below are greatly recommended to keep your little one dry and comfortable without losing any of the fun.

Sl. No.Brand NameAvailable SizesDescription
1.Bogs Neo-Classic Boots7T to 6YBogs are the favorites of parents for their durability and traction. It is lightweight and provides ample warmth.
2.Bogs Baby Bogs4T to 10TBogs baby bogs are the perfect rain gear for toddlers just learning to walk. They come with flexible great soles to sustain balance. These boots are also relatively warm and easy to put on.
3.Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots6T to 13TThese crocs are unique as they have no liners in them to impede dry time. You could pair them with your favorite socks and you are ready to frolic in the rain. Durability and ease of putting on are two other comfort factors. They are molded boots that prevent seams from coming apart.
4.KidOrca Above The Knee Rain Boots5T to 12TKidOrca is a unique boot that has waders fit at its top. Your kid can wear them over his/her knees and keep the water out. You can also fold them down for a more traditional rain boot. Put your waders up and be stress-free about water getting into your boots. Its solid colors keep the boots stylish and the soft fabric of the waders keeps it flexible. They come with taped seams so when your kid splashes around he/she doesn’t get water inside their boots. The wader fabric scuffs on the rough patches on the ground so do not let your kids use these waders to protect their knees.
5.Lone Cone Kids Rain Boots5T to 4TLone Cone rain boots are high-quality rain gear for toddlers. These are also super affordable and easy to pull on to keep your little ones dry.
6.Muck Boots For Kids10T to 7YThese boots fit well, keep those little feet warm in wet and cold conditions. These boots are super durable and will last you for years.
7.Stonz West All-Weather Boots4T to 2YThe boots of Stonz are perfect for slush, mud, and everything in between that has a temperature rating of -20 degrees Celsius to -4 degrees celsius. Its height is low so it becomes easy to walk in.
8.Stonz Rain Boots4T to 2YIncredibly waterproof, flexible, and durable these boots facilitate easy movement and protection from wetness. These are easy for toddlers to get on and off easily but also have enough height to prevent water from seeping while splashing around.

Top 2 Rain Hats For Kids

  1. Reima Rain Hat
  2. Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero
Sl. No.Brand NameDescription
1.Reima Rain HatReima rainy hats are provided with ear flaps that can be pulled up and down according to your convenience.
2.Outdoor Research Seattle SombreroThese are super comfortable for both sunny and rainy days.

Best Snug Rain Gear For Toddlers Final Words:

Kids need to be protected always while they have their fun outside. Especially in these trying times where online education is reality, any amount of time that your kid spends in your backyard is quality time. At these times, heavy rain will ruin your little one’s fun and for that, you need to have the best rain gear at your disposal. Hope the list provided here offers enough guidance in choosing the best one for your kid.

31 Best Snug Rain Gear For Toddlers In 2022 FAQs

1. What is a mackintosh raincoat?

The patent for raincoats goes to one Scottish chemist, Charles Macintosh. The waterproof material for the raincoat was invented under his name. That fabric that mackintosh used was an amalgamation of rubber and coal-tar naphtha solution.

2. What is raincoat fabric called?

Raincoats are most commonly constructed from waterproof materials that are breathable namely, Gore-Tex, Tyvek, or coated nylons. These are fabrics that allow all water vapor to pass through them. This allows the garment to “breath” which enables the sweat of the wearer to escape.

3. What do toddlers wear in the rain?

Remember to avoid buying rain gears that are stiff-as-a-board. These won't move freely and will tend to be uncomfortable for your little tot. Go for soft and waterproof zippers that are easy to layer underneath.

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