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Top 10 Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Table of Contents

Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Table of Contents

When you are pregnant you will need to buy new maternity clothes to fit your growing body. During pregnancy, you are expected to have swollen feet and you also need the most comfortable shoes and sandals for your swollen feet.

The best shoes for pregnancy swollen feet will provide you support and stability because your body weight increases as your center of balance shifts. The best shoes for pregnancy swollen feet will help you to prevent swelling of your feet when you are expecting a baby.

To ensure that you stay comfortable and prevent injury from swollen feet, you need to choose the best shoes for pregnancy swollen feet.

Do You Need Different Pregnancy Shoes ?

Yes, you will need comfortable shoes. Your feet will grow to half a size during pregnancy and this change can be permanent and your old shoes will become too tight and uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses.

Water retention is common while pregnant and with uncomfortable footwear, chances are very high that you will end up with swollen feet. Uncomfortable shoes might quickly become difficult to put on and off your feet if this happens to you.

Good shoes with proper arch support will not only help to keep your feet from swelling but also ensure that you keep a good posture and help prevent pain in other parts of your body including pelvic pain and back pain.

How to Choose the Best Maternity Shoes ?

While choosing the best shoes for pregnant women, you should keep the following things in mind-

  • Slip-Ons: A pair of Slip-on shoes with flexible straps are great for pregnant women. They allow swollen feet to slip on and out of the shoe easily, and you will not have to bend down and tie them which will hurt your pelvic and back.
  • Rubber sole shoe: Rubber sole shoes have fantastic shock absorption and can help reduce joint pain during pregnancy.
  • Low heel: A low heel offers more safety than a high heel and more support and protection than a high heel flat.
  • Arch support: To avoid foot pain, choose a pair of shoes that support the arch, which is in the center of the bottom of your foot.

Which Are The Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet ?

To help you with your choice for the best shoes for pregnancy swollen feet, below are the top best shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy

1. Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy Shoes: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy Shoes

Priced at $44

This Skechers is everything you could want in a walking shoe. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. There is a breathable mesh around the foot that expands as you walk, making them ideal for swollen feet that need room to breathe, and the cushioned sole is very comfortable for even the most painful feet.

The mesh fabric also allows air into the shoe, so there is no need for you to worry about your feet overheating. 

2. Skechers Sports Empire Sneaker: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Skechers Sports Empire Sneaker

Priced at $42

This sneaker is super comfortable and has shock absorption. These are slip-on sneakers and are easy to wear. They have a super comfortable memory foam sole and the uppers are flexible.

3. Vionic Agile OpL Slip-On: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Vionic Agile OpL Slip-On

Priced at $80

The sole of this Vionic slip-on is made from rubber to help keep you from slipping, and it also provides shock absorption to remove the stress from your joints.

These shoes have an orthotic insert, keeping your feet healthy, and comfortable. The upper is made from breathable mesh, which will allow the shoe to provide a little space to move and still offer adequate support.

4. Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandals: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandals

Priced at $24

The design will accommodate swollen feet and the rubber sole will keep you safe from slipping. These crocs slip on easily and are very cushioned. They also have great traction.

The only problem with these sandals is that the uppers are made of plastic and synthetic material, which can damage the skin.

5. Tom’s Women’s Classic Flats: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Tom’s Women’s Classic Flats

Priced at $30

These are good shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy because they don’t have a restrictive ankle, which gives the feet enough room and space to expand. They are slip-ons and they have a very supportive insole with arch support to help prevent the bottom of your feet from becoming tired.

Cons with this slip-on are that the canvas can stretch and lose its shape slowly and few women find they become tired very quickly.

6. Vionic Bethany Ankle Boots: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Vionic Bethany Ankle Boots

Priced at $160$

These boots can be the perfect ankle boot for pregnant women who do not want to give up wearing heels. They’re simple and versatile which looks good and makes a perfect match with a pair of jeans or leggings.

These boots are perfect for the winter because they are made of waterproof leather with a waterproof zipper and seam-sealed technology to keep any water.

7. Aerosole’s Women’s Ballet Flats: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Aerosole’s Women’s Ballet Flats

Priced at $60

These flats have memory foam in the footbed to prevent your feet from aching. They have a wide, low heel that provides shock absorption and keeps your feet in a comfortable and proper position, which helps in preventing joint pain.

These shoes are made from textiles and synthetic materials, which are of a very simple and basic design.

8. Propet Travelfit Slide Walking Shoe: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Propet Travelfit Slide Walking Shoe

Priced at $35

This shoe is a mixture of the comfort of an athletic shoe along with the ease of a sandal. The slip-on design allows you to wear them on your feet without any problem, but the adjustable laces will help to ensure a comfortable, tailored fit regardless of whether you have swollen feet up or not.

9. Qupid Slouchy Flat Boots: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Qupid Slouchy Flat Boots

Priced at $17

A slouch style has a less tight-fitting ankle, which allows your swollen feet to move around and expand in size. They have a rubber sole that will prevent you from slipping on certain surfaces, and the low heel means they won’t affect your balance. The intriguing part of these boots is that they are vegan-friendly!!

10. Vionic Women's Tide Rhinestones Toe-Post Sandal: Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet

Vionic Women's Tide Rhinestones Toe-Post Sandal

Priced at $60

Pregnancy problems can be too tough in the summer, with the heat making your swollen feet very uncomfortable. These comfortable sandals are proven to reduce heel pain and provide essential support.

These are very easy to slip on and off your feet and perfect shoes for summer. Rhinestones are very fashionable designs but the problem is they can fall off.

Best Shoes For Pregnancy Swollen Feet FAQs

1. What helps swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy ?

Drinking more water, wearing loose and comfortable footwear with a very good footbed will help swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy.

2. What to soak swollen pregnant feet in ?

Fill a bucket with warm water and add half a cup of Epsom salt in it and soak your feet in it. Soaking your feet for 15 minutes in warm salt water not only helps to reduce swelling in the feet but also helps in easing aching feet and also cleans the dirt of toes.

3. What do memory foam shoes do ?

Memory foam running shoes are an excellent choice for people suffering from foot-related ailments and for people who want to keep their feet in very good condition. Memory foam shoes can do things such as ease pressure on the ball of your foot, can provide arch support, stop foot roll and stabilize your feet and absorb heel shock.

4. What types of shoes are to be avoided for swollen feet ?

High heels, pointed shoes, and plastic shoes are to be avoided for swollen feet.

5. How to choose the right shoes for swollen feet ?

Measure your feet size when it’s swollen and choose the shoes that come with a wide width and adjustable straps.

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