Top 12 Best Puzzles For Kid’s Of 2023

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Best Puzzles For Kids

Table of Contents

Best puzzles for kids are the best picks and are observed to be the perfect toy that not only helps entertain your little munchkin but is also essential as it boosts the development of the child. Adding on, these are the best get-aways from technology while enhancing their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

However, the only backlog that the parents face is to decide upon the best puzzles for kids, given the fact that they are widely available across various sizes, colors, forms, shapes, etc. So, to help you, we at Parenthood Bliss have curated this list of the top 12 best puzzles for toddlers and kids. Read on to know more!

Top 12 best puzzles for kids for you to choose from!

Here is a list that will help you choose the best puzzle for your kids and help you enrich their learning journey. So, make sure to pick the one that is durable, best suited, and non-toxic.

1) Melissa & Doug vehicles peg puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

Melissa & Doug vehicles peg puzzle

Recommended age – 2 to 4 years old

This wooden puzzle features a cute and classic look and includes a fire truck, school bus, and garbage truck. It is also hand-crafted, has colorful chunky pieces and red pegs.


  • Includes fun vehicles
  • Allows the kids to easily grab the pieces


  • The puzzle board is rather thin

2) Asher and Olivia's wooden puzzles and rack set: Best Puzzles For Kids

Asher and Olivia's wooden puzzles and rack set

Recommended age – 3 years+

This wooden puzzle for babies and toddlers features a large collection and includes 6 wooden puzzles that are attached to large pegs. They also have a foam clock, are easy-to-grasp puzzles, and come with different shapes, animals, numbers, letters, vehicles, and tasty fruits.


  • Includes 6 themed peg puzzles with a foam clock
  • Is a puzzle rack
  • Comes with a return policy


  • It does not feature images under the pieces

3) Melissa & Doug wooden jigsaw puzzles: Best Puzzles For Kids

Melissa & Doug wooden jigsaw puzzles

Recommended age – 36 months to 6 years

These Melissa Doug peg puzzles are ideally designed for younger children but with respect to the skills required, they are recommended for older kids. It features 4 jigsaw puzzles and comes in a wooden storage box with each puzzle including 12 pieces that come together as a vibrant scene with a vehicle.


  • Are available in different themes
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t come with a guide image to help the toddler piece it together

4) BEESTECH elementary wooden jigsaw puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

BEESTECH elementary wooden jigsaw puzzle

Recommended age – 2+ years

This is a kind of puzzle that comes in a pack of 4 that feature animals and are of the perfect size that avoids any choking hazards. The number of pieces varies from 9 pieces to 20 pieces, comes with a set of guides, and comes in a reusable storage box.


  • Includes large and thick puzzle pieces
  • Varies in terms of the difficulty levels
  • Comes in a box


  • The guide is made from paper, so it’s easy to lose

5) Gudi Toy Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

Gudi Toy Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Recommended age – 3+ years

This self-correcting wooden Jigsaw Puzzle comes in a pack of 4 and has vibrant illustrations of a giraffe, panda, cow, and elephant in an easy 9-pieces. It features durable puzzles, is smaller in size, and has fun animal illustrations.


  • Is durable
  • Features images under the pieces
  • Includes an animal parade illustration


  • Are quite small that could cause a choking hazard

6) TomatoFish Matching Egg Set puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

TomatoFish Matching Egg Set puzzle

Recommended age – 8+ years

These puzzles for toddlers come in egg shapes and bright yellow color and are filled with bright 3D shape halves that your toddler will have to piece together. This is the best learning tool and helps introduce shapes and colors to the little toddlers while enhancing their fine motor skills.


  • These educational puzzles help teach colors and shapes to the kids
  • Are brightly colored
  • Builds recognition skills
  • Comes with a carton carrying case


  • Although they make a great gift and helps develop certain skills, it could be challenging for the kids to open

7) INNOCHEER wooden educational puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

INNOCHEER wooden educational puzzle

Recommended age – 18 months+

This puzzle from INNOCHEER features bright colors and is easy to put together featuring animals like a turtle, an owl, and a giraffe. It includes a drawstring bag, can be stored separately, however, they do not come with a guideline image under the puzzle pieces.


  • The set includes 6 puzzles pieces
  • Comes with a drawstring storage bag


  • Doesn’t feature matching images under the pieces

8) GYBBER&MUMU wooden colorful shape puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

GYBBER&MUMU wooden colorful shape puzzle

Recommended age -3 years+

This floor puzzle features high-quality shapes and is a perfect educational tool to teach the toddler both shapes and colors. The chunky shapes of the puzzle feature to fit perfectly into the smoothed wood puzzle board are BPA and phthalate-free.


  • The wooden puzzles encourage the kids to learn shapes and colors
  • Features smooth wood
  • Are made from non-toxic materials


  • The similar colors could be confusing

9) Melissa & Doug construction chunky puzzles: Best Puzzles For Kids

Melissa & Doug construction chunky puzzles

Recommended age – 2 to 5 years

This Melissa & Doug puzzle is a construction puzzle that features bulldozers, trucks, and construction vehicles. It includes 6 construction vehicle puzzle pieces that are designed to smoothly fit into a board that has a dirt and sand background.


  • Promote fine motor skills
  • Build imagination and matching skills
  • Include thick peg pieces


  • Are not recommended for chewers

10) Melissa & Doug Farm Jumbo Knob puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

Melissa & Doug Farm Jumbo Knob puzzle

Recommended age – 12 months +

This Melissa Doug Jumbo Farm Knob Puzzle is a great puzzle for little kids that has an inbuilt tune of Old MacDonald for the little kids. The puzzle features that best fit the tiniest hands, with wooden knobs that make it easier to hold onto and lift.


  • Comes with barnyard friends
  • Have large knobs attached for an easy grasp


  • The puzzles do not have a solid wood board

11) Aitey Animal Jigsaw Puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

Aitey Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Recommended age – 3 to 5 years

This 9 piece puzzle for the toddlers features different baby animals, such as squirrel, panda, giraffe, zebra, and elephant in bright colors.


  • Helps the toddlers to earn color recognition
  • Feature vibrant and adorable animal illustrations
  • Have 9 pieces in each puzzle
  • Are observed to be the best puzzle for children who are just starting


The pieces are quite thin

12) Melissa & Doug First Play wooden touch and feel fun puzzle: Best Puzzles For Kids

Melissa & Doug First Play wooden touch and feel fun puzzle

Recommended age – 12 months +

This touch-and-feel puzzle from Melissa & Doug is perfect for the children that come with tactile books in the beginner library that encourage the toddler to enhance their sensory skills and fine motor skills. They feature in the shapes of a dog, cat, rabbit, and bird that are also easy to stand for pretend play.


  • It features touch-and-feel animal pieces
  • Includes a child-safe mirror
  • It has pictures under each puzzle piece


  • The wooden pieces are thin

To Conclude:

Choosing the best puzzle for your kids depends on the choice and preference of your toddler. These toddler puzzles are the best gifts that not only enhance their motor skills but also enrich their learning journey!

You can also choose to purchase the best wooden toys for your toddler as well, these, just like the puzzles, will help build your toddler’s fine motor skills.

Best Puzzles For Kids FAQs

1) What skills do puzzles help strengthen and build ?

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Enhances their focus
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teaches patience
  • Shape recognition

  • 2) At what age can a child do a 100 piece puzzle ?

    A child will be able to complete a 100 piece when they are about 5 or 6 years old. However, this also depends on the level of difficulty and the skills enhancement of the children.

    3) What age should a child be able to complete a puzzle ?

    A child will be able to complete a puzzle correctly when they are 24 months old or 2 years old. These puzzles could be of a vegetable, animal, or fruits, or even a three-piece puzzle.

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