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10 Best Postpartum Pads For A New Mom

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best Postpartum Pads

Best Postpartum Pads List

Whether you’ve undergone a normal delivery or a cesarean section, postpartum bleeding, known as lochia, is a shared experience for new moms. Starting with a red and heavy flow before slowly changing, this bleeding can last from 2 to 6 weeks from delivery. All through this crucial time, finding the right postpartum pads becomes essential to soak up the bleeding, ensuring your clothes stay protected and you remain comfortable and clean. 

Opting for fragrance free options with thoughtful design, optimal absorbency, various sizes, and quality materials is key for this phase of postpartum recovery. This is why we’ve delved into the 10 best postpartum pads considering aspects like design, value, absorbency, sizes, and materials, to help you make an informed choice.

10 Best Postpartum Pads With Reviews

Here is a list of our best maxi pads for postpartum, choose one that suits you best:

This pad secures the top spot as one of the best postpartum pads for its exceptional absorbency, catering to both heavy and light bleeding. Designed for multiliquid absorption, it proves ideal for postpartum days. With adhesive backing and a quilted design, these pads offer reliable protection, available in super long and regular lengths for varying needs. Additionally, they prioritize softness to prevent irritation and neutralize odors.


  •  Available in different sizes and absorbency levels
  •  Affordable and widely accessible
  • Soft and comfortable


  •  No wings for added comfort

Amazon Reviews:

From what I’ve been paying in the stores, this is a great price!


For uninterrupted sleep throughout the postpartum period, Always Heavy Overnight Pads are the go-to choice. Shaped for optimal protection, equipped with wings for stability, and featuring a “LeakGuard Core,” these pads prioritize comfort during nighttime wear. Specifically made for overnight use, they offer up to 10 hours of coverage, although regular changing is recommended to prevent infection or irritation, making it one of the best pads for postpartum.


  •  Affordable and easily accessible
  •  High absorbency for effective protection
  •  The long pad helps prevent nighttime leaking


  • Might feel a bit bulky

Amazon Reviews

What can I say. They’re ALWAYS. it is very nice and convenient and cheaper to have Amazon ship them directly to me on the same day each month and I don’t have to worry or even think about them.


For new moms seeking organic options, these Ultra Thin Pads with Wings (Super Long Absorbency) are a reliable choice. With an adhesive strip and wings for secure placement, these are some of the best pads for heavy flow while maintaining a thin profile for comfort. They effectively absorb fluids, keeping them away from the body to prevent excess moisture. In a philanthropic gesture, Seventh Generation contributes a portion of sales to organizations providing similar products to women in need.


  •  Ultrathin and super long for optimal coverage
  •  Fragrance-free and free of harsh chemicals
  •  The company donates products to organizations supporting women in need


  •  Smaller packages

Amazon Reviews:

These are great basic natural pads to go for. No irritants. No fragrance. Good length and absorbency. Comfortable. I can’t find the ultra thins in my local target or Whole Foods anymore. Get them when you can!


For postpartum recovery with added comfort, consider these Pads by Honey Pot, a Black-owned brand. Crafted with organic cotton and infused with mint, lavender, and aloe, these pads provide a cooling sensation for healing. Tailored for postpartum needs, they offer sufficient absorbency for heavy days while remaining breathable, making them one of the best pads for heavy flow. With a traditional adhesive strip and wings, they ensure secure placement in your underwear.


  •  Made with organic cotton for natural comfort
  •  Infused with soothing natural herbs like mint, lavender, and aloe
  •  Free from fragrances or harsh chemicals, specifically designed for postpartum bleeding


  •  Limited options
  •  Higher price per pad

Amazon Reviews:

These were a LIFE SAVER postpartum! They felt amazing and provided just the right amount of relief. They are also absorbent but didn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable when wearing them. They have become my go to gift to my postpartum mama friends!


Poise Absorbency Pads are some of the best pads for postpartum for new moms dealing with heavy postpartum bleeding or going through bladder leaks. With wider and longer coverage, these pads prevent any leaks in your pants. Specifically designed for a woman’s anatomy, they offer a close, flexible fit, contrasting with stiff, bulky pads. While it’s essential to change pads regularly, these pads are designed to provide up to 12 hours of protection, minimizing worries about leakage.


  •  High absorbency suitable for postpartum bleeding and incontinence
  •  Features odor control for added freshness
  •  Designed for a close, flexible fit


  • No wings

Amazon Reviews:

Nice and thin, I use these daily and don’t even notice I’m using them. Nice knowing I have protection just in case it’s needed.


For environmentally-conscious parents, reusable pads are an excellent choice. This option by Knix is crafted with four layers for maximum absorbency and leak prevention, using materials like modal, nylon, spandex, and polyester. While these ultra-thin pads can soak up to 12 teaspoons of blood, it’s worth noting that they might not be enough during the starting days of excessive postpartum bleeding. These pads feature wings that secure them in place with hooks and eye closures. Cleaning is a breeze—just put them in the washer with some cold water and let them tumble dry at a low temperature, putting them on the list of best postpartum pads.


  •  Ecofriendly alternative to disposable pads
  •  Can be washed and dried in the washer and dryer
  •  Each purchase contributes to the Positive Period Campaign


  • Regular absorbency might not be sufficient for initial heavy bleeding

As you transition past the heavy flow stage in postpartum, these Extra Long Daily Liners provide a comfortable and effective solution. These thin yet protective liners stick to your underwear with a bonding strip and offer extended length for enhanced coverage. Designed to eliminate odors and quickly soak up fluids, they contribute to avoiding irritation and excess moisture. Change these liners every four hours, aligning with medical recommendations, and they can also offer additional protection for light bladder leaks.


  • Thin and comfortable design
  •  Capable of neutralizing odors


  •  Suitable for light discharge only

Amazon Reviews: 

These are perfect for a little backup for bladder leaks spotting, etc. They are very absorbent without being too thick or uncomfortable. Calling them extra long is a bit much, perhaps, but I think that’s common lingo since some pantyliners are so very short that you need to think carefully about where to position them. They stay put quite well except occasionally on really hot, sweaty days they may come loose.


For immediate relief after a vaginal delivery, Medline Deluxe Perineal Cold Packs offer a convenient 2in1 design. Activating the cooling ice is simple; just crack the pad by folding it over and shaking it. You don’t have to place them in the freezer. Place the pad on your underwear with the bonding strip on the back. These pads can be used for the first two days after delivery, providing both soothing relief and helping reduce swelling.


  • Ice pack provides relief after vaginal birth
  •  Cooling pads don’t need to be stored in the freezer
  •  2in1 design is also absorbent


  • Thin adhesive strip and no wings

Amazon Reviews:

BUY! Postpartum musthave! I bought the Frida mom ones because everyone said good things but they were HUGE & didn’t get nearly as cold as the ones my hospital gave me. These are 10x better! Doesn’t feel like a brick/battery pack like the Frida Mom ones do & get wayyy colder. Buy!!!!


For postpartum recovery, Always Discreet Underwear offers a more comfortable alternative to hospital mesh panties. Providing full coverage and antileak protection, these disposable underwear are thick enough for heavy flow without the need for an extra pad. They come with an elastic waist for a comfortable yet secure fit, neutralize odors, and offer extra protection in common leakage areas. If you’re dealing with postpartum bladder control issues, these panties provide additional protection in that regard as well.


  • Full coverage and antileak protection
  •  Prettier than hospital mesh underwear
  •  Can be used for incontinence


  • May be uncomfortable for some people

Amazon Reviews:

Everyone recommended the momfrida stuff for postpartum. No! Get yourself a huge pack of these!!! These things are AMAZING for postpartum. I 10/10 loved and I used them both times. Easy and simple and they are comfy!

Gracie Williams

Stayfree pads are favored by new moms for their soft surface, ideal for avoiding irritation to stitches or tender, healing areas. These are some of the best postpartum pads designed to protect against leaks, making them suitable for nighttime use. Additionally, moms appreciate their absorbency (claimed to last for 8 hours) without being overly bulky.


  • High absorbency
  •  Soft feel


  •  Pads can tear

Amazon Reviews:

I like Stayfree pads, it’s very soft. Your skin won’t feel hurt when you use this pad during the menstrual period.

Caixia Dong

Final Thoughts Best Postpartum Pads

These pads aren’t just products; they are companions in a journey that demands tenderness. Whether you opt for Stayfree Maxi Pads for their soft surface or Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads for nighttime reliability, each choice is a gesture of kindness during this delicate phase. Postpartum bleeding, lasting two to six weeks, it’s a shared experience, and having the right pads is like having a trusty sidekick.

Best Postpartum Pads FAQs

1. How do I choose postpartum pads?

Choosing postpartum pads depends on factors like absorbency, size, and comfort. Start with heavy flow pads, transitioning to moderate absorbency as needed. Consider materials, special features like cooling options, and whether you prefer disposable or reusable pads. Read reviews, seek recommendations, and consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice based on your recovery needs.

2. How many pads per day is normal after delivery?

On average, women may use around 4 to 6 postpartum pads per day during the initial days after delivery. However, the frequency can vary based on factors such as the individual's flow, recovery, and personal comfort preferences. It's essential to change pads regularly to maintain hygiene and monitor any changes in bleeding, consulting with healthcare providers if there are concerns.

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