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13 Best Postpartum Pads Of 2023: What To Buy And Why?

Table of Contents

best Postpartum Pads

Table of Contents

Generally, when parents gather baby items to put them into the hospital bag, such as baby bottles, newborn diapers, comfortable baby clothes, etc, they often forget to think of the best postpartum pads, which are an essential item to pack.

For sure, in case you forget to pack a postpartum pad, the hospital nurses will intend to get you comfy mesh underwear and maxi pads or hospital-grade pads. While some might be ok with it, most moms aren’t comfortable using the provided combination and might want to get their own supplies from either the hospital or their home. But why are these menstrual pads needed during postpartum recovery?

13 Best Postpartum Pads

Here is a list of our best maxi pads for postpartum, choose one that suits you best:

1) Poise Incontinence Postpartum Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Poise Incontinence Postpartum Pads

Poise Incontinence postpartum pads are best for heavy bleeding and it was designed primarily for urinary incontinence. These are absorbent, ideal for new mothers during the initial days of postpartum, have a generous shape, provide good coverage to the underwear, and come in two packs of 45 pads each.


  • Is comfortable and stays dry
  • Offers 12 hours of protection
  • Helps lock the wetness quickly
  • Are long pad
  • Do not fold
  • Has a dry touch layer for comfort


  • Could have an unpleasant odor
  • Doesn’t have wings

2) Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads With Wings: Best Postpartum Pads

Stayfree Maxi Overnight Pads With Wings

This is one of the best postpartum pads designed using unique technology and has an anti-leak core. It features multi-fluid absorption pads, locks the period blood, urinary leak, moisture, and is available in packs of 28 and 40.


  • Is ultra-soft
  • Has a cotton cover for comfort
  • Prevents odor
  • Includes 24 anti-leak channels blocks from all, front, back, and the sides
  • Has overnight protection for heavy bleeding, discharge, and perspiration
  • Comes with a quick-absorbing quilt cover


  • As the pad is thick, most women might feel uncomfortable

3) Always Radiant Feminine Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Always Radiant Feminine Pads

These pads use flex-foam that provides comfort and safety. It features a strong adhesive, the mesh liner lets the pad stay in one place, and comes with an option with a three-pack or six-pack, each with 30 pads.


  • Guarantees 100% leak and odor-free protection
  • Are thin and flexible
  • Can absorb up to ten times their weight
  • Every pack features a surprise design of warm tropical prints and neon vibes
  • Has a handy sizing chart that helps choose the right fit as per the flow and size


  • The thinness of the pad has mixed reviews

4) Always Maxi Overnight Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Always Maxi Overnight Pads

In order to stay protected from leaks and stains during the night, consider these maxi overnight pads. They feature to be firm, have deep channels to help absorb the fluid, and come in a pack of four with 36 pads in each.


  • The LeakGuard Cores absorbs the blood in seconds
  • Offers up to ten hours of protection
  • Has a 2x larger back protection
  • Includes a size chart to help pick the right one for you
  • Comes with Flexi wings for extra protection from stains


  • Could be way too long for some
  • The back may not stick properly

5) Always Xtra Protection Daily Panty Liners: Best Postpartum Pads

Always Xtra Protection Daily Panty Liners

These are designed for daily protection against leaks and moisture. It also features a LeakGuard and RapidDry feature which makes it ideal for the light period days, and is available in a pack of six, with 50 pads in each pack.


  • The postpartum pads have a super-soft cover for comfort
  • Is 5x drier
  • The liner stays in place
  • Can be used during the day and the night
  • Can also be used for light urine loss


  • Could roll and bunch at the edges
  • Has sticky sides
  • Do not have wings

6) Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape Pantiliners: Best Postpartum Pads

Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape Pantiliners

These Pantyliners are best used during light flow, or when the heavy flow reduces slowly. The postpartum pad features unscented panty liners, is thin, shaped to perfectly fit the underwear, and is available in different variants of thin, long, regular, and extra-long pads too.


  • Has a honeycomb soft quilted comfortable design
  • Can lock odor up to eight hours
  • Has extra-long daily liners
  • Offers adequate absorbency during light flow
  • The core locks the fluid
  • Moistures quicker


  • Doesn’t come with wings
  • Could have a distinctive smell

7) Vakly Curity Maternity Pad: Best Postpartum Pads

Vakly Curity Maternity Pad

Best for heavy bleeding and it offers good support. These Vakly Curity Maternity Pads are bulky, thick, can absorb more fluid and moisture, and come in individual pad boxes of 14 pads.


  • Is soft and comfortable
  • Offers good postpartum care
  • Fits well to the underwear
  • The pad is 4.33 inches wide and 12.25 inches long
  • Offers good absorption


  • Few moms might feel uncomfortable due to their thickness
  • Has no wings

8) Rael Certified Organic Cotton Menstrual Regular Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Rael Certified Organic Cotton Menstrual Regular Pads

Rael Menstrual Regular Pads help protect the environment while protecting your body from chemical exposure. They are designed using organic cotton, do not contain any pesticides, dyes, GMOs, fragrances, or chlorine, and are available in regular, large, and overnight sizes.


  • Made using 100% certified organic cotton
  • Has an absorbent core
  • Is hypoallergenic, breathable, and has soft sheets for good airflow
  • Offers a leak locker technology that traps the fluids and moisture
  • As per medical advice, they are safe for all skin types
  • Has wings to hold the pad in place


  • Is super stiff for some women
  • The absorbency might not be good enough

9) U By Kotex Fitness Ultra Thin Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

U By Kotex Fitness Ultra Thin Pads

These best postpartum pads from U are designed for women who wish to get into a moderate postpartum workout. These pads feature to be thin, have Flexi wings, and are individually packed in vibrant prints that come in a pretty drawstring pack.


  • Offers moisture-wicking feature
  • Has unique wings to protect from leakage
  • Locks in the wetness
  • Are available in two absorbances – heavy and regular
  • Are lotion and fragrance-free


  • Might not be quite absorbent

10) Organyc's 100% Certified Organic Cotton Feminine Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Organyc's 100% Certified Organic Cotton Feminine Pads

Made using organic cotton, these pads offer a wide range of hygiene needs to beauty care. They feature to be free of chlorine, parabens, latex, fragrances and come in a pack of ten pads best suited for moderate and heavy flows.


  • Comes with an organic top sheet that protects the skin from irritation
  • Have wings to prevent leaks
  • Are perfect for heavy flows
  • Have a better absorbency
  • pH balanced for sensitive skin


  • These postpartum pads might not be great for overnight use as they are thin and light

11) Dutchess Cloth Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Dutchess Cloth Pads

Irrespective of the fact that cloth pads aren’t quite convenient, they are pocket-friendly and environment-friendly. These Dutchess postpartum pads feature a double charcoal bamboo layer, have a functional absorbance capacity, and come with wings.


  • Protects sensitive skin
  • Is ideal for heavy and overnight flow
  • Is washable, reusable, and sustainable
  • Is odor-resistant
  • Easy stain removal
  • Is eco-friendly


  • As they do not have any adhesive property, the pad wouldn’t stay in place

12) Natracare Organic Ultra Extra Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Natracare Organic Ultra Extra Pads

These Natracare organic cotton pads are made using 100% organic and disposable pads that are best suited for heavy bleeding and overnight flow. These postpartum pads are made using eco-friendly material, are free from plastics, GMOs, dyes, bleach, chlorine, fragrances, available in multiple sizes, with the ultra-extra pad pack containing eight pads.


  • Feature a non-irritating and comfortable make for sensitive skin
  • Have an organic cotton cover that’s soft and breathable
  • These best postpartum pads are biodegradable and compostable
  • Feature a long size
  • Are absorbent and odor-resistant


  • Are think and flimsy
  • Might not stick well to the panty as expected

13) Seventh Generation Ultrathin Pads: Best Postpartum Pads

Seventh Generation Ultrathin Pads

This is an eco-friendly, chlorine-free feminine pad that prevents polluting the waterways, unlike the other conventional pads that contain chlorinated hydrocarbons. These feature a natural material derived from wheat, are super absorbent, and free of dyes and fragrances.


  • Are soft and have a cloth-like top cover
  • Have a no-slip adhesive
  • Feature wings that help hold the pads comfortably
  • Are super hygienic
  • Individually wrapped


  • The cotton could bunch together as the pad gets wet

How To Choose The Best Postpartum Pads ?

In order to pick the right postpartum pads for new moms to use after delivery, you must make sure of the reviewed pointers as mentioned below while looking for the pads:

  • Its softness – The perineal region tends to be sore postpartum, especially in the case of a c-section, therefore, picking the pads that are soft and comfortable or ones with mesh stitches, are considered to be ideal pads
  • The absorbency – Choose a highly absorbent pad in order to reduce any chances of leakage and cause irritation. Try and quickly read through the reviews of the pads and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Shape and the size – During the initial days, one might need large maternity pads and a much smaller one as and when the time passes by. Therefore, even with the flow, make sure to pick the right one to protect your clothing from leaks.
  • The material – Due to the demand and need for these postpartum pads they are designed across different materials. So, choose one that you would like to use in the first place, is it one that’s natural, unscented, reusable, disposable, scented, etc.

Best Postpartum Pads FAQs

1) What are the best pads to use after giving birth ?

  • Stayfree Ultra Thin.
  • Always Maxi
  • Dutchess Cloth Pads
  • Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads
  • Medline Perineal Cold Packs
  • Always Discreet Boutique Incontinence Underwear
  • Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Pads
  • Thinx Super Hi-Waist
  • Note - For more options and details, check the article above

    2) Why do you need pads after giving birth ?

    Post-birth, a mom experiences postpartum bleeding also known as lochia, this is where the postpartum pads come into play. The blood is discharged from where the placenta was attached when carrying the baby in both cases, vaginal or cesarean birth.

    3) What postpartum supplies do I need ?

    Here is a list of the postpartum supplies a mother needs to help soothe the soreness:
  • A squirt bottle
  • Gauze pads or disposable washcloths
  • Numbing products
  • Pain medicine
  • A sitz bath
  • Ice packs
  • Tucks pads
  • A donut pillow
  • 4) How many pads will I need postpartum ?

    It is recommended to have up to 150 to 200 postpartum pads in hand, as the flow could get heavy unexpectedly. On the other hand, if you fear purchasing too many, one can always use them for regular periods too.

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