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Top 8 Best Maternity Belts Of 2024 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Pregnancy, while a beautiful and priceless experience, let’s face it, can also become quite challenging and painful for some women. A maternity belt, during pregnancy, offers an all-rounder belly, hip, and back support in order to make one feel much more comfortable by alleviating pains during pregnancy.

A pregnancy lasts for as long as 40 weeks which is, if you think, almost an entire year of a woman’s life. This experience obviously can get quite uncomfortable because a woman carries an entire other human being in her stomach during pregnancy. Since the extra human being comes with additional weight on their own, it is common for women to experience a strain in their back, hips, pelvic area, and abs. Lower back pain and increased pelvic floor pressure are very common unpleasant discomforts felt by most women during their term.

By the time of a woman’s third trimester, the belly gets to its biggest and so does the intensity of pain. A maternity belt, though, is made to solve this pain. A maternity belt is a well-structured, supportive, contoured belt that wraps around the lower portion of the midsection offering compression that alleviates pain. Most maternity belts can be worn underneath the clothing and they are baby safe if worn correctly. It is always advised to consult your gynecologist to double-check the fit and also the kind of maternity belt in use.

Getting straight to the point now, here are the top 8 best maternity belts of 2020-

1. Belly Bandit 2-in-1 Bandit - $39.95

These belly brand 2-in-1 bandits are slim, flexible, and quite a supportive wrap for both during and in the postpartum period of pregnancy. It has a fully adjustable wrap that lifts and supports the belly, providing abdominal and back support that helps reduce the strain and alleviate the pelvic pain. Adding to that, post-pregnancy these belts help stabilize the pelvic and hip areas and guide the joints back into place.

However, the only downside of this maternity belt is that the velcro could get a bit stiff and tough, and also get loose after multiple uses.

Pro tip – “ Our physical health consultant recommends limiting the use of the belly bandit belts due to the compression day and night, especially during postpartum. This is because it could slow the recovery rate of the abdominal muscles. She recommends wearing it while waking for hours or moving instead. 

“Nevertheless, one must check with their Gynocologist of course but a pelvic PT will be able to do a much more thorough assessment of what belts might best support their needs and make more informed recommendations.” – Corrie  Maguire

Belly Bandit 2 in 1 Bandit Parenthoodbliss

2. Cabea Babybelly Band - $68.99

The Azmed maternity belt is a sure customer favorite with most reviews under their product. It is breathable that cradles the bottom of the belly, helping the hip and the pelvic pain, abdominal support, as well as the back strain. It offers mid-level support and is durable at just under $25. 

The best part about this Azmed maternity belt is that it has a breathable mesh front, and quite soft and comfortable when worn. 

Cabea Babybelly Band

3. Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt - $49.99

The Cabea BabybellyBand has great pelvic, abdomen, hip, and back support for our pregnant mothers. It also offers comfort to all the other areas that might cause discomfort during the whole trimester. The belt features two removable groin bands that go extra compression and support to the pelvic and groin region.

However, if you would like a maternity belt with a shoulder strap that helps relieve you from the back pain, it supports it. But, the shoulder straps are sold separately. 

Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt

4. Azmed Maternity Belt - $22.97

This maternity belt is effective, with many of the supportive features, and absolutely affordable with just under 20 bucks. It’s front is made from breathable, moisture, and heat-wicking material to help the expecting mothers stay cool and comfortable when they are wearing the maternity belt. The belt is designed to support the pelvic, hip and lower back area, correcting your fowl posture.

On the downside, the Babo Care maternity belt only comes in one size; that fits waists from 36 to 46 inches only.

Azmed Maternity Belt

5. Babo Care Maternity Belt - $18.99

Do you like staying active but have somehow worn out to be completely uncomfortable with the extra weight? Don’t worry! We’ve got you. This Gabrialla Elastic maternity belt helps you stay active even in your third and final trimester. It offers support and compression that support the stomach while stabilize your hip and the pelvic joints while you exercise. The best part about this maternity belt is that it comes with a back pocket attached, where you can choose to slip in a cool or hot heating pad, providing you comfort and relief. So, now you don’t need it shy away from your active nature just because of the extra weight. Get exercising moms! (We hope the exercises are done after the consultation from your gynecologist? If not, it is safe to do so!)

Also, this maternity belt is available in various sizes, to the maximum of 52 inches.

Babo Care Maternity Belt

6. Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap - $49.95

The Sacroiliac hip maternity belt is designed to compress and support your sacroiliac joints, or the joints that connect your spine to your pelvis region. It helps our expecting mothers relieve stress, pain, pressure, and instability caused during the trimester of the pregnancy. The Serola belt is made from a breathable foam that helps maintain a strong grip on your skin, helping it stay in place, even while you’re exercising your daily routine, also providing comfort. 

Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap

7. Ingrid and Isabel Bellaband for Target - $16.99

Unlike maternity belts, a belly wrap is designed to be worn and used during the postpartum period. They support your belly, hips, and waist post the delivery of the baby, acting as a modern update to the age-old tradition of the postpartum belly binding method. The belly maternity belt is to be worn during both day and night for about 6 to 10 weeks postpartum, designed to snuggle around the midsection, providing compression without impeding the circulation or the breathing.

Ingrid and Isabel Bellaband for Target

8. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt - $32.95

This Ingrid and Isabel Bellaband maternity belt is made from nylon and spandex that make the maternity belt soft as well as stretchy to help hold up your pants and offers gentle compression while supporting the midsection. These make great in-between pants when the other pants fail to fit your growing belly, and work well making it a perfect seamless and contoured under clothes belt.

These were the top 8 best maternity belts for our pregnancy moms. Are you also looking for Pregnancy pillows that would provide you comfort during your trimester? Parenthood bliss has a list of that too! Check out the best 6 pregnancy pillows in this article curated by us! Happy reading. 
Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt

To Conclude:

Purchasing the maternity support belt or the pregnancy belly band becomes really essential especially during the last trimester of the pregnancy, that is, the third trimester. This is because the back pain during pregnancy tends to increase as and when the belly starts to grow, or, when the baby begins to prepare in order to enter the world. Therefore, it is important to take necessary steps in order to prevent the increase of the pain, such as avoiding to lift any heavy objects, etc. 

Also, speaking of the last trimester, it becomes even more important for parents to start preparing themselves for the D-day. So, make sure you have checked the items needed, and have prepared the baby registry as well! If not, this is the apt time to start. 

Have a safe and healthy pregnancy term!

FAQs : 8 Best Maternity Belts Of 2020

1.Does health insurance cover the cost of maternity bands ?

Some health insurance plans do cover the cost of maternity bands in the scheme. It is hence recommended to always check the terms of your insurance to check if you can get a reimbursement for your band.

2. When should I start wearing a maternity band ?

Wearing a maternity support belt is not absolutely mandatory for all expecting women as not all women face pains and discomforts of equal intensity during their pregnancy. However, having said that, it is safe to wear your belly support band from as early as your first trimester should there be pregnancy strain on the body causing discomfort.

3. Are maternity belts baby-safe ?

Maternity belts are essentially designed and engineered ensuring that they are pregnancy-safe. However, it is always recommended to consult your gynecologist to get some guidance around the right way of wearing it. If worn incorrectly, it can potentially affect blood flow to the abdomen.
Dr. Abby Morris

Dr. Abby Morris

As a postpartum doula, Abby helps birth givers navigate parenthood in their postpartum period by providing infant and maternal care. She is also a sleep consultant for families who struggle with all thing sleep from newborn to toddlers.

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