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30+ Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girl In 2024

Table of Contents

30 Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girl In 2022

Table of Contents

At age 4, most girls, along with walking, talking, and organizing their side of the play, also start to learn and explore every tiny bit around them. Your little girl learns to do most things by herself, expecting a gift around that same line too! 

We understand it’s heartwarming to see your 4-year-old girl grow so fast and take care of things, but, what’s more intriguing, is answering the question, ‘What could make the perfect toy for her?’. Toys help shape the personality of a child and develop their physique, mental capabilities, and creative skills through imagination. To help you out with this, we have accumulated a list of toys for you to choose from, ranging from musical to creative to STEM toys. 

Best Gifts For 4 Year old Girl -The 2024 Hot List!

Here are the top 30 best gifts for 4 year old girl:

1. Gili Pop Beads

Gili Pop Beads

Does the little girl attempt to dig into your pieces of jewelry quite often? Here is the best fit! This snap-lock kit has 500 pieces of beads in 12 different colors, and 15 exclusive shapes, designs, and sizes. It comes in a pink storage box featuring a snap design helping the little one to design her necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The quality of the beads is high, enhancing eye-hand coordination, motor skills, imagination, and creativity.

Even a teenage girl would love this bracelet. Tap here to find out more such gifts for a teenage girl!

Amazon Reviews

Bought for my 6 year old granddaughter. Was hesitant to buy it because I thought it might be for younger kids. I was wrong!
She loves it and plays with it a lot. We all sit on the floor and make jewelry with her or she makes us rings and bracelets etc.
It’s fun 

Gave this to my 5 year old granddaughter and she really enjoys playing with it.

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2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse

This is a single and multiplayer dollhouse featuring 15 pieces of furniture, a working elevator, with a garage. The exterior of the toy has a natural wood frame and a wooden toy car with four poseable dolls. However, the dollhouse might take some time to piece together but that’s worth the effort, right?

Here are some such gifts!

Amazon Reviews

Got this dollhouse for our 7 year old daughter, and she absolutely LOVES it! When I took everything out of the box, it looked a bit overwhelming to put together. But it’s actually very simple! As long as you lay out all parts beforehand, and carefully follow the directions step by step, you’ll have no issues whatsoever. I put this together by myself and it took me about a half hour. It’s very sturdy, and the little furniture and people figurines are just adorable. Highly recommend if you’re wanting a long lasting dollhouse you can keep in the family for years!
Kari D
We got this for our boys for Christmas and they love it. Our boys love pretend play and I wanted to get them a dollhouse that was more gender neutral and not girly. This is well made, sturdy, the perfect size, and lots of fun! My 4 year old enjoys setting up the furniture and people in all of the rooms. This can be enjoyed for several more years.

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3. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar foam pogo jumper

This toy keeps the 4-year-old hopping all day with high-quality sturdy foam, making it safe and durable, used both out and indoor. The jumper can hold up to 250lbs featuring a permanent foam base, a spring, and a soft-grip handle. This helps the little girl exercise while having fun, builds hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength.

Amazon Reviews

We were delighted by a visit from my nephew and his his family. I bought this item for their 3 year-old daughter; I didn’t have any idea what she might like to do. She easily learned how to use it and grinned ear to ear bouncing around in our back yard. Then thought it was funny that her mom could use it, too! It says it holds up to 250 lbs. A great gift!

My grand daughter loved this and used it for hours inside the house. The squeaker did not bother me. One word of advice, wearing socks was dangerous, she slipped off several times. She never fell once when she was bare footed so you may want to have them do this activity with nothing on the feet. She used it all winter inside the house and spent hours jumping on the thing. Best winter item I could have bought! It was inexpensive and she will use it again. This item she took home with her. There was nothing I regret about making this purchase.

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4. FoxPrint Princess Castle Tent

FoxPrint princess castle tent

This tent makes a great toy for girls between 2 and 8 years of age with decorated hearts and glow-in-the-dark-stars. It is a foldable toy with a sturdy shock-corded fiberglass pole for easy assembly. The 4-year-old girl could peep through the window while playing hide and seek and is lightweight with a compact carry zipper bag for storage. The castle tent is easy to clean, simply use a damp cloth with soap.

Amazon Reviews

Daughter loves it, so much so that she plays hide and seek and makes my husband and I read to her in the tent. So that’s how I know how sturdy it is. My husband is 6ft 2, and I’m not exactly skinny, and we fit in there with her.

The only negative thing I have to say is the strings that are attached that holds the poles in place aren’t long enough to effectively tie, so the poles come loose sometimes. Other than its as described and im happy with the purchase

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5. Spelly Reusable Straws

Spelly reusable straws

This Spelly straw toy encourages the 4-year-old girl to learn new words while she enjoys placing the straws together. It features 44 interchangeable letters with 4 bases enabling the little one to create up to 300,000 words. Made with BPA free plastic makes it safe and easy to clean in a dishwasher. However, the little one shouldn’t stink them together too tightly, as it might be quite a task to pull them apart easily.

Amazon Reviews

My granddaughter was thrilled to get this! She started spelling her name immediately! The price is not bad for an educational tool, well made and colorful

Perfect gift for a three year old who has everything and their parents cringe at the thought of more toys!

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6. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

The Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch is a great gift for a 4-year-old girl, features 55 customizable digitals with an analog clock. The watch has 2 built-in cameras, allowing the little girl videos and selfies with the micro USB cable attached to help upload. It is comfortable to wear for the 4-year-old with a monster detector game included along with the motion sensor for the gaming experience. The best gifts always keep them on their toes.

Amazon Reviews

My great-niece had a fit over this. All her friends wanted one too. I told her she could not take it to school. LOL She loves playing with it and learning new things. I am happy she’s happy.

This is my second DX2 I purchased for my child, because the first one’s touchscreen suddenly stopped working. The watch becomes useless without the touchscreen. After researching other kid’s smartwatches, I came to the conclusion that these are still the best choice. My child loves this watch. I hope this second one will last longer.

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7. Think Fun Zingo bingo

Thinkfun Zingo bingo

This toy helps with building the language, and reading skills of the 4-year-old girl, featuring 78 printed images of words, a zinger, seven double-sided cards, and two levels pre-reading manual.  Zingo Bingo is a fun game for the entire family with high-quality components.

Amazon Reviews

This game is simple enough for an average 4 year old to play, yet fun enough to get the parents and older siblings in on the fun. We have had this for nearly 3 years and our 6 year old still likes having it in the game rotation, and the 13 year old and adults don’t mind either.

I have twins 3 year olds and this is by far our favorite game. We play as a family and my son loves to be in charge of the dealing/getting new pictures. Is so easy and fun, they can even play just themselves. I gifted this to my friends children recently and they also love it.

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8. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

GeoSafari Jr. Talking microscope

This is an educational microscope from GeoSafari Jr. that talks! It encourages the 4-year-old girl to explore nature with 20 prepared slides and 60 colorful photos. It features bugs, hair, minerals, and plant slides with Irwin’s voice, describing 100 different facts about each slide.

Amazon Reviews

These are awesome!! My toddler spends a lot of time with this! He’s three, so he isn’t able to move the slides for new pictures easily. Definitely something you need to play with them so they can change the slides.

Pop in batteries (requires TINY phillips head screwdriver!) and works as described. 4 yr old grandson took right to it. 6 yr old grandson did too – preferred it over the Nat Geo microscope I ordered for him which arrived broken. I definitely recommend this one. Colorful, fun, versatile enough and durable. Her voice is clear and loud. Ordered a 2nd one for the 6 yr old.

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9. FurReal Cubby

FurReal Cubby

This chubby bear is more than just a regular stuffed toy with its interactive plush. The face of the cubby has movable eyes, ears, mouth, nose, along with the neck and arms. The toy interacts when touched on the buttons in his paws, spoken to, or blowing air into the face. However, the bear makes only non-verbal sounds, including a treat, bottle, and a comb.

Amazon Reviews

I bought Cubby for my mother cause she had mentioned it to me during a conversation. She absolutely loves it. She was telling me how she never thought that she would get one.abd now that she got one she can’t put it down if I can put 10 stars I would and is definitely worth his amount.

Cubby bear is really cute. His fur is soft but he isnt the most squishy toy for a child to hug. He is also pretty heavy. He makes cute growling sounds, but thats about it as far as communication. My son is young and is a little scared of him and didnt have much interest. But I think he is adorable, so we will keep Cubby around for a while.

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The logs include a set of 111 wood construction logs, designed with high-quality maple wood, allowing the 4-year-old girl to connect them through the hollows. It has a roof, a roof façade, walls, a front pouch, and a chimney. The logs are made to precision with attention to tiny details, in a colorful, stained bright brown design, that can transform into a tall tower, two small houses, and a large cabin. Easy to clean and store.

Amazon Reviews

Packaging is nice. There were other sets by the same company that were probably a better bargain, but the packaging on this one is very attractive and it is a great beginner set. I wish they still had the long single pieces of green wood that made the roof as that was a real favorite thing for me to make but this set works.

My 7yr. Old grandson asked for these. I was thrilled because I know that lincoln logs are a quality product They are a great building toy and help develop logic and creativity. He plays with them all the time . I definetely recommend this set because it’s a great value for the money. Not only do you get enough pieces to build a little scene , but also they come in a handy tin that makes keeping them together a snap.

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11. Scrubbie Scribble Peculiar Pets

Scrubbie Scribble Peculiar Pets - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

th these Scrubbies, your little girl will be able to explore her creativity via the different colors, play pretend by bathing the animals, and start again. These gifts for a 4 year old girl come with four adorable critters, washable Crayola markers, and endless creative exploration. 

Amazon Reviews

Working shower when pushing the button. Comes with pets and markers to color. Washes off really well in the water, making it very reusable and fun for little ones. Great way to get creative.

I was very unsure of this gift for my six year old. I didn’t think it would work that well. I was wrong! It really works! It does take more water than expected to wash them well, but it’s so fun for her to use, and it doesn’t stain. I was pleasantly surprised.

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12. Critters Coding MagiCoders

Critters Coding MagiCoders - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

With these coders, the little one will get started with learning code, that too without the use of a device! The set allows her to Skye the unicorn who only responds to coded “spells,” gets her to dance or also chase her ball, and comes in a cute dragon form.

Amazon Reviews

Bought it for Christmas and my daughter has been playing with it every day since. There are so many spells available and the second mode is also very enjoyable.
We have yet to understand how to use the cards but she loves it so far.

This is so much fun and easy to use. Bought it for a 3 year old knowing it was a little below recommended age guidelines and they have no problems figuring it out and using it! Just as much fun for the adults as kids. We played for most of Christmas together with this!

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13. The Set Of Blocks

The Set Of Blocks - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

Take it from us, this is the only block set that you’d ever need. These feature shapes are best to build upward, come with sticks to help build the structure horizontally, have magnetic shapes and rods, strings that are threaded through the blocks, a ramp, peg people, a shape sorter, and much more.

Amazon Reviews

We bought these for our daughter for Christmas – she plays with them almost every day. She builds with them, strings, pretends to fish, all kinds of stuff. Definitely worth it!

I love this block set. I was gifted this for my sons for Christmas and I turned around and bought it for a friend for her toddlers birthday. It is a great toy!!

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14. Wooden Slice-and-Bake Cookie Food Set

Wooden Slice-and-Bake Cookie Food Set- Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

These are great to play pretend, help acquire fine motor skills, and also help them learn to count. It’s made using durable material, including 12 “sliceable” cookies, a knife, 12 toppings, one spatula, a kitchen mitt, and one cookie sheet.

Amazon Reviews

I gifted this cute little set to my grandson who is obsessed with watching his mamma bake . This set is so cute , durable and even comes with a hot-mitt . Be prepared for cookie tasting , fawning over how hot the cooking tray is and what a wonderful little baker your little one is . We loved it .
First off you can never go wrong with wooden toys and M&D products never disappoint .

I purchased this for my 2 year old granddaughter and she absolutely loves it! I love the wooden toys for durability. They are so realistic, she thinks she’s actually baking cookies and serving them. Melissa & Doug toys will last for years if you take care of them. I highly recommend buying this for your kiddos or as a gift for a child. I believe it says 3+ for potential choking hazard. I just supervised closely when my granddaughter plays with it since she’s under the age.

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15. GeoSafari Talking Microscope Jr.

GeoSafari Talking Microscope Jr. - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

As the title states, this is a talking microscope that features the voice of Bindi Irwin, comes in 20 prepared slides, and has 5x images that help introduce animals, household things, and plants to her. You can also switch to fact mode to enhance the knowledge, comes with two eyepieces, and has no squirming eye to learn.

Amazon Reviews

These are awesome!! My toddler spends a lot of time with this! He’s three, so he isn’t able to move the slides for new pictures easily. Definitely something you need to play with them so they can change the slides.

My 4 1/2 yo grandson really enjoys this. I love that it is set up so both eyes can look into the microscope. As a former teacher, I know that not all little kids can close one eye to look through a microscope or a telescope, so this is just a wonderful way to accommodate those kids. He loves turning it on and choosing a slide. The microscope talks to him so he knows what he’s looking at and tells facts about the specimens. Then he can answer questions about what he just heard. He loves sharing the information he hears about. This is a great little microscope for little ones.

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16. Pomsies

Pomsies - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

Using Pomsies, the 4-year-old can explore her nurturing and sensory play. These are great to play pretend with, let her know if they are hungry, happy, or sleepy, teaching her the art of emotions. The best part yet, these also come with cute accessories that the girl will not want to lose.

Amazon Reviews

Pomsies Patches is so totally cute and easy to play with/activate. It makes cute noises when it is on and my cat, Stormy, has been known to steal it a time or two. The fur is soft and easy to wipe clean and the toy is quite durable. Mine still works even after Stormy knocked it off the shelves numerous times. I am quite pleased with this purchase.

This toy is so cute! I bought it for my 3 year old and she now drags it everywhere with her. It’s basically like a fluffy kitty head with a giant long tail that can wrap around things. Kind of like a fingerling for your arm. The kitty has a soft fur texture and they each have their own coloring.The kitty has its own personality that varies based on how you treat it. It’s eyes light up based on its mood, and the critter makes cute noises too. The price is perfect and this makes a great present, especially for Christmas coming up!

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17. Get Well Doctor Activity Kit

Get Well Doctor Activity Kit - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This kit helps introduce the little girl to the world of doctors. With the set, the girl can play pretend, take blood pressure, play with the eye chart, measure the height and weight, and also enhance community play.

Amazon Reviews

This was a Christmas gift for my 3 (almost 4) year old. Both her and her 8 year old sister have spent so much time on it, and it is such a solid toy.
It definitely took my husband somewhere between 1-2 hours to put together, but the instructions were clear and it wasn’t difficult, just a lot of pieces. It looks exactly like the photo, just as brightly colored and adorable.
The little seats hold the kids without the unit shaking or moving. It’s only been about a month, but there is no wear on it whatsoever.
If you have the space, this is such a worthwhile gift – they’ve played doctor together, with their dolls, it was a vet clinic for a minute.
I’m so happy we purchased this rather than one of the smaller/cheaper options.
I found a set with a little lab coat and bandages that they have consistently used with it as well.

Took a while to put together but so worth it. My three year old loves it and it is made of quality strong material. She has both my husband and I sitting in the waiting room for our appointments. Love all the features.

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18. Plugo Farm

Plugo Farm - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

With Plugo, kids can interact with physical pieces of the farm to help navigate augmented reality. It also includes a foldable gamepad to dock a compatible device, farm-related accessories such as crops and animals, and a tractor.

Amazon Reviews

I have a 5 and 3 year old that we got plugo farm for.
Pros: the set up alone is exciting for them! They love the characters and the play mat and think it’s really cool that what they do with the physical animals is reflected on the screen. It’s also teaching them to listen and think about what they need to do next to achieve their goals.
This game is a great way to offer “screen time” that is productive and requires their involvement.

Cons: there’s a learning curve tech wise. Some of the pieces are a little touchy in how it registers on screen but I think that’s just something we need to adjust to as we play it more! It’s an exercise in patience, if nothing else 😉

All my boys have been enjoying this game together! (Ages 3-9) They’ve been busy building and managing their own digital farm! Together they’ve been using real figurines to work their way through challenges while managing animals, produce, and customers at their market. What a great way for them to strengthen their problem solving skills, planning, and time management while having fun nurturing animals and crops.

Thank you for making products that are engaging and educational for our kids!

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19. Tea Party Dolls Playset

Tea Party Dolls Playset - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This includes 25 collectible surprises and comes with a tea party twist too. It also comes with dissolving tea bags, fizzing “sugar” cubes, and teacups that open up other surprises. Get this gift for your 4-year-old girl today!

Amazon Reviews

My granddaughters love all the tiny surprises and activities. Very small pieces. Be careful with kids under 4.

Memi F
Love love love this !!! Such a great gift for kids ! Its a cheaper version of LOL! Dolls and if your kid loves LOL they will live this. The quality of the dolls and accessories are great ! Comes with a type of playdough so make sure they play at the table. LOTS of little parts !! So not for young children. My favorite part is that the teacup is a house for the dolls AND a storage for them when they are done playing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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20. Playstix Construction Toy

Playstix Construction Toy - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

Using this construction toy, the kids can now build houses and vehicles by interlocking grooved pieces. The 150 pieces are color-coded that makes them easy to find.

Amazon Reviews

The four year old is finding these blocks very engaging. Comes with a booklet of useful and make-able ideas. The only thing that could enhance this would be if they came in a container that they can be kept in as opposed to a cardboard box that won’t last the distance. Minor detail though. A quality product that I am happy with.

I bought my first set of Playstix 8-10 years ago. My grandchildren loved them so much that I bought a second box — and I’ve just ordered a third box! The stix are brightly colored and sturdy — I did put the smallest (yellow) ones aside when the children were very small. They have enjoyed endless hours of imaginative and creative play with this toy. Yes, things they build do tip — but they still enjoy building. And they discovered how to lock the stix and make toys (mostly “guns”) with which they enjoy playing. (There are directions in the book for how to do this, but they figured it out on their own:)

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21. Scissor Skills Activity Pad

Scissor Skills Activity Pad - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This is an activity book that is designed to help children learn how to use scissors safely. These include mazes, animal art, puzzles, sequencing activities, and of course, a pair of plastic safety scissors to help enhance their motor and cognitive skills.

Amazon Reviews

My 4 year old granddaughter loved this book! Features: color pages that easily rip out. Each cut out page “becomes” something – a game, a puzzle, a car, a snowman, a pepperoni pizza. Well done!

My son is 3 and starting preschool in the fall. Wanted to start some basic skills with him and this has been the perfect addition for us. The scissors aren’t sharp but still can cut. No complaints he loves when it’s time to bring these scissors out.

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22. Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts

Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

With Scuff-A-Luvs the kids are encouraged to bring the pet salon at home. With these best gifts for a 4-year-old girl, they will be able to manage their overgrown hair, trim excess fur, style the pet, and the best part yet – paint their nails!

Amazon Reviews

I bought this for my 3 year old. Her and my 6 year old son opened it together when I was in the other room and hair ended up everywhere, but it wasn’t hard to clean up. All around fun experience. It’s cute too! I noticed some people in the reviews weren’t sure what breed they got and I noticed the difference between them is the Yorkies have the tan color up around the eyes vs the other breed only has the tan on the nose.

 We didn’t get to wash it yet but my daughters love it! It’s a little messy, but since I’m a dog grooming business owner, it’s no different for us! They wanted to be like mommy and make doggies look pretty 

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23. Rattlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

Rattlesnake Jake encourages the kids to help boost their hand-eye coordination by snatching the gold pieces from Rattlesnake Jake- before it bites! Most families found it funny when everyone jumps and Jake struck.

Amazon Reviews

This game is definitely entertaining for all age groups, and definitely scared me. My kid and family had a blast while playing this game and was perfect for a present. If I had one complaint it would be the hat doesn’t stay on while it jumps at you.

I bought this as a gift for my 7 y/o niece. She loves games like this, and it’s perfect. Easy to assemble (batteries, put Jake’s little hat on, and place the gold in the middle.) It’s a fun little game to play, we even ended up adding more “treasure” to the pile so we could play longer with more people.

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24. Genius Starter Kit For Little Ones

Genius Starter Kit For Little Ones - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This kit was designed to combine fun and the experience of learning together. It can be easily operated using a tablet and comes with activities and games with prompts to construct the letters and shapes using the silicone game pieces, a base to support the tablet, rings, and sticks, more.

Amazon Reviews

We got this for my 3.5 yr old and she absolutely loves it! The costume and wiggle game are so engaging. It took a couple times of us sitting with her to learn how to play but after the fourth time playing she’s got it down. I wish it had an option to do more free play cause she could sit there and make up her own costumes or faces with the stick pieces for hours.

We got this for my 2 year old and he loves to play his “homework” I love the abcs game and his favorite is the stories we spend lots of time playing these!

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25. Large City Zoo

Large City Zoo - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

Large Zoo Kit is a unique gift for a 4-year-old girl that includes more than 200 pieces with 6 people, 2 giraffes, 6 penguins, and a pelican. There’s nothing more that your munchkin will love than a large city zoo right in their room.

Amazon Reviews

I would most definitely recommend this Playmobil “Petting Zoo” Playset. It’s full of cute animals and accessories too. Easy to assemble. The feed bag vending machine is really neat! I got this for my nephew he enjoyed it.

I got this for my grandsons fifth birthday. I got a couple of the enclosures (that have to buy separately) for him as well, and he has played with them alot! He did need a bit of help putting it together the first time.

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26. Drill & Design Bolt Buddies

Drill & Design Bolt Buddies - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This is the best gift for a 4-year-old girl for enhancing hands-on STEM learning. It includes a battery-operated drill for the kids to disassemble and reassemble the rocket ship, a recycling truck, a race car, and 2 figures included with each set.

Amazon Reviews

This toy is about as close to perfect as you can get. It’s a STEM toy without trying too hard to be, if that makes sense.

It’s easy enough for my almost-three-year old to use the drill and tighten/loosen the screws, but it’s still challenging enough to require adult assistance to assemble, which makes it a great together-time toy.

The box converts to a space station (genius) so you are getting a whole lot of toy without so much plastic.

The set comes with an astronaut and a space pup, both of which fasten to the inside of the rocket for those erratic toddler-fueled flights to the moon.

Great toy.

This is an excellent rocket ship toy. My 3-5 yr old students love building and taking apart the rocket ship bolts and parts. Great for eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, following directions, sharing among other things. I highly recommend this toy 

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27. Fuzzikins Cottontail Craft Pop-Up Book Playset

Fuzzikins Cottontail Craft Pop-Up Book Playset - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This cottage playset is best for instant play and can be folded away for easy storage. It features 4 rooms, a plastic fence, a garden, and washable felt tip pens with stickers to help decorate the house.

Amazon Reviews

Loved that she plays with it constantly ..she’s 4 and loves the bunnies.
Completely entertaining for her.
Well thought out by the creator.
Very nice gift item

This was a gift for an 8 year old girl and it was enthusiastically received. Only bummed because the price went down right after I purchased. Still worth it to see her excitement.

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28. Creative Classic Brick Box Kit

Creative Classic Brick Box Kit - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This is a large classic creative kit that serves as a starter set for the little ones with big imaginations. The set includes 790+ pieces, 33 colored bricks, 8 kinds of windows and doors, 2 green baseplates, and 6 toy tires to bring her imagination to life.

Amazon Reviews

Love to build Lego projects with my Grandson. This set gives you way more creative opportunities than the specific kits that build a certain thing – although we have a ton of those too – but once made we don’t take them apart. This set is perfect for building, deconstructing and building something else. The quality of Lego products is nothing short of amazing. High quality, perfect fit always, and guaranteed fun! Set aside some time with your favorite kid and build stuff! It’s great stress relief for grownups!

We purchased this lego set for when our grandchildren visit us. They love playing with them ( for hours). In addition to the many things you can build with them, the package includes a nice plastic storage case. Nany of the other sets do not have the plastic storage case.

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29. Rainbow Corns Sweet Shake Surprise

Rainbow Corns Sweet Shake Surprise - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

This is one of the best gifts for 4-year-old girls that features a new Rainbowcorn character, 15 layers of sweet surprises, and a DIY slime mix that comes with a recipe card with instructions to follow with parental guidance. They can also talk back to you, sing, and repeat what you say.

Amazon Reviews

WOW! Great gift. Value of money! It repeats very well! I would consider buying these cuties!

My little 5 yr old loved getting this for Christmas. It is a very cute toy that is so soft, and adorable. And it was a surprise to me that it talked or repeats what you say too.

The package received on time; had no issues w/the sender!

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30. Marisol Fashion Doll

Marisol Fashion Doll - Best Gifts For 4-Year-old Girl

Marisol Fashion Doll comes with bright red hair with bold fashions. In line with the Fresh Dolls line also known as dolls with realistic face sculpts and real hair textures.

Amazon Reviews

I’m a doll collector, and I am very impressed with this doll.
I’ll start off by saying that quality control is on point. No manufacturing errors whatsoever from the one I received. The dress is lined with a thick quality material on the inside but remains lightly textured on the outside with no fraying. Her face paint is very cute, it gives slight evil queen vibes in the most glamorous way. Fully articulated at the shoulder, elbow, neck, hip, and knees. Hair can come out with no gel and no bald spots (phew!) Although it is lightly rooted for styling reasons-not too much though that it ruins the doll. Overall, I highly recommend buying her either for a collector, for someone who likes dolls or for a child.

I had to order a couple of these because they didn’t look like any I have ever seen on here. I am so happy I did! They are beautiful and so cool! I can’t wait for my granddaughter to see them. She will go crazy. I highly recommend. Thank you so much for the great packaging.
Stay safe and Healthy!
Linda 🙂

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31. A Bouncy Seat

A Bouncy Seat

The Waliki Hopper lets youngsters bounce around with excitement if they have extra energy, and it also serves as a comfortable seat for people who want to rock and wiggle even while they’re sitting motionless. The Waliki Hopper functioned as a sensory-friendly seat for story time and other activities for my eldest son, who has autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder. He was able to rock and bounce to keep attentive and focused well into his middle school years. The Hopper, which is constructed of thick rubber instead of a yoga ball, which is normally composed of vinyl, has lasted years of indoor and outdoor use. There is a hand pump available. 

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My 5-year-old grandson plays with this daily. I remember as a child having the red, heavy-duty, thick ones and traveled all over the yard and decided to see if my grands would enjoy them. They have and it is great exercise for them.
I purchased this as a present for my 2 year old Godson. It was easy to inflate and he loved bouncing all over the place with it. He face planted a few times but it definitely worked on his balancing skills. He also realized it is a good club for dear old dad. I don’t know what I like about it more now, bouncing off the floor or my friend’s head.

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32. What A charade

What A charade

Nothing beats a classic game of Charades when you need to entertain a diverse group of ages. To play Charades, you don’t actually need anything more than your imagination (and an attentive audience), but Pressman Charades for Kids surely aids in getting the game started. The set includes 150 cards, an optional dice for choosing which clue to play out, and an hourglass timer. There are three tiers of hints available for each card: With the exception of the easiest, which is represented just by an image (such as a kitten or a bee), the other two are more challenging (eating spaghetti and hanging a picture).

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This game is fun and funny with little kids who can’t read. It’s a great way to teach them how to not be shy and encourage them to act out the top picture on each card. We have played this many times with 3 people and 6 people, and it is just a very great game to play and can be short or long. It’s the best one I’ve seen for kids. A big hit and one of our favorites. Ages of kids we played with were 3-6. When the adults act out the harder ones, the kids might not be able to guess but they still have fun.

We played this for the first time yesterday. Our five-year-old granddaughter loved it. She did surprisingly well acting the pictures out as she can’t read yet. We did make some allowances such as the word was chair but she said “sitting” was correct. And we guessed “cutting” for the saw and she said that was correct. Our three-year-old grandson wanted to play, too, of course, and he was just thrilled when he looked at the picture and said the word like “camel.” He didn’t quite get the nuances but he loved guessing what other people were acting out! Hope they make expansion cards!


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33. Matchy Matchy Fun

Matchy Matchy Fun

This set of Mudpuppy Dominoes is a welcome twist on the traditional matching game made especially for babies and preschoolers. It is easy, affordable, and endlessly replayable. Since the dominoes are made of card stock, you can’t stand them up and knock them over or build the foundations of a Rube Goldberg contraption with them. However, they are large and robust enough for small hands to grasp, and they are created from recyclable materials. Reading is not necessary to play with them: Each card has drawings that can be matched up simply on one side and different amounts of dots on the other so that children may practise counting. Space, animals, and unicorns are among the topics. We’re a family of dinos.

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Keep kids entertain and asking to play. Plays on both sides, one more advance, promotes counting. The sturdiness of the card make them durable enough to last. Good travel game without the bulk. Even adults like to play. I have some that my children enjoyed, now my grandchildren play with that same set. I had to purchase this set for my grandchild to have at her home.
My 4yo loves that she knows how to play this game without being on a team with an adult, and the tiles have beautiful artwork! The domino dots are easy to count and see since these are so large and the 28 tiles are perfect-plenty to make the game fun and not so many that preschoolers lose interest early on.

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34. Magnetic Make Believe

Magnetic Make Believe

Petit Collage’s cute magnetic animals come with over 35 mix-and-match clothing changes, making them resemble a more durable version of paper dolls. Young children may use their imaginations to create new careers and identities for the bear and fox that are shown in the book. Its magnetic box, which serves as both a backdrop for the dress-up fun and a receptacle for all the little parts, makes it a particularly practical toy for lengthy car travels. Each animal may be clothed and put on a wooden stand to show off their new appearance. Additionally, Petit Collage provides a variety of intricate play scenarios, such as a party in a treehouse and an alien world.

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I bought this as a toy for use during road trips, but my daughter didn’t want it to be a car-only toy. We like mixing and matching the outfits, and the characters lend themselves perfectly to imaginative play and story-telling. Pieces are colorful and sturdy, and the magnets are strong enough to hold securely.
My daughter received it as a gift. It is gender neutral toy, very sturdy and we’ll make. I bought the same toy twice already for birthday presents and received great feedback.

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35. Wonders Crew Super Hero Buddy

Wonders Crew Super Hero Buddy

The advantages of doll play for young children in terms of social and emotional development are just beginning to be researched, yet doll manufacturers frequently ignore guys. The superhero-themed Wonder Crew pals were created by psychotherapist Laurel Wider to fill this void. Any youngster who enjoys engaging play and desires a companion to snuggle and look after will find the soft-bodied pals appealing since they come in four variations of skin tones, hair styles, and eye colours. Each doll is provided with a superhero cape and mask, along with a real kid-size counterpart, to encourage imaginative play centred on friendship, exploration, and empathy.

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Thank you Wondercrew for inspiring empathy with a perfect soft bodied children’s boy doll. I appreciate my son growing up with a doll and the wonderful skills of caretaking!
Bought this for my 6 year old son for Christmas. He hasn’t put it down yet. He sleeps with it at night. The cape and eye cover is great quality material. Worth spending the money on.

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To Conclude:

The best gift for a 4-year-old girl must help them enhance their skills along with being fun. The list compiled above has a positive developmental impact on the children helping them explore the world. The parents need to keep in mind the interest of their little girl. For instance, if your little girl likes dolls, the Melissa & Doug wooden dollhouse would make a great toy. 

FAQs: Best Gifts For 4-Year-Old Girls

1. How much can a 4-year-old count up to ?

Generally, a 4-year-old could count up to 100. However, do not worry; otherwise, neither of the kids have skills beneficial for kindergarten.

2. What are the activities a 4-year-old can do ?

They can run, hop, throw, kick, climb, and swing. In about sometimes, they will also be able to stand on one foot for more than 9 seconds.

3. Does a pack of colors make a good gift for a 4-year-old girl ?

Yes, of course! It is a great gift for a 4-year-old girl. However, make sure the kit does not have hard paints and anything that would be too strong for a 4-year-old.

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