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Your Ultimate Guide Of 42 Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Table of Contents

40+ Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl In 2022

Table of Contents

By the time a child reaches 3 years of age, they are probably prepping or going to preschool, building their learning and social skills. This is a time of adventure and a sweet space for trying new things, therefore, while selecting a toy for a 3-year-old girl, parents must think/choose something that interests their educational goals as well. 

However, we understand how confusing it could get to choose the best toy for their little girl, for which we have accumulated a list of toys to develop their skills across categories. These categories range from science and math, strategy to hand-eye coordination, and pretend STEM toys to educational toys.

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Here Is A List Of The Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girl:

1. BELEEV 3 Wheel Scooter

BELEEV 3 Wheel Scooter

This will help the little girl with her balancing skills and comes with the three rainbow-colored wheels inserted. It comes in three different colors; pink, blue, and purple with 4 level adjustable handlebars. The wheel scooter has a flashlight making it safe for outdoor and easy storage travel. The wheel long lasts till the girl is a teenager or 110 lbs.


Amazon Reviews

I was looking for a 3 wheeled scooter for my 8 YO (keep in mind shes 4’7, tall for her age) And apparently these are hard to come by. The packaging was terrific (box inside of the amaon box) I don’t think any older than 8 could benefit from this scooter (unless you child is on the shorter side.) The wheels light up beautifly. The bright pink color is gorgeous. There is also a back break feature on the back wheel, love that. Over all 10/10. My daughter loves it.

My daughter received this scooter as Santa’s gift . She loved everything about it . It’s so easy to ride this scooter plus light up wheels are amazing add . It was so easy to assemble . That’s her second scooter first was some other company and I can say it for sure this scooter is the best . All her friends who come by always ask her to ride it . Will deff recommend to all our friends . 5 star

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2. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

VTech Record Learn KidiStudio 1 Parenthoodbliss

Is the little one interested in music? This adorable piano helps the little one become a composer with 40 songs and sound effects. It certainly doesn’t include coding but is a beautiful instrument for the girl to attempt creating a real song.

The Kidi studio has a working keyboard to work simultaneously with aspects like teaching tempo, rhythm, and melody.

Amazon Reviews

Very easy to learn with many features to play with. Love the light up keeps to teach how to play piano. Microphone sounds great and is adjustable.

This was a gift for our grandchildren. The volume control was a must considering how much they love talking and singing into the microphone. This musical toy does everything you could imagine. After a year, they are still playing with it.

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3. Sinuo Girl Dress Up Trunk

Sinuo Girl Dress Up Trunk

Does the little diva enjoy dressing up? This trunk has lots of accessories, scarves, purses, and gloves for her to choose from just like a fashionista with everything to be a pop star, fairy, princess, and a bride. It also encourages playing with a group of friends enhancing her social skills preparing to have a fashion show!

Amazon Reviews

Got these dress up clothes as a Christmas gift for my 3 year old Granddaughter. She loved it and so did her 8 year old sister. Really good value.

My 2 year old loves this set and wants to play dress up all the time now. This was the best product/cost we found.

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4. LEGO Duplo Brand Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Building Kit

LEGO Duplo Brand Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Building Kit

This is one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girls that helps them enhance their building skills while enjoying their classic Disney characters. The set includes 70 pieces that build up to make a little Minnie and Daisy shop with a patio set outside. Comes with pastel colors generally enjoyed by little girls, bigger blocks making it easy to handle avoiding any choking hazards, and a rotatable sign for the shop.

Amazon Reviews

This was a hard one to find and luckily a seller had it here. The price was very good ($15 less than a used one I found online) and it came as expected being brand new. With her being 4, the pieces are easy enough for her to put the item together and rugged to where they don’t just snap apart with little effort. So far so good and she’s happy…that’s what matters!

This was a gift for our 2 year old great niece. She loves the Disney characters and building with the duplo blocks! Her twin brother received Mickey’s Play House, so they have a full set of Disney characters and they can build together or play alone.

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5. FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn

FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn

This little unicorn comes with a leash and makes sounds while bouncing with little springy tale active stays. The leash of the toy allows the 3-year-old girl to attach other connectable pets and has a white sparkly body, soft pink horn, and pink hair.

Amazon Reviews

Its so cute and my daughter loves it. There is no sleep mode or off button it seems. Sometimes I get so annoyed with this loud obnoxious floof hourse that I wanna put my head in the stove, but my daughter adores the toy, and that’s all that matters

What do you do when your 4yo niece says she wants a pet unicorn? You get her a pet unicorn! This was the perfect surprise for her. She loved it and immediately wanted to play with it. Even though she had more presents to open. She was ecstatic and I keep my title of best aunt ever.

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6. Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

It is fun learning no mess toy that encourages the 3-year-old to practice shaping while she squishes her fingers into the form. All she needs to do is form the form in the shape shown on the display cards.

It comes with 8 color non-toxic forms and 13 double-sided letter cards, promising no mess, no stick, and no drying out.

Amazon Reviews

I bought this for my autistic niece
The sensory and visual helps her a lot
A great tool to help her learn and keep her calm when over stimulated

Love, love, love playfoam!!! I love that it never dries out, and it’s less messy than playdough. As a school occupational therapist, I love using playfoam with my students. It’s a great multi-sensory medium for play and learning. I love the durable letter cards that follow proper letter formation sequencing with arrows and numbers to help kids learn how to form letters. I can have my students use different colors to reinforce different parts of forming letters. The fun colors also are very appealing to my students…overall, a great product that is very popular with my students.

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7. Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Best Gifts for 3-year-old Girl

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift Set

It is a huge set with an entire house with everything so tiny and cute. This set includes a mommy and daughter rabbit family, oven and kitchen accessories, a piano, bed, table, and chairs. The 3-year-old will love the lights with furniture and little rabbits all around the house reminding the peter rabbit story!

Amazon Reviews

I am absolutely in love with this Critters house! It’s so cute and detailed, very impressive, worth every dollar. I believe this is a much better alternative than a Barbie house.
I dont want my daughter to eventually compare her body to a Barbie doll. Amyways, my 2.5 year old daughter loves this house just as much as me, and I bought this for her to continue to apply her fine motor skills and imaginative play with the Critters that I bought for it. This house came with a Mama Bunny and a girl bunny, she already had a white kitty family with a Dad, mom, brother and sister. This is such a wonderful gift for a birthday, Christmas, or Easter. I would say that 2.5 is possibly the youngest age appropriate for this and possibly till 9 years old.

This doll house was easy to assemble, it’s sturdy, and super cute!! The lights are such a nice touch. And the detailing is really nice. I think it was worth the money I paid.

The only problem I have is that (3) of the (small) railing pieces were missing when I unpacked everything. It would be really great if the Calico Critter people would send them to me! I’m not going to send back the whole house for the small pieces and yet I paid for everything to be in the box. So if anyone is reading this who’s in charge of customer service, you could make one customer very happy by sending those three little pieces that I paid for.
I really love my little house, so thank you!

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8. Wooden Wonders Miss Beech’s Beauty Bag Wood Pretend Make-up Play Set

Wooden Wonders Miss Beech’s Beauty Bag Wood Pretend Make-up Play Set

Do you usually find your 3-year-old girl applying makeup all over her face? Don’t worry! This makeup set is all just for her that creates no mess. It is adorable, made of wood, and has an aqua theme including a portable makeup container, nail polish, powder, blush, perfume, and lipstick; one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girl!

Amazon Reviews

Love love love this! Bought for my daughters 4th bday. She and her twin brother have played with everyday since she got. Love the wood. Great quality and love that she can put all the make up on she wants without making a mess, since it’s pretend! Would highly recommend! Other reviews had said that the paint had a strong smell, which made me question buying, however it had no smell at all.

What a fantastic set of play makeup! It all wood and super cute. My two year old granddaughter Loves it! I’m thinking about buying a second set for our house.

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9. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

This medical kit promotes the 3-year-old girl to understand the importance of empathy, personal care, and health as she performs them herself. The little doctor could perform her daily checkup without stepping out with the stuffed animals as her patience. It includes 7 pieces for the checkup, a stethoscope, otoscope, syringe, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, bandage, and a doctor’s bag.

Amazon Reviews

This is an excellent toy for preschoolers who love to engage in imaginative play and pretend to be doctors. The set includes 7 pieces of realistic-looking medical equipment, such as a stethoscope, a thermometer, and a blood pressure cuff, that are perfect for little hands to hold and use.

What I particularly appreciate about this set is how it encourages children to engage in role-playing and storytelling. It provides an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their social skills and empathy as they learn how to take care of others.

The quality of the materials used in the Fisher-Price Medical Kit is also impressive. The pieces are sturdy and well-made, ensuring that they will last for a long time and withstand the rough-and-tumble play that preschoolers are known for.

Overall, I highly recommend the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, 7-Piece Doctor Role-Play Set for any parent looking for a fun, educational, and high-quality toy that their child will enjoy for years to come.

I got this kit to go with a nurse costume I have. It really added to my costume and was so much fun to play around with. I highly suggest buying this kit!

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10. Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House

Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House

The volcano house is 15 inches with stuffed dinosaurs of six inches each made with high-quality soft bright-colored soft fabric. The 3-year-old can carry this cute toy in hand using the loop at the top. It comes with a plush dino volcano with five dinosaurs that can sleep inside the volcano too, all thanks to the handy zipper.

Amazon Reviews

Very cute, well made, attractive assortment of dinosaurs with a case to put them in – good luck with that! A big hit

Got this for my 4 year old grand daughter. She loves dinosaurs, and these are very cute. She loves that she can pack all of them up and take it with her everywhere she goes. She has played with it nonstop for several days. Great toy!

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11. The Dough Project - Pack Of 6

The Dough Project - Pack Of 6 - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This toy comes in a pack of six and is made using food-grade ingredients, unlike others present in the market space. This dough project was founded by a preschool teacher and is said to enhance the little ones’ skills, is baby-safe, and is colored using plants.

12. Leapfrog, LeapLand Adventures

Leapfrog, LeapLand Adventures - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This is the best gift for kids, especially for toddlers. Leapfrog incorporates all, from hunts to berry gathers, be assured that your 3-year-old knows it all. Be it numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, it has it all! Simply plug it in a TV set with a kid-friendly gaming console, and you’d be good to go.

Amazon Reviews

This was a gift for my 4 year old and he absolutely loves it. It’s easy to do, not to hard at all! It is very engaging for him as well. He was very focused on all the cool things like the spelling and this has helped him a lot with his counting!

I was nervous from some of the mixed reviews but I’m SO glad I got this for my niece. She picked up on it quickly and I was then nervous it would get boring quickly/mastered too soon but different levels are more challenging and she has been playing it a bunch since Christmas and so far it has not gotten old not has she beat everything yet. I think it’s a great introduction to video games in an educational way and SO easy to set up. I love that it doesn’t require internet. Get the travel case too!

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13. Sensory Bin Sand and Ocean

Sensory Bin Sand and Ocean - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Get ready to dive your hands completely into this beach sensory bin that has soft-molding sand and cool water beads. Adding to this, it is also easy to store, has a lid, is the best pick for kids, also acknowledged by lab experts. This sensory toy comes with a ton of accessories that help develop fine motor skills.

Amazon Reviews

Granddaughter loves This set. Everything about it, she enjoys.
I like the fact that it comes in a big bin. Which keeps the sand and water beads contained and lessens the mess while she’s playing with it. The toys that come with the set are durable and fun for her. Even her 3 1/2 year old sister plays with this set without creating a huge mess!
Great purchase!

We bought it for our boy (3.5 years old now) and he’s been playing with it for the past 3-4 months almost EVERYDAY. He loves it. He talks about each “animal” and wants to read about them or watch National Geographic videos. He wasn’t interested with the water beads and they ruined it for him, because the sand got messy (muddy), so I throw them away and he was playing with the box again.

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14. Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug

Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug - Pets Alive - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This pug gets even cuter with its dance moves, shakes, and twirls that match the energy of the 3-year-old kid. This robotic pet offers 3 fun tracks, does 360-spins, and also has a few tunes inbuilt.

Amazon Reviews

Product took awhile for shipping but made it before Christmas. Cute pooping puppy.

My Great Granddaughter age 7 couldn’t quit playing with this on Christmas. She and her 6 yr old cousin played all day. Great Gift. Thank you it arrived on time and is a Quality product.

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15. Barbie Doll Extra

Barbie Doll Extra - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This “extra” Barbie Doll is a part of a new colorful and playful collection that shows off her unique style through fashion. The doll features vibrant colors has interchangeable clothes and comes with matching pets too.

Amazon Reviews

I purchased this as gift for a family friend. She absolutely loves playing with this doll. Witnessing her imagination run wild as she plays with this doll was well worth the purchase. I highly recommend this doll, especially considering the reasonable price. Five Star!

Got this as a gift for my neice who is 7 she loves barbie dolls and this one is no exception. She loves it even more than the others because it has style and its also matches her skin tone. I would definitely recommend this for your daughter or neice

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16. Numberblocks Cubes MathLink Activity Set

Numberblocks Cubes MathLink Activity Set - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Inspired by the popular television series, “Numberblocks, these Number Block cubes inspire your kids by bringing their favorite characters to life and teaching valuable math skills. The little ones are expected to piece the cubes together and follow the activity book for more educational fun.

Amazon Reviews

My autistic son LOVES Numberblocks show & as I noticed he was more engaged each day, I decided to check for toys. My first purchase was the 1-10 set (For Christmas) this was the ONLY toy he played with & was so sad when he misplaced number 7, I knows he was devastated so I purchased the set again & included 11-20! When I say he was so happy I could cry lol
My only complaint is the stickers wear & tear so he’s not too happy about that, wish there was extra stickers included or a way that the seller can provide to me 1-20 stickers

These are exactly the same characters as the show. It can take a while to set up initially because each character needs the stickers attached but it is soooo worth it!! My three year old loves them and is able to connect them by himself. The cards are super helpful as well. Definitely recommend.

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17. Bluey Caravan

Bluey Caravan - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This camper brings to life the fan-favorite episode and also reveals removable furniture with accessories for added fun. This includes the kitchen with the benches, table. cabinets, functional oven doors, fire pit, and food accessories.

Amazon Reviews

I got at 60% off ,so I got a very durable toy for the price . The box the camper came in is a plus I will be using to keep it safe . I bought it for grandkids and I to play with. Our favorite show Bluey

This was exactly what I was looking for to gift to my grandson who just turned four.
He and all at the party loved it.
Great product and great price. Thanks.

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18. World Farm Playset

World Farm Playset - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This playset is one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girl. Loaded with the Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand, it also has a plethora of veggies and fruits. The set also comes with two people figures, a complete food cart, and a horse that helps the kids with enhanced play. 

Amazon Reviews

My daughter loves this! Great for your money. It’s made so good and great quality too. I would buy again!

This was a gift for my niece and she absolutely loved it. Whenever she comes to visit,she always wants to ride our horses , now that she’s gotten use to them but all she wants now are toys of horses and when I saw this set, I knew she would be thrilled with it.

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19. Exploring Feelings Play Kit

Exploring Feelings Play Kit - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Kids in usual play fail to acquire social and emotional skills, and this pay kit is exactly that! Help feed the child’s imagination with both guided and open-ended play through the emotion cards, figures, and much more.

Amazon Reviews

This product has helped change our lives for the better! Our son has issues verbalizing his feelings and becomes frustrated not being able to properly convey what he’s going thru. The feelings kit has allowed him connect the facial expressions to how he’s currently feeling and let us know so we can get to the root of what he’s going thru. I recommend this to any parent who wants to help their child learn to express their emotions in a healthy way!

Great fun for parents and kids – my 5 year old is a very reluctant early reader and this took the pressure off playing with spelling and letter sounds. While intended to be for my 5 year old daughter, my 7 year old also greatly enjoyed this activity kit. The notepad is one time use – would be great if a replacement was available. The box is great for storage and can double as a road trip toy which is a big bonus.

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20. Rainbow Pebbles FunPlay Activity Set

Rainbow Pebbles FunPlay Activity Set - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

With Rainbow Pebbles FunPlay, math and art go hand-in-hand. The kids are free to copy the activity cards and/or create their own 3D projects, all to cater to their creative thinking while learning about colors, counts, shapes, patterns, and much more!

Amazon Reviews

My children love this they use it with the cards, water play, play doh and so much more. We stack, sort, pattern and create new designs. I also just read it won Good Housekeeping 2021 best toy award… Such an amazing educational toy for the playroom!

My daughters love this. They love following the cards to try and match up the stones. Great learning toy. Great quality.

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21. Doodle Bear

Doodle Bear - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Who doesn’t like to doodle anyhow? This stuffed bear is a revamped version of the original and comes with three washable markers that allow the 3-year-olds to draw fun shapes and designs.

Amazon Reviews

This brought back some sweet memories for my girlfriend. A childhood toy that meant a lot and a recent gift to her that meant a little more all over again!

At first we got this with a broken dried out marker and that was kinda bummy. But we got the pack of markers sold separately and it was a lot more fun then with just 2 colors. This bear is soft enough to cuddle asleep and tons of fun to color on. I washed it regular with no pillow case and it worked perfect. My daughter even drew on the mouth part, heart and skirt and it all washed off. Some of the doodles had even been on for 5 days.

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22. Large Horse Stable Ānd a House

Large Horse Stable Ānd a House - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This is a complete set, as a part of Schleich’s Horse Club that comes with an elaborate house and stable. The best part about this set is its well-constructed form, is sturdy, and easy to store.

Amazon Reviews

Daughter loves Schleich Horse Club stuff. The house is now the pinnacle of her collection. The dining table would not stay together so I had to glue it and the house wall piece with the tab for the water hose reel assembly was broken off so I had to glue on the water hose reel. Kids have to be careful carrying the item around too, if they grab it by the roof to move it,the roof will separate and the house will fall apart and need to be reassembled.

It’s very sturdy and the details are so good that my camera won’t focus when I try to make videos! I love the people that come with it and the stable is a good addition to the set I bought it in June 2020 and I still play with it. I see it went up in price. When i got it the price was $107 so buy before it goes up higher

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23. Colorama Board Game

Colorama Board Game - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

The Colorama board game is one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girls that encourages them to develop their skills and understanding of basic color and shapes. Here, the kid will have to roll the dice, and it will tell her what piece to look for and place on the game board, at the end, the colorful shapes are revealed. 

Amazon Reviews

This game teaches colors, counting, taking turns, and predicting. I bought this game for my children they were young and they enjoyed playing it. I bought this game for my nephews and they loved it. We played it so often and it held up so well. Pieces are well made and sturdy (unlike so many other games on the market today). Ravens burger products (including wonderful puzzles we have) are so well made. I just purchased this game again for my grandson. Looking forward to playing with him. 

This game is fun as a game, but will also keep kids or adults entertained just creating river, road, and rail “maps”. Each piece not only has various configurations of rivers, roads, or rails, but a unique scene or funny picture on it. Our favorites are the UFO lifting a cow, the unicorn in a field with horses, and the sea monsters in the pond! The pieces feel thick & sturdy and will not bend easily. With a 7 year old and a 2 year old this will be a favorite for may years to come.

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24. Blume Petal Pets

Blume Petal Pets - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

With Blume Petal Pets, the pets “literally” bloom from the pot when water is added. The kids can then collect the animals ( kittens, puppies, elephants, unicorns, etc) and trade or share the charm bracelets.

Amazon Reviews

Fascinating to open. Loved the trinkets and bracelets

I got a set of these for all 3 of my granddaughters for Christmas! I love there is 2 per order! My girls are ages 7,6, 4 and they all love it! Well worth the purchase!

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25. Mermaid’s under-the-sea Palace

Mermaid’s under-the-sea Palace - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

What better way to feed the imagination of the kids, other than a similar-looking playset? This Mermaid’s palace is luxurious and comes with a slide, a seashell, a bedroom, a vanity, and a royal throne with three mermaid figures. Also, these toys for 3-year-old girls are best for community play.

26. Get Well Doctor, Wooden Activity Center

Get Well Doctor, Wooden Activity Center - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

As the title gives it out, the toddler will act as a doctor and let go of their fear of actual doctors, cause we know, doctors are friends with doctors. This is a wooden playset that comes with a waiting room, check-in area, and exam room that allows the kids to familiarize themselves with all kinds of doctor appointments.

Amazon Reviews

This was a Christmas gift for my 3 (almost 4) year old. Both her and her 8 year old sister have spent so much time on it, and it is such a solid toy.
It definitely took my husband somewhere between 1-2 hours to put together, but the instructions were clear and it wasn’t difficult, just a lot of pieces. It looks exactly like the photo, just as brightly colored and adorable.
The little seats hold the kids without the unit shaking or moving. It’s only been about a month, but there is no wear on it whatsoever.
If you have the space, this is such a worthwhile gift – they’ve played doctor together, with their dolls, it was a vet clinic for a minute.
I’m so happy we purchased this rather than one of the smaller/cheaper options.
I found a set with a little lab coat and bandages that they have consistently used with it as well.

We love this. We put all the doctor play sets in it. My 2 and 3 year old have been playing with it every day. As usual melissa and dougs quality is supreme

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27. Mad Mattr Soft Modeling Dough

Mad Mattr Soft Modeling Dough - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This is a super-soft dough set that can be easily stretched and squashed into any desirable shape. This clay will not dry out, comes in different colors, and allows the kids to become as creative as possible.

Amazon Reviews

Love this stuff for my kids. It’s pretty easy to clean up, but I noticed with the green matter, it turns their hands green!

This play dough is really great for making shapes with cookie cutters which is why I bought it for my daughter. Also, it does not dry and it is soft enough for my daughter to play with. However, because of its soft and “sandy” texture, it is not good for modeling because shapes do not hold. Also, it crumbles quite a bit (but also easy to clean because it does not stick to surfaces, carpets etc.) Overall, I give it 5 stars because it it exactly what I had in mind, but with some limited use as outlined above.

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28. Stacking Peg Board Set

Stacking Peg Board Set - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This stacking pegboard allows the toddlers to acquire many skills and develop fine motor skills while teaching them how to arrange. The set also comes with a storage bag that makes it easy to store the pegs and boards.

Amazon Reviews

This peg board set is definitely worth the money! Fast shipping, great quality and lots of pegs! Yes the holes on the boards are a little tight, but it’s not so difficult she couldn’t figure out how to push them down and I bet over time the holes will expand a little because it’s a foam mat. I plan on using the command strips to secure it to the table when she’s playing with it. I made sure to examine all of the pieces before giving them to her.. I honestly think the pegs are large enough to let her play with them by herself, but it does say 3yrs and up on the package. My main concern would be her having them in her mouth while running. She really enjoyed sitting in her high chair and exploring all of the pieces and we both had so much fun stacking and counting them together. The drawstring bag was nice to have for easy storage after playing too. I honestly think she enjoyed this toy over all of the other ones she has, so I definitely recommend this! I will be buying another set for her friend’s birthday coming up!

Let’s be honest.. the goal here is for said parent to stack as many as these bad boys as possible. On a good day (the day of this pic) we got up to 45 stacked pegs!! (See sons facial expression of pure excitement in background). I HIGHLY recommend these little peg-a-Roos! Easy to stack and easy to come apart. Every toddler & husbands dream toy! —They came with two foam boards, 60 pegs (our goal to stack), stacking cups & a little bag to keep them stored. Great quality!

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29. Little Starter Kit for iPad

Little Starter Kit for iPad - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

All thanks to this starter kit, the iPad turns into an educational toy with ease. This is one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girl that helps teach the little ones how to spell, count, form shapes, and other dress-up and feeding games. 

Amazon Reviews

We got this for my 2 year old and he loves to play his “homework” I love the abcs game and his favorite is the stories we spend lots of time playing these!

We got this for my 3.5 yr old and she absolutely loves it! The costume and wiggle game are so engaging. It took a couple times of us sitting with her to learn how to play but after the fourth time playing she’s got it down. I wish it had an option to do more free play cause she could sit there and make up her own costumes or faces with the stick pieces for hours.

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30. Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Back in 2019, this became the classic talking and singing version of Mr. Potato’s head, the favorite character of kids and adults. It includes 2 sets of lips, 8 other pieces, and parts that can work with Mr. Potato Head.

Amazon Reviews

Kid was around 2 and suddenly became obsessed with mister potato head. So I got this and she was terrified and that’s not a bad thing. Item was exactly as described and worked flawlessly as a guard dog for whatever dangerous thing she was going for. Should have gotten three.

My son loves his potato head. He does have some other ones and we are able to switch out the features (just not the mouth part). I did rate this at 4 star and not 5 just because there is no storage.This potato head does not have body storage so we just keep him abd his mouths in a plastic ziplock. It would be awesome if there was somewhere more secure to place his mouth since thats the gem as the moving parts and they are removable (therefore easily lost). The potato head would not work well without the mouth. Its a cute toy though and my son loves it.

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31. On-the-Go Wallet

On-the-Go Wallet - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Does your toddler tend to reach your wallet most often? If yes, why not give the girl something of hers and be safer? This on-the-go wallet comes with a key, watch, phone, and three credit cards that can be easily tucked into the wallet for storage. This is the best toy to help her play pretend while picking calls and making purchases.

Amazon Reviews

This is wonderful for my 12 year old Autistic son. He was taking my purse and his dads wallet, because he wanted some cards of his own to buy stuff. But unfortunately he loses them and rips them up. But these are perfect to let him feel like he’s got bank cards in his wallet. We give him real money to pay for things at the store. But we have to be careful because he will rip it up! And he puts everything in his mouth so this was perfect to let him feel like a big kid! Im sure small children would enjoy this toy to great for pretending!

This was PERFECT for my 1 year old who is obsessed with all things in my purse, especially my flip key. The reason I went with this set was because the key flips out just like mine. I added a few keychains to his so it jingles. Good set for all ages, works on motor skills with littles (pressing buttons, taking things in and out of the bag, figuring out how to put the watch on) and will entertain for many years with pretend role play. All toys are good quality and I especially like that the watch and phone are wooden. Super satisfied mom/early childhood director.

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32. Replica Ball Vacuum Toy

Replica Ball Vacuum Toy - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Wish to teach the little one how to clean? This is a replica of the real vacuum cleaners and we are sure the kids would love how the colorful balls swirl around when working. It’s real enough to pick up small pieces of paper and has a removable dustbin in the back.

Amazon Reviews

Bought for my 4 year old because he loves to play with the big vacuum. He loves to play pretend so this was a great buy considering it will actually pick up some. It is a toy so keep in mind it’s not going to have the best suction. It’ll pick up lint and such though. He loves it!

So cute! My daughter loves this vacuum, the little confetti that goes around really attracts her attention. It also actually vacuums which is always a plus (not super strongly of course) so no socks or anything would get caught, but is helpful to catch any stray dog hair that gets missed. Takes 4 C batteries which I generally don’t keep on hand if they came out with a rechargeable version it would be ideal- all kids toys should be rechargeable in my opinion. Definitely worth five stars!

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33. First Rush Hour

First Rush Hour - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This is the best gift for a 3-year-old girl with a complete traffic-based puzzle that comes with 30 challenge cards. The kid will have a fun time figuring out the movement of the pieces to untangle the traffic jam and polishing logic and reasoning skills.

Amazon Reviews

Saw this game at my son’s STEAM night at middle school along with other games from Think Fun. We got this and Gravity Maze.

Simple enough to use, but challenging as you move through each puzzle. Great activity to occupy your time and great for anyone who enjoys these types of logic games. If you are a visual learner and can visualize solutions, these games are perfect.

Wish there were more than 40 cards. An app would be better for more puzzle levels, however the point of to engage the user outside of screentime.

Excellent game for killing time for kids at doctor visits, restaurants or any place as a boredom buster activity.

I’ve owned the Rush Hour game for a few years and have added the four additional card and car packs. It’s an excellent, non-violent game to play alone, but it’s much more fun to play with another person. I purchased this for my grandson, as he enjoyed playing it with me recently. The package arrived quickly and completely. The box says it has “40 new challenges” so I look forward to playing Rush Hour with him on Christmas.

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34. Miniature Dinosaur Toys and Accessories

Miniature Dinosaur Toys and Accessories - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

The best and most affordable pick, this comes with a bucket filled with mini dinosaur figures. These different kinds include Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus that will get your kid interested in nature and history, boosting their imaginative skills.

Amazon Reviews

These were a gift for my toddler. While we agree that some of the Dino’s have a hard time standing up on their own, and there isn’t as much variety as some might like, there are still plenty for categorizing, sorting by size, and just playing with. This set was a hit.

My sons are into dinosaurs. So I bought this on sale. It was a amazing deal and the items are amazing. They are well made and have great detail. The are amazing for any dinosaur lover. The trees r great for setting up and playing dinosaurs with my boys.

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35. Bianca Life Dollhouse

Bianca Life Dollhouse - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Dollhouses are known to be the best pick, enhancing pretend play and imagination. This set comes with 26 accessories, a picture frame, and a sticker sheet that can easily fit a real mini-size Polaroid!

Amazon Reviews

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36. Barbie Meditation Doll - Breathe With Me

Barbie Meditation Doll - Breathe With Me - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This barbie set comes with an extra articulation that allows her to do all kinds of yoga poses, and also encourages the kids to do the same, her five guided meditation exercises. The barbie comes with friends that are embodied with different emotions that allow the kids to identify the emotions.

Amazon Reviews

I gave this to my dad who has dementia and went to rehab for a broken hip. He likes female energy. She kept him company and cheered him up. The 4 calming recordings are so funnycute, love how her chest lights up, the little dog with moods is so cute, too.

Barbie Breathe with Me Meditation Doll is a nicely done doll with the bonus of teaching basic breathing techniques. Suitable for children, and for adults. I purchased this as a gift for an adult.
Much more flexible joints than what I thought of as a typical Barbie. Knees, elbows, ect actually bend.
Has some pre-recorded, audio, basic and simple breath exercises.
The breath exercises are short.
My grade, an A-

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37. Light-Up Activity Board

Light-Up Activity Board - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This activity board uses transparencies and shapes in order to teach the little ones what happens when you combine shapes and colors. The board comes with three washable markers, three “complete the scene” transparency sheets, 22 shape clings.

Amazon Reviews

6 YO girl loved this and plays with it continuously. Wiping board not that easy, but used a damp paper towel and seems to suffice.

I bought this for my 8 yr old grand daughter and my other two grand daughters (5 & 3 ) loved it as well. They had to help me figure out how to clean it, hashtag smiley face.

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38. Flash Card, Alphabet Affirmation

Flash Card, Alphabet Affirmation - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Help your kids practice their ABCs with the help of these cool flashcards. These have to affirm messages like, “A for Amazing. You are amazing!” and make the little ones appreciate themselves while also learning.

Amazon Reviews

My son is 2.5 years old and he loves doing his affirmation cards right after he wakes. It’s a great start to your little ones day and help them too acheive self love and greatness. Start while they are young.

My 3 month old loves these almost as much as I do. They really keep her attention. These cards are so amazing. I love the concept

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39. Amazon’s KidKraft 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen and Market Set

Amazon’s KidKraft 2-in-1 Alexa Kitchen and Market Set - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This kitchen set is one of the best gifts for 3-year-old girl that comes with two modes of play, one is a kitchen set that when spun around turns into a grocery store. The best part yet, it can link up to the Amazon Echo: which leads kids with kid-friendly recipes.

Amazon Reviews

I bought this for my 4-year-old granddaughter and she loves it. I was tickled at how interactive it was, even without Alexa. The details included in the design, such as a cut-in to hold grocery bags, the “beep” on the scanner when you scan food, and all of the screw tops painted to match the area they were intended to secure impressed me. My grandkids (7 years, 4 years and 1 year) all loved playing store and pretending to cook with the lights and sounds that were built in. I also appreciated that everything is included – the food, plates, silverware, grocery bags and even batteries were all in the box so the kids could begin playing right away. The only critical comment I might offer is that is took me several hours to assemble it because there were a lot of parts to put together, but the instructions were easy to understand I was willing to put the time in. I highly recommend this play set!

This is a very cute, sturdy and spacious little kitchen. The food is wooden which I don’t like and unless it’s got a magnet in it it won’t make the beep noise when you scan it so you can’t really use other food. The oven door doesn’t stay shut which bothers me but doesn’t bother my son. He absolutely loves it and for getting it on sale it was worth the money but if youre paying full price for it I suggest a different kitchen. It took us 2.5 hours to assemble and just some other little issues it’s not worth $140.

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40. Plush Doll, Princess Cupcake Jones

Plush Doll, Princess Cupcake Jones - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

This Princess Cupcake Jones plush doll is the star of a book series. It teaches the kids lessons along the way, for instance tidying up.

Amazon Reviews

The book explains in practical terms that will motivate children why it’s important to keep their room clean (so they don’t lose their favorite things). The verse flows well and the illustrations are gorgeous.

We bought this book 4 years ago for my then 1 year old daughter, She currently is 4 years old and still reads this once a week and is the ultimate fav book for her 2 year old sister. Easy to ready, and vibrant pictures

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41. Silly Spaghetti

Silly Spaghetti - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Silly Spaghetti allows the kids to twist the spaghetti strands into different shapes and clip them onto additional ingredients to make faces. The set has 13 pieces and is super fun to play with.

Amazon Reviews

All good

Love this toy

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42. World Modeling Clay

World Modeling Clay - Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

These modeling clays can be combined and blended in order to create skin tones for the younger ones and also do not dry out. Adding on, they also offer blendable crayons that make this a complete art set.

Amazon Reviews

Good quality and keeps her busy

Have a beach house that grandchildren visit. Need to keep activities for rainy days. This kept them busy for hours. Money well spent.

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A Final Word on The Best Toys for 3-year-old Girls

The toys above will help your 3-year-old girl to focus on her imaginative play, memory, balance, and fine, and gross motor skills. Therefore, the parents need to pick a toy that will suit the best for their 3-year-old girls keeping in mind their interests. 

FAQs: Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

1. My daughter doesn’t like princesses. Should I be worried ?

Not at all! Every individual has their choice, and so does your little 3-year-old girl. She doesn’t need to be a little princess but would be a little astronaut, social worker, police officer, singer, or whatever her interests take her.

2. At 3 years of age, could I buy girl art sets ?

Yes surely. However, avoid kits like thick paints, foam, playdoh, and crayons as they are made for older kids and could cause choking hazards.

3. What criteria should I keep in mind while purchasing a gift for a 3-year-old ?

While selecting a gift for a 3-year-old girl, it is extremely important to keep in mind their interest and for toys that will enhance their skill sets. It doesn’t always have to be girly but if she is interested in them, why not?

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