Top 15 Best Electric Cars for Kids 2023

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Top 15 Best Electric Cars for Kids In 2021

Table of Contents

An Electric car is a toy that is affordable, fun, and is quite an inspired gift for kids of all ages and gender. However, with all of this, it is quite possible that there is a wide variety of electric car options in the market to choose from, from the cars that are self-driven to those that are controlled by the remote for safety, placed in the hands of the parents.

Choosing The Best Electric Cars For Kids

We at Parenthood bliss understand how difficult it can become for parents to choose the best electric kids car from the wide variety of options available in the market that might as well become quite persuasive.

So, to help our parents choose, we have curated a small checklist below that has everything you must keep in mind in order to purchase the best pick amongst the rest available.

Here are options for the best electric cars for kids in different categories in both off-road and sports models. Parents must look into the characteristics of their ideal electric car to know they are choosing the one they need.

Best Electric Cars For Kids: What To Consider?

Here is what to consider while choosing the best electric car for the kids:

The speed​

Most electric cars have speed from 2.5 to 5mph offering real thrills for kids. They are made with adjustable speeds and made to be friendly for the little new drivers. As the kid gets comfortable with the speed, they can choose to increase the speed in safe limits.

The battery life​

The battery life of the electric car has improved with at least a few hours of driving fun before you leave the car to recharge its batteries. Yes, the results do vary depending on its variables.

The design​

Given that the specs are important the looks of the car matter too. There are many inspired designs to choose from the off-road vehicles to pickup trucks.

Top 15 Best Electric Cars For Kids in 2022!

Listed below are the top 15 best electric cars for Kids in 2022-

1. Best Power Wheels Dune Racer - Best Electric Cars For Kids

It comes with a perfect open-top design and approachable versatility. The car is spacious offering a fun riding experience for kids up to two years. There are no side doors but its two metal sidebars ensure safety when taking a tight turn.

As driving on grass or gravel requires sturdy wheels, they have added large wheels helping it tackle small obstacles. When driving on hard surfaces, the speed gets faster and smoother.


  •  Made with an impressive design
  • Uses the 12V battery for hours of driving
  • Tackles all types of surfaces
  • Made with metal sidebars
  • Supports a driver and a co-pilot


  • No cushioning on the seats
Best Power Wheels Dune Racer - Best Electric Cars For Kids

2. 12V Car Truck Ride - Best Electric Cars For Kids

It is designed with large wheels that help tackle small bumps and supports a co-pilot down the road in total comfort. It is anatomically-shaped offering lateral support like a real car seat with a seatbelt attached for extra safety.  

The vehicle’s interior offers many options or young drivers apart from its modern steering wheel. It allows the kids to connect the jack to their devices for music. On the other hand, the exterior of the vehicle has a rugged look that’s available in black, blue, green, yellow, red, and white colors with LED lights.


  • Made with a distinct look
  • Features a working radio and a Jack input
  • Controlled by pedals or remote control
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Minimum assembly required
  • A reliable spring suspension system


  • Doesn’t accommodate an extra passenger
12V Car Truck Ride - Best Electric Cars For Kids

3. GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt Roleplay Vehicle: Best Electric Cars For Kids

It is made keeping in mind the realistic design with two working access doors that can be used by kids up to 3 with 130lbs of weight. The exterior of the car looks impressive resembling the convoy cars.

Its maximum speed is 5mph offering the sensation for kids with LED lights. If the batteries get low, they have an external plug for extra driving power. The car also comes with an MP3 Jack for kids who can plug-in their favorite tracks while driving.

The Roleplay vehicle has an added feature of a horn and an engine sound connected to its main battery.


  • Made with a realistic GMC design
  • Includes a 12V battery for power
  • Uses 2 access doors for the driver and a passenger
  • Supports horn and engine sounds
  • Recommended for drivers 3 and up
  • Made with an external charging port


  • Needs two extra AA batteries
GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt Roleplay Vehicle - Best Electric Cars For Kids

4. Black carbon SLS AMG Mercedes Benz - Best Electric Cars For Kids

The exterior of the Mercedes Benz looks like an SLS AMG that is available in black, red, and pearl white color for a sporty look. It’s interior with PU leather seating offering a comfortable and unique driving experience with wheels covered too. This unique racing-style has a seatbelt that makes the little drivers feel special and safe. They have rear doors with a protective floor mat and ensure safety from obstacles with realistic SLS AMG mirrors.

The SLS AMG Benz comes with a portable USB and SD card compatibility for the kids to listen to and have a fun experience.

It comes with a maximum speed of 6mph also available at 3mph controlled by the driver or parents using the remote control.

The kids can also drive this car at night with the help of the interior dash lights and with lights in front, back, and on the tire.


  • Made with a realistic design
  • Uses exterior lights
  • Compatible with USB and SD cards
  • Top speed of 6mph
  • Foam rubber tires for a smooth ride
  • Designed with a PU leather seat


  • Only has room for the driver
Black carbon SLS AMG Mercedes Benz

5. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler - Best Electric Cars For Kids

This is inspired by the classic Jeep Wrangler with an impressive design. The kids can jump in the vehicle too as there are no doors to worry about with enough room inside for the craziest driving maneuvers. It has a makeshift radio with pre-recorded sounds and a horn sound for a good experience. It can be driven on the grass and are manufactured with large wheels.

The vehicle can also have a feature of auto slowing-down with cuts brakes that are smooth with a maximum weight capacity of 130lbs only two speeds at 2.5 mph or 5mph with a reverse speed.


  • Made for up to two kids
  • Uses pre-recorded songs
  • Comes with horn sounds
  • Included voice amplified
  • Up to 5mph at its top speed


  • Takes up to 2 hours to assemble
Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler - Best Electric Cars For Kids

6. Kids Power Wheels Arctic Cat 1000 - Best Electric Cars For Kids

This car comes with an adventure profile and is attractive offering motivation to kids daily. It is perfect for small tasks around the house as it comes with an off-road built with a carrying capacity of a few small objects. There is also a mini shovel attached for kids to help their parents carry around the yard for sand, grains, or whatever the kids decide.

It has a carrying capacity of two kids with mounted headrests and is comfortable enough for long hours. The minimalist design in the interior combines the utilitarian nature with practical off-road nature.


  • Made with a functional tailback
  • Offers a 6 mph top speed
  • Included heavy-duty mini shovel
  • Designed with comfortable seats
  • Carries up to two kids at a time


  • No music options
Kids Power Wheels Arctic Cat 1000 - Best Electric Cars For Kids

7. 12V Power Car Truck - Best Electric Cars For Kids

The vehicle offers comfort and entertainment with supporting USB, Bluetooth, SD card, and iPod connectivity making the car entertaining.

It has admirable seats covered with PU leather offering comfort to the driver and the one extra passenger with seat belts.

It has high standard performance with a single battery charge up to 10 hours to charge making it the fastest electric car.


  • Made with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Comes with an included shifter
  • PU leather seats
  • Included LED lights
  • 10-hours maximum battery charging time


  • 100lbs weight capacity
12V Power Car Truck - Best Electric Cars For Kids

8. Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO - Best Electric Cars For Kids

This car comes with cup holders with an adventurous spirit of an off-road vehicle. It has seatbelts with pedals and remote control with large wheels for the best traction and can be driven on grass when outside with parents.

The speed is up to 5mph with a lower of 2.5mph ready for obstacles in the yard and reverses for a parking spot. Its speed remains constant when with a passenger with up to 130 pounds transported with ease by the off-roader.


  • Made with large wheels for traction
  • Carries up to 130 pounds of weight
  • Suitable for two kids
  • Made with 2 speeds
  • Designed with an onboard horn


  • Doesn’t come with a modern dashboard
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO - Best Electric Cars For Kids

9. Mercedes CLA45 Toy Car - Best Electric Cars For Kids

It is an electric car that is perfect for quick drivers around the yard. The design characteristics are considered to be a reliable car with an MP3 player and Bluetooth connectivity. The Mercedes has leather seats with a 5-point sports seatbelt.

The battery indicator on the dashboard helps the kids know how much time they are left with additional steering-wheel controls. It comes with 2 speeds and maximum power output of 5mph.


  • Plays MP3 and connects to Android phones
  • Comes with an included remote control
  • Built with a weight of just 45lbs
  • Offers soft PU leather seats


  • Only fits the driver
Mercedes CLA45 Toy Car - Best Electric Cars For Kids

10. Uenjoy 12V Bentley Car - Best Electric Cars For Kids

It is based on a unique Bentley design and is known to be the most stylish car with impressive luxury releases. The car can be driven inside the house and outside when the weather is nice.

It comes with windshield wipers with impressive interior design. The kid can play their favorite music through the MP3 files and Bluetooth connectivity.

It supports a speed of 2mph and 4mph with a forward gear and a reverse gear imprinting an actual car.


  • Made with a realistic Bentley design
  • Includes a gear shifter
  • Ships with a remote control
  • Connects to Android smartphones


  • Only offers one seatbelt
Uenjoy 12V Bentley Car - Best Electric Cars For Kids

11. Ride-On Jeep - Best Electric Cars For Kids

Looking for an electric car that is not only durable but also comes with the necessary safety features? If yes, then this is your pick to choose.

Gathering 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, Ride-on Jeep is also good to use indoors, adheres to all safety measures, is comfortable, has a lot of space, has a durable 12V battery, and is available in a wide variety of colors.


  • Is fun with safe speed
  • Comes with adjustable seat belts
  • Has three-speed levels
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has an MP3 player on the dashboard


Could be a little difficult to assemble

Ride-On Jeep - Best Electric Cars For Kids

12. Toyota Tundra - Best Electric Cars For Kids

The Toyota Tundra electric car is officially licensed by Toyota Tundra pickup for children and has great looks. It features a top speed of 3mph, has a 12V battery, and is a mini electric car with 4 wheel suspensions.

Adding on, it includes LED headlights, a storage compartment, a built-in MP3 player, lockable doors, and a reliable electric brake system.


  • It is a kid-sized luxury
  • Comes with a long-range remote control for parents
  • Has emergency brakes
  • Is safe to use
  • Can hold up to 66 lbs in its cabin


  • Could be a little small in size
Toyota Tundra - Best Electric Cars For Kids

13. Razor Dirt Quad - Best Electric Cars For Kids

Razor Dirt Quad is a comfortable electric car for kids that comes with a 24V battery, has a powerful ride-on model, and is best for school-aged kids.

It can easily hold two kids, operates via a battery that can work up to two days of continuous driving, has a large wheelbase, and adheres to safety measures.


  • Is comfortable to use
  • Can hold 2 kids at once
  • Has large wheelbase
  • Best for school-ages kids


  • Unsafe for kids under 5 years
Razor Dirt Quad - Best Electric Cars For Kids

14. Lamborghini Aventador - Best Electric Cars For Kids

This electric car for kids is an auto luxury and is officially licensed by Lambo. It features doors that can swing upwards like a high-tech sports car, has LED headlamps, a built-in auxiliary outlet, the kid can play their own music, and is also remote controlled.

It measures 52” long, 28.75” wide, and 18” high, is best suited for kids between three and eight, has a max speed of 3.7 miles per hour, and can carry kids up to 66 pounds.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with an upward swings door
  • Has LED headlamps
  • Is remote controlled


  • Could be a little small for kids
Lamborghini Aventador - Best Electric Cars For Kids

15. Dodge Viper SRT - Best Electric Cars For Kids

Dodge Viper SRT is a safe, adventurous, and all-terrain sports car that has rubber traction strip tires, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This car is a combination of ruggedness and durability, has good looks, comes with high-tech accessories, has a top speed of 5 mph, and comes with an FM radio for in-cabin tunes.


  • Can fit 2 kids in one time
  • Size – 58 x 23 x 33 inches
  • Best suited for kids between 3 and 7 years
  • Has all-terrain rubber traction tires



  • Not suitable for small kids
Dodge Viper SRT - Best Electric Cars For Kids

That’s all folks! These were the top 15 picks for the best electric cars for kids. However, if you are looking for the best building toys for kids, this is what you might refer to, the best picks from your very own website, Parenthood bliss. Let us know how you find them!

Final Conclusion :

While you’re busy selecting a kid’s electric car, you must also keep in mind to consider a car that not only entertains the baby but also is educational. This means the electric cars must teach the children about the causes and effects that come under physics explaining the working of cars to the kids who might seem interested in it, either in the present or the near future. Keeping all of this in mind, Parenthood bliss has curated the article above with the best picks for you to choose from. Make sure it’s safe while providing the younger drivers with the most enriching experience.

Best Electric Cars For Kids FAQs

1. Can kids drive the electric car on their own ?

Yes of course! These electric cars for kids are specially designed to be safe and driven independently. Adding onto that, to make sure they are controlled by the parents, these electric cars for kids are remote controls and would require the parent’s support and guidance.

2. Do these kids' electric cars have safety features in them?

Yes, they do. While designing and building electric cars, the company makes it a point to keep in mind the safety of the kids. They have insulated mini seats and safety belts that keep the kids in place while driving and also have functional doors that make sure the kids are safe inside the car while they take turns.

3. Is it ok to use these electric cars when it's raining?

An absolute yes! These electric cars are mostly convertible cars that make sure the kids are safe inside, avoiding them from getting wet in the rain. However, irrespective of it all, we recommend not using them for longer hours as it could be hazardous when the weather isn’t right.

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