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10 Best Baby Shoes of 2024

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The first tiny step of your baby is a big deal for you indeed, and as a gift for this occasion why not choose from the ten best baby shoes for your little one. This milestone in your baby’s and your life should be marked with a product that can make the moment last.

Uncomfortable shoes and footwear can cause serious damage to those lovely feet, so it is vital that you choose the best baby shoes for your baby.

A baby shoe will keep away dirt, dust, and other things that could hurt or injure your baby. Once he/she starts enjoying the newfound freedom, you will find it pretty difficult to stop them from gaining speed, hey it is a good thing so the best gift that you can possibly get them is a pair of high-quality baby shoes.

A good pair of baby shoes will definitely help him/her to walk more and will definitely help the overall development.

There is, however, an argument that babies should walk barefoot. Well walking in a good pair of baby shoes has the following benefits,

  • A baby taking the first few steps doesn’t need baby shoes but as he/she starts making good progress it is much better to safeguard their lovely feet with baby shoes.
  • A baby shoe will definitely protect the baby’s feet from any injury that could be otherwise caused very often.
  • The belief that baby shoes are not needed arises when you intend to let your baby walk indoors only, a few days after your baby becomes steady to walk you might wanna take him/her to a park or say the mall, and obviously you cannot let them walk around barefoot in such an environment.
  • Putting socks on baby feet can cause them to slip often when they pick up speed, to prevent this you can choose a pair of baby shoes that can eliminate socks altogether., and hence you can minimize the risk of your baby falling.
  • Harsh climate can take a toll on your body if their feet are left unprotected. A cold floor is ideal for catching a cold if your baby stroll barefoot.
  • Walking is very important in the overall development and independence of your baby, and what better choice than a pair of baby shoes that engages them while walking, there are baby shoes that flash-light and make sounds.

10 Best Baby Shoes

1. Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star→

Suitable for both boys and girls these shoes come in five different colors that your baby will love. This brand is one of the best among many in the market. The make of this shoe is 100% textile and it comes with a good grippy base to ensure safety in slippery conditions.

This shoe has a rubber sole with deep grooves that provide support and stability to the baby. With such great comforts on offer, your baby will fall in love with his/her newfound freedom of walking.

This shoe uses double velcro for fastening it around the baby’s feet. The sock lining is made of soft foam material that will prevent your baby from having rashes. The canvas on this shoe gives it a classic look and overall it is an adorable pair of useful shoes.


  1. Available in 5 different colors to choose from.
  2. This brand is one of the best in its class.
  3. This shoe has a sock lining made of soft foam which ensures great comfort and prevents rashes.
  4. Very grippy rubber sole for maximum safety.


  1. Nothing came to our notice.

2. Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie→

As the next choice, we have selected for you an ideal pair from Stride Rite. Even though they might cost a bit too much, the quality meets the heavy price tag. Besides the rubber sole, this shoe is crafted in leather throughout.

When we say leather, it is of the highest quality as this leather is able to keep moisture away and will hence keep the baby’s feet warm and comfortable.

The self molding footbed and the contoured heel cradles enable the natural growth of the baby’s feet.

No wonder this shoe is so expensive, as it contains sensory pods on its outer sole that give good feedback to the baby’s feet.


  1. Made of 100% high-quality water-resistant leather.
  2. Very premium quality and comfortable.
  3. Comes with a self molding footbed that shapes the baby’s feet nicely.
  4. Sensory pods on the outer soles help give good natural feedback to the baby’s feet.


  1. Slightly expensive choice.

3. Robeez Girls’ Soft Soles, Traditional Silhouette→

These shoes from Robeez is an ideal choice if you are in the market for finding a pair for your lovely baby girl. One major problem with babies walking around in shoes all the time is that they lack the necessary sensory perceptions they should receive from the surface. This shoe is equipped with a very soft leather as the bottom sole which doesn’t compromise on protection but doesn’t compromise on sensory feedback either.

There are 4 colors to choose from and all of them are very cute and will be even cuter once your baby wears them. Being particularly roomy, these shoes give the baby a sense of independence and comfort.

An elastic replaces the lace and makes putting these shoes on a very easy process.


  1. Equipped with slip-resistant leather sole.
  2. This product is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  3. Being equipped with a soft sole, this shoe allows plenty of surface feedback.


  1. Not available for boys.

4. Keds girls Champion Lace Toe Cap Sneaker→

These white-colored unisex shoes are a perfect choice for all babies because this shoe’s body is made up of 100% leather and the soles from synthetic material.

These soles are very flexible which enables the baby to walk free and in utmost comfort. The footbed of this shoe is made out of memory foam and that enables the baby to walk freely as the footbed takes the shape of your loved one’s feet’ shape.

This shoe has a lace system and hence if your baby tends to take off his/her shoes while outside,  this shoe is undoubtedly one of the best choices.


  1. Very affordable for the quality on offer.
  2. These shoes are very lightweight thanks to the terrycloth lining and synthetic sole.
  3. Comfy memory foam footbed.


  1. No color options.

5. Josmo Boys’Ernie Booties→

Babies often tend to twist their ankles while walking, it is here that Josmo Boy’s Ernie Booties come in handy. With high ankle support, you can now relax and fear no more of your baby twisting his ankle.

Made out of leather, this shoe is a daily user. However, the safety feature comes with a catch. The high ankles will restrict your baby’s freedom while walking but it is a small price to pay for added safety.

Another thing is that putting these shoes on and off takes a little bit of time as it has a lace system. One thing you are not short off is in fact the choice of colors, there are a lot of colors to choose from.


  1. Has high ankle supports to prevent ankle twisting.
  2. 10 stylish colors to choose from.
  3. Affordable and no quality compromise.


  1. The high ankle support is restrictive to an extend.

6. Lidiano Baby Non-Slip Rubber Sole Cartoon Walking Slippers→

If you are more of simplicity and affordability, then this is a right choice for you. Since babies grow fast, shoes are number one on the “throw-away” list. In such a scenario Lidiano Baby Non-Slip Rubber Sole Cartoon Walking Slippers will hurt less when you are throwing it away as your tiny baby’s feet grow bigger and you can rejoice on that.

Another attractive feature that appeals to the babies are the cartoon figures, 12 of them to be exact, on this shoes to choose from. There are different size options as well. The make of these shoes is a mix of artificial leather and rubber.

The velcro closure system on this shoe enables your baby to take it off himself/herself. These shoes come for both boys and girls and don’t compromise on quality at all.


  1. Very affordable.
  2. Artificial leather and rubber make.
  3. Soft material gives comfort and convenience for your baby


  1. Nothing we can trace.

7. Baby Deer High Top Leather First Walker→

Our 7th choice is a pair of leather baby walking shoes. To speak of the design of this shoe and its make, it is made of crepe sole and it has a shaft that measures three inches from the arch. Even though these are a pair of fashionable shoes you can have the choice of color as long as it is white.

This shoe is suitable for both boys and girls. A handy safety feature that stands apart in this shoe is its grip. A baby can walk safely even on slopes thanks to the grip of Baby Deer High Top Leather First Walker.

A lace based closure system has its own advantages and disadvantages. This shoe falls in the mid-range by price and is reliable as well.


  1. Ankle support thanks to the high top.
  2. 100% leather make.
  3. Very grippy rubber sole.


  1. No color options available.

8. Kuner Baby Boys Girls Cotton Rubber Sloe Outdoor Sneakers→

Kuner is at 8th on our list. These are ideal outdoor sneakers and comes in a variety of designs 16 to be exact. These shoes are made out of cotton and pass through a very strict quality-check process.

The velcro closure system coupled with an elastic ankle band enables your baby to independently put these shoes on and take them off.

The soft and flexible bottom offers comfort and sensory feedback for the baby. They are reliable, comfortable, and affordable at the same time.


  1. Soft cotton make perfectly suited for babies.
  2. A huge choice of 16 designs and colors.
  3. Soft-bottom with non-slip material for comfort, safety, and sensory feedback.


  1. Not the ideal shoes for rocky and uneven surfaces.

9. Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers Non-Slip First Walkers→

The non-slip sole and the breathable mesh fabric construction of this shoe makes it an ideal choice for toddlers. The ankle area feels like socks thanks to the elastic fabric. Couple this with the velcro closure mechanism, taking off and putting on this shoe is a “piece of cake”.

Babies often hurt their toes accidentally by hitting something, the toe cap on this shoe eliminates all the natural chances of having a bruised toe. With 9 colors of shoes on the rack this brand offers a choice to both girls and boys.


  1. Deign language speaks of sportiness and quality.
  2. 9 colors available.
  3. Top cap available for added safety.
  4. No more sweating thanks to breathable mesh fabric.


  1. Not the ideal choice for kids who are learning to walk.

10. THEE BRON Infant Toddler Baby Soft Sole Leather Shoes→

 If you are in the market for a pair of shoes for your lovely daughter then your search ends here. These are not exactly walking shoes, instead, they are bellies made entirely keeping comfort on top priority.

There are two closure systems available, a buckle or velcro system. You can from the two according to your taste.

These bellies go well with the proper dress and this will look stunning on your baby’s feet in a function or social gathering.

A very unique combination of a breathable insole and rubber sole makes this safe and comfortable at the same time. These bellies suit, not just frequent walkers but pre-walkers and the kids who are still learning to walk.


  1. 11 designs and colors to choose from.
  2. Affordable and good quality.
  3. Breathable insole for comfort.
  4. Rubber sole for grip.
  5. Velcro or buckle closure system.


  1. Suitable for girls only.

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