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11 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water In Pregnancy

Table of Contents

Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water In Pregnancy

Table of Contents

Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water In Pregnancy: Dehydration during pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms that most women go through. In a time that is already uncomfortable and distressing for the body, drinking water repeatedly may not feel like a good idea; especially when, in most cases, you’d just want to reach out to a glass of big cola. But again, carbonated and sugary drinks are obviously not even recommended for anyone; let alone pregnant women. Coconut water during pregnancy, in such scenarios, may come in rather handy!

The benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy have been far discussed and researched and coconut water during pregnancy is particularly known for its versatility and innumerable nutritional benefits. Coconut water is typically safe and rather recommended for consumption during pregnancy but just a little heads up, coconut water is rich in minerals like potassium which, if over-consumed, may cause high potassium levels in the blood (Hyperkalemia).

Having said that, at moderate levels, coconut water during pregnancy can be a powerhouse of advantages.

11 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water In Pregnancy

1. Hydration

Coconut water contains a huge range of electrolytes that are particularly helpful for women in pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, you are highly vulnerable to dehydration as most pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, and diarrhea dehydrate the body. Drinking coconut water can help replenish the 5 essential electrolytes including minerals, sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus that charge the body. Electrolytes, it must be noted, also further aid the transmission of electrical charges in the body, thereby supporting muscle functioning, maintaining blood pressure levels, and pH levels.

2. Provides Relief From Pregnancy Symptoms

Constipation and heartburn, some of the most irritating yet common symptoms of pregnancy due to a range of hormonal changes that take place within the body. Drinking coconut water helps find relief from heartburn and constipation amongst other pregnancy symptoms because coconut is Irish in dietary fiber that not only strengthens the digestive system but also helps enhance digestion, regulate pH levels, and prevents constipation. Coconut water during pregnancy also helps fight heartburn as it is a natural acid neutralizer.

3. Improves Heart Health

Coconut water, as discussed, supplies essential nutrients and minerals to the body including potassium, magnesium, and lauric acid which could help in regulating blood pressure. Since blood pressure and heart health are directly proportional, it also, hence, helps improve heart health. Drinking coconut water is also considered particularly helpful for combating bad cholesterol and retaining good cholesterol which overall helps improve heart health; especially in trimester three when the anxiety and stress of labor tend to shoot up the BP.

4. Natural Diuretic

Coconut water, since it increases one’s urge to urinate owing to the presence of multiple elements like potassium, magnesium, and other minerals, is considered a natural diuretic. A diuretic, it should be noted, is anything that increases the urge to urinate or to pass urine. By making pregnant women pee more, coconut water hence helps to flush away the bodily toxins and clears the urinary tracts. This also further helps to lower the chances of urinary infections, and of preterm labor.

5. Fights Infections

Coconut water contains considerable amounts of vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants that help boost your immunity and fight off infections. It also, in particular, contains a good content of lauric acid that accelerates the production of a powerful antimicrobial compound known as monolaurin.

6. Natural Isotonic

As a natural isotonic drink that helps boost hydration and energy when the body is dehydrated, fatigued to tired, coconut water is one of the best drinks to have post-workout. If you are a pregnant woman who is spending some time of the day working out in any form, be it yoga or pregnancy-friendly kegel exercises, there can be no drink better than coconut water to supply energy.

7. Low-Calorie Drink

As a low-calorie, fat-free natural drink, coconut water contains only 2.1 grams of sugar which are way lesser than most other energy drinks or sweet drinks on the market. Not only does this not add to your calorie count but also helps keep blood sugar levels in control. By drinking coconut water in pregnancy, you essentially ensure a diet low in added sugars and hence, also lower your vulnerability to gestational diabetes.

8. Helps Control Hunger Pangs

Drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps control hunger pangs by offering an instant supply of essential natural ingredients and electrolytes. Coconut water also keeps you from feeding yourself the other sugar-laden drinks that add to the pregnancy weight.

9. Potentially Helps Enhance Fetal Growth

As per a research paper released by Academia, “tender coconut water contains certain biologically active compounds and growth-promoting factors;” which, potentially, can help boost the fetal growth of your baby. This is also further supported by the fact that all the essential minerals and nutrients found in coconut water are known to help fetus growth and development.

10. Boosts Amniotic Fluid

Intake of coconut water, especially during the third trimester, can help boost the amniotic fluid which, in turn, also helps enhance blood volume and blood circulation.

11. Natural Refresher

As a drink free of any artificially added preservatives or flavors, coconut water is a natural refresher that helps keep dehydration and thirst at bay, without having to drink any harmful substances.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Coconut Water During Pregnancy?

There is no hardcore evidence or study that points to the side effects of drinking coconut water during pregnancy. However, as stated earlier, coconut water is rich in minerals like potassium which, if over-consumed, may cause high potassium levels in the blood (Hyperkalemia). Besides, overconsumption of ripe coconut water, in particular, can also cause constipation. It must always be remembered that even the healthiest fruits or vegetables in the world can cause harm if over-consumed and hence, apply the logic to anything you consume during pregnancy or otherwise- including coconut water.

FAQs on Benefits of drinking coconut water in pregnancy

1. How Much Coconut Water Can A Pregnant Woman Have?

A maximum of two glasses of coconut water is typically recommended for consumption during pregnancy or even otherwise. It must also be noted that the true goodness of coconut water can only be attained for, fresh coconuts and packaged drinks can only offer so much good over the bad.

2. Does drinking coconut water during pregnancy help improve the fetus's hair?

It is a common misconception that drinking coconut water during pregnancy can have your baby be born with thick hair on the scalp. In reality, however, there are no concrete studies or researches that back this myth.

3. Does drinking coconut water during pregnancy help improve the fetus's skin?

Just like there are no studies or researchers that prove that drinking coconut water helps improve a baby's hair, there is no proof to support that it helps improve the skin of the baby-to-be-born. It must be noted that the quality or even the complexion of a baby's skin is heavily dependent on genetics, nutrition, parents’ health, etc.

4. Is coconut kernel safe for pregnant women?

Yes, coconut kernel, coconut meat, or coconut flesh is safe for pregnant women owing to its high nutritional content. Coconut kernel is loaded with protein and essential minerals like iron, zinc, and phosphorus. Moreover, it must also be noted that the total sugar content of coconut kernel is much lesser than most other fruits.

5. What is the nutritional profile of coconut water?

Coconut WaterServing- 94.99 gmRDA (per day)
Energy19 KCal-
Sugars, total2.61g-
Potassium250mg2900mg (AI)

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