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60+ Hippie Baby Girl Names of 2024

Table of Contents

hippie girl names

Table of Contents

Finding the perfect hippie baby girl names for your little girl is one of the most difficult decisions, to say the least. Not only is it difficult because you have to name a kid that has not even started displaying a personality yet but also because you need to pick a name that your partner and you like equally.

Parents increasingly are choosing to name their kids after some hippie-inspired or boho-inspired names because such names typically have beautiful meanings with good vibes and significance. If you have recently given birth or are a mamma-to-be, here we are to make naming your little girl a tad bit easier for you. Parenthood Bliss brings to you a list of 70+ best hippie girls’ names of 2022!

Hippie Girl Names

  1. Amber

A very sweet, simple, and one of the most famous hippie baby names, Amber refers to the stone Amber. It is essentially a beautiful brownish yellow or orange-colored gem believed to have healing properties and can help with getting rid of negative energy thereby balancing emotions.

  1. Azalea

Azalea is a flowering shrub native to Japan that blooms in the spring. It comes in beautiful shades of pink, purple, red, and reddish-orange and makes for a great hippie girl name!

  1. Aurora

Aurora is a hippie baby name of Latin origins and it means dawn. Aurora was also the name of the Roman Goddess who was the Goddess of dawn or sunrise.

  1. Alizeh

Alieh is a hippie baby girl named of Persian origin and means wind.

  1. Autumn

One of the best hippie baby names, Autumn, as it may be obvious, refers to the season autumn- and who does not love autumn!

  1. Bijou

A french-origin name, Bijou means jewel, a perfect hippie name for the jewel of your life!

  1. Birdie

One of the most famous earthy hippie baby names, birdie means a little bird and is of English origin.

  1. Blossom

Blossom refers to the flowers and the plant bloom in spring and is a very cute name for your little flower child.

  1. Blue

The color blue often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, and sadness which makes it an earthy hippie baby name. Blue also is one of the most liked hippie names for boys making it a unisex hippie baby name!

  1. Camellia

Camellia is a flower that comes in a variety of colors such as white, pink, and red.

  1. Citrine

A french-origin name, Citrine is a beautiful and one of the most widely used baby names for girls because of the beautiful meaning it holds. Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange stone, a part of the quartz family, and is supposed to have properties that can help with creativity, promoting happiness, and encouraging positivity.

  1. Crystal

A name of Latin as well as Greek origin, crystal means ice or brilliant glass.

  1. Deja

Deja, short for Deja Vu, is when you get a feeling that you’ve been in a moment before though you never really have/ Deja is a nice hippie name for girls.

  1. Dream

The perfect hippie name for your little dream that has come true!

  1. Everly

A name of English origin, it means from the boar meadow.

  1. Echo

In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who lived on Mount Cithaeron.

  1. Ember

Originating from English origin, Ember means spark or burning low and could be one of the best hippie baby names for your fiery little girl.

  1. Estelle

Originating from Latin origin, Estelle means star. A star of a name for your star kid!

  1. Fae

Fae, for its English origin, means trust or belief. It also means a ‘fairy’ in other cultures.

  1. Fern

Fern is not just a good-sounding name but it also has a good earthy feeling, referring to a feather-like leaf called fern.

  1. Flora

In Roman mythology, Flora was the Goddess of spring and flowers whose powers could bloom all plants. In terms of the Latin meaning and origin, Flora means flower.

  1. Gypsy

When speaking of the ultimate hippie names for girls, you know Gypsy gotta be there! Gypsy is a name from English origination and means a free-spirited person or a wanderer. Traditionally, gypsy is a name used for a group of people originating in South Asia who traditionally had an itinerant or a hippie way of life.

  1. Galena

Galena is of Greek origins and means tranquil or calm.

  1. Gaia

As per Greek mythology, Gaia was the Mother Goddess who presided over the Earth, and hence, the name Gaia means Earth.

  1. Henna

Henna is the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub called Lawsonia Inermis. A beautiful hippie name for girls, interestingly, Indians also use this as a dye to color hair and to decorate the body with beautiful designs for weddings.

  1. Hope

Hippies and the hippie vibe are synonymous with peace and love and hence, hope is another beautiful name of English origin for your bohemian baby.

  1. Ivy

An evergreen climbing plant, Ivy wreaths were given by Ancient Greeks to newlyweds as a symbol of faith. A beautiful hippie name for girls!

  1. Indigo

Indigo is a deep blue flowering plant and the color Indigo refers to wisdom, justice, fairness, and great devotion. A word of Greek origin, Indigo is a beautiful earthy hippie name for girls.

  1. Infinity

Infinity, meaning endless, is a name of English origin and has been lately used as a term to express forever love. you can also name your little girl Infiniti, as an alternative spelling, also to symbolize your forever love for her!

  1. June

This summery name June is of Latin origins and simply means born in June.

  1. Jade

A light green lucky stone, Jade is used to treating anxiety and stress. As a cute name for a baby girl, it also refers to happiness and harmony.

  1. Kai

Kai, a name of Hawaiian origins, means the sea or ocean. This boho earthy baby name is a great name for a water baby.

  1. Kezia

A name of Hebrew origins, Kezia means the Cassia tree. It must be noted that this tree bears the well-known cooking spice, cinnamon.

  1. Luna

Luna means moon in Spanish. An adorable Spanish-origin hippie name for boys and girls alike!

  1. Lilou

Lilou is a name of French origins and means lily.

  1. Love

Hippies are the ultimate promoters of universal love and peace and needless to say, Love is the best hippie name you can give the little love of your life!

  1. Lyra

Lyra is the name of a small constellation and also the name of a flower commonly referred to as Falling Eagle.

  1. Marley

Marley, the last name of the ultimate hippie reggae singer Bob Marley, is a name that means marshy meadow and is of English origins.

  1. Melody

This musical name means song and is of Greek origin.

  1. Marlowe

A traditional bohemian girl’s name, Marlowe means driftwood and is of English origins.

  1. Naomie

A unique boho name, Naomie is of Hebrew origin and means pleasant.

  1. Nala

Nala is of African origins and means successful.

  1. Nova

A name of Latin origin, Nova refers to a bright star.

  1. Olive

As obvious by the name, olive refers to the olive tree which is a symbol of peace, wisdom, health, luck, and tranquility.

  1. Opal

Opal is a stone that comes in white color with rainbow hues, often known to charge one’s creativity, passion, and optimism. A Sanskrit-origin name and word, opal means gem or precious stone.

  1. Paisley

Paisley is a pattern made by using a teardrop shape and with an identifying curve known as boteh or buta. Paisley has a spiritual meaning as well as symbolic meaning like objects and food/ nourishment.

  1. Pixie

A word from British folklore, Pixie refers to a mischievous elf-like creature that typically resides, in gardens. Perfect hippie name for naughty little girls!

  1. Petal

A flower-power hippie name, petal, is a soft and sweet hippie name for girls.

  1. Peace

A great hippie name for a free-spirited child!

  1. Ruby

Referring to the red stone of purity and passion, Ruby symbolizes pure love, loyalty, elegance, royalty, and good fortune.

  1. Rose

Rose has multiple meanings depending on the color of the flower but there’s one ultimate common meaning to this flower: a symbol of love, romance, and compassion.

  1. Rae

This cute hippie girl name is of Hebrew origins and means ewe or a female sheep.

  1. Symphony

A music-inspired name, a perfect hippie name given how music inspires all hippies, symphony literally means a musical piece of an orchestra.

  1. Savannah

A Spanish-origin name, Savannah means a treeless plain.

  1. Sun

Sun is another one of the top hippie girl names and is the ultimate symbol of passion, hope, warmth, power, growth, and health.

  1. Sunshine

A happy, warm, and energetic name for your little sunshine!

  1. Sierra

Sierra is a name of Spanish origin and means mountains; the home of the hippies.

  1. Tulip

Tulip signifies eternal love, passion, peace, or loyalty and makes for a perfect hippie/ flower name for girls.

  1. Tabitha

Another hippie name for girls that also often makes its way on lists for hippie boy names, Tabitha means gazelle.

  1. Twilight

A name of English origin, Twilight literally is the time between full night and sunrise and symbolizes hope as it is not completely dark nor too bright at twilight.

  1. Uma

A name of Sanskrit origin, Uma means splendor or tranquility and is also a name of a well-celebrated Hindu goddess of love, fertility, beauty, harmony, children, and strength.

  1. Viola

This purple flower represents innocence, decency, and modesty. The name is of Latin origins and means violet.

  1. Violet

violet is not only a color but also a name of a flower that represents spiritual wisdom and faithfulness. It is a beautiful name for your little girl because even literally, it signifies dreams, imagination, spirituality, and the future.

  1. Wren

A wren is a little bird that, in the Celtic tradition, was symbolic of vibrancy, alertness, and efficiency.

  1. Wind

Wind, essentially air in its active state signifies the indomitable spirit and the breath of the universe.

  1. Zelda

A Yiddish name, Zelda means happy or blessed.

  1. Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are symbolic of endurance, goodness, remembrance, and lasting friendships. Owing to their blooming season that lasts all the way from mid-summer until frost, Zinnia flowers also represent endurance and strength.

  1. Zane

Zane is a name of English origin that means to show gratitude to God or ‘God is gracious.’

Bonus Names: 15 Hippie First + Middle Names For Boys

  • Aden Blaze (fire hot!)
  • Arlow Birch (double botanical name)
  • Aster Rhodes (the ultimate flower name for a boy!)
  • Calder Wade (water name x 2)
  • Dylan Kai (double water name!)
  • Iggy Abner (fiery!)
  • Jayden Bridge (peace)
  • Onyx Ridge (super earthy unisex hippie name!)
  • Odin (god of wisdom, healing, knowledge, and poetry)
  • Quince Miller (another flower name for boys)
  • Remy Brooks (water name!)
  • Rowan Sag,e (double organic hippie name)
  • Rebel (for your little rebel who’s going to change the world)
  • Rex (Latin-origin name, means a king)
  • Shiloh Leif (as peaceful as it gets!)

How To Avoid Hippie Names Gone Wrong?

When choosing a name for your child, remember that this is something they will potentially use for the rest of their lives, and hence, it becomes important to pick a name that they will not be ashamed or embarrassed about. The main goals should be to know every meaning or significance of the name and also the kind of tone or the vibe the name gives you on its mention.

Especially when it comes to picking a hippie girl name, don’t only consider if you (the parent) is a lover of music, nature, and symbols of peace; instead, choose a name that you believe can really reflect your little one’s personality in the long run and also check its relevance. For example, though gypsy is a beautiful hippie girl name, it is now considered an ethnic slur when used for the Romani or Roma people. Keep these little points in mind and you are good to go!

Hippie Girl Names FAQs

1) What's a badass name for a girl?

  • Alexus
  • Blaze
  • Eleanor
  • Delta
  • Harley
  • Jude
  • Ophelia
  • Morgan
  • Roxy
  • Trinity
  • and Zara are some powerful, fierce, and badass names for a girl.
  • 2) What is the weirdest girl name?

    The definition of a 'weird' name really depends on one's own personal choices but in our opinion, one of the weirdest girl names has to be Delicia! Delicia means delicious and why would you want to name your girl delicious!

    3) What are some Southern girl names?

  • Sofia
  • Isabella
  • Faye
  • Luscinia
  • Candice
  • Victoria
  • Martina
  • Emma
  • Charline
  • Clarabella
  • Charmine
  • Juana
  • Rosa
  • Leticia
  • Francisca are some beautiful Southern names for girls.
  • 4) What are some creepy girl names?

    Here are some really creepy names you should think twice before using to name your child-
  • Keres ( Greek origin/ meaning evil spirit)
  • Enyo (Greek origin, meaning Goddess of destructive warfare)
  • Jabez (Hebrew origin/ meaning sorrow) and
  • Kali (Indian origin/ meaning goddess of destruction)
  • Matchitehew (Native-American/ meaning an evil heart)
  • Ambrogio (a legendary vampire)
  • Belial (Hebrew origin/ meaning worthless)
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