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Pregnancy Facts and Myths: Learn About Pregnancy With Parenthoodbliss!

Table of Contents

pregnancy myths and facts

Table of Contents

Pregnancy is a journey full of mysterious transformations of the body and even though we know why these happen, pregnant bodies always seem to shock us with their amazing symptoms. Here are a few pregnancy facts and myths from around the world which will blow your mind.

10 Pregnancy Facts You Didn’t Know!

  1. A 1945 entry in Time magazine reports a woman, Beulah Hunter, had the longest recorded pregnancy of 380 days while the average pregnancy duration is 280 days.
  2. The shortest pregnancy ever recorded was 21 weeks and 4 days where the baby survived in spite of having several complications.
  3. A 66-year-old woman, Carmela Bousada, is the oldest woman to give birth and has her name in the Guinness World of Records.
  4. The blood volume in a pregnant body increases from 40% to 50% to help in providing extra oxygen to the baby and the mother: a pregnancy fact you must know.
  5. All moms-to-be start producing breast milk by 14 weeks of pregnancy.
  6. Hormonal changes can change a pregnant woman’s voice as it swells their vocal cords. It gets back to normal after childbirth or when they start breastfeeding.
  7. The fetus can recognize its mother’s voice by the third trimester of pregnancy. This pregnancy fact indicates a fetus’s ability to learn and develop.
  8. 1 in 2000 babies has teeth at birth which sometimes poses a risk. These are loose teeth that may be inhaled or dislodged. It can also hurt the mum while she breastfeeds.
  9. Most cesarean babies are born in Turkey. They have recorded a rate of 50.4% per 100 live births to be a cesarean baby.
  10. Nadya Suleman has the title of giving birth to the highest number of babies (6 boys and 2 girls) in a California hospital.

5 Pregnancy Myths and Facts Busted!

These are some of the most amusing and interesting myths ever. Most of them try to predict the baby’s gender (understandable, given that that is one of the best surprises of pregnancy). Let’s find out which of these pregnancy myths are true and which are not!

1. The Shape of a Baby Bump Can Predict The Baby’s Gender

A woman’s belly can be higher up if it’s her first pregnancy. Legend says if you are carrying high, it’s a girl and if your baby bump is low it’s a boy. The reason for the baby bump to be higher is the mother’s strong abdominal muscles or as we said earlier her first pregnancy.

2. The Heart Rate of The Baby Can Predict Its Gender

The normal in-utero heart rate of all babies is between 120 to 160 bpm (beats per minute). And no, the heart rates don’t vary according to gender; it would only mean that the baby is in an unhealthy condition. Only an ultrasound can determine the baby’s gender accurately so this pregnancy myth is just a myth.

3. The Face of a Pregnant Mum Can Predict The Baby’s Gender

This old wives’ tale says if a pregnant woman has acne on her face, it means she is carrying a girl. A pregnant woman’s face or skin condition totally depends on the kind of pregnancy diet she follows or her genetics.

4. Eating Spicy Food During Pregnancy Can Cause Blindness in The Baby

Eating spicy food during pregnancy may cause heartburn but otherwise, it is safe. No food can cause any health condition in your baby other than genetics. Ask your doctor for pregnancy-safe antacids to deal with indigestion during pregnancy and ignore any pregnancy myths related to foods.

5. Heartburn During Pregnancy Means The Baby Will be Born With Hair

This myth is not just an old wives’ tale because studies have shown babies to have hair during birth if their moms experienced heartburn during pregnancy. Researchers believe that the relaxing of the oesophagus by pregnancy hormones could be a reason. Medicine awaits more research on this though. Here’s the study you could refer to.

The Takeaway

There is so much to learn about pregnancy and the amazing conflicts and mysteries it brings with itself. If you are planning a pregnancy, it is a good idea to make a birth plan and ask your doctor all your queries. Any doubt about complications, symptoms, and expectations should be shared with a medical professional so that you are carefree on D-day.

Pregnancy Myths And Facts - FAQs

1. What are 3 facts about pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a challenging journey riddled with mysteries and myths. Here are 3 amazing facts about pregnancy:
  • 38% of a mom’s weight gain during pregnancy is the baby’s weight.
  • A pregnant woman’s body gains about 6.6 liters of fluid (minimum).
  • Only 5% of babies are born right on their due date.
  • 2. What’s the longest you can be pregnant?

    Your pregnancy will be called post-term if it lasts more than 42 weeks and that happens very rarely. There are risks involved in such pregnancies but most of those babies are born healthy. Special tests can determine if your baby is healthy or not.

    3. What first-time moms should know about pregnancy?

    First-time moms might feel like a roller coaster during their pregnancy but keep track of these points to have a healthy baby:
  • Make a birth plan so that when the day comes you are prepared.
  • Get yourself prenatal massages to get rid of those body aches and pains.
  • Take frequent naps to rest your body.
  • Drink plenty of fluids or water so that you are not tired.
  • Exercise regularly to stay fit mentally and control weight gain.
  • Avoid caffeine as it is a health risk during pregnancy.
  • Sources

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