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Baby Development Month by Month

Your Baby Development Week by Week

The first year after your baby’s birth is a rather confusing year for parents to make sense of. It is during the first year that the parents make space and accustom the new life into their own already established lives while the baby makes sense of the world they’ve been introduced to. If you are an expecting mother or have just given birth and need… 

47-week-old baby

Your 47-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents Understanding why your 47-week-old babyhas suddenly started to ‘point’ at things, the first signs of ‘independence’, and some makeshift toy ideas for when the baby gets bored of fancy! Your baby’s forty-seven weeks after birth A 47-week old baby’s brain begins to recognize sequences and games and will use its mobility more than ever during the 47th week after birth. On the… 

46-week-old baby

Your 46-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents 46-week-old baby –Encouraging baby’s listening skills, and some much-needed pro tips on taking your baby out for dinner dates! Your baby’s forty-six weeks after birth The 46 weeks old baby develops drastically and is expected to cross various important milestones. However, expect the little one to develop slower in the last few days as compared to the earlier weeks. Here your baby… 

41-week-old baby

Your 41-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents How to say NO to your baby, taking care of a cruising baby, and some self-examination of the postpartum stretch marks. Your baby’s forty-one weeks after birth A 41-week old baby begins to start understanding simple phrases and words that they observed while you were communicating with them. Perhaps, just like the week before, you must continue to talk to the baby… 

44-week-old baby

Your 44-week-old baby – development & growth

Table of Contents Why is week 44 the ideal time to switch to convertible car seats and questions to ask at your 44-week-old baby potential daycare? Your baby’s forty-four weeks after birth A 44-week old baby in terms of their development will be able to say distinct words, especially indicating towards their favorite toys, and say ‘Dada’ or ‘Mamma’ too. They are perhaps just a… 

40-week-old baby

Your 40-Week-Old Baby – development & growth

Table of Contents 40-week-old baby – Making sense of the 9th-month growth spurt and the truth behind how music helps accelerate baby development at large. Your baby’s forty weeks after birth A 40 week-old baby is expected to develop language skills at a quick pace as compared to their early weeks. Therefore, parents must now learn to express themselves to their baby in a conversation…