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Details About Birth Affirmations and Positive Birth Affirmations

Table of Contents

Birth affirmations

Table of Contents

Are you ready to give birth and bring life into this world? If yes, you will need to have a lot of positivity and affirmations. Most mothers have apprehensions of sorts before giving birth but you will need to make special efforts to erase some of the negative beliefs about childbirth.

Whether it is your first childbirth or fourth childbirth, you are facing a new experience with the birth of each child. Birth affirmations will help you develop a positive mindset about the journey you are about to embark on. Birth affirmations are one of the best positive solutions that you can practice to help you remain calm and positive during childbirth.

What Are Birth Affirmations?

Birth affirmations are positive statements about yourself and the birth process. The purpose of birth affirmations is to cherish and bring joy to yourself for a truth that will help you achieve your target of a positive birth experience. Birth mantras are known to eliminate superstitions and misconceptions about childbirth with a very positive and realistic statement.

By using birth affirmations and birth mantras you can go ahead a little further and say that if you believe in something very strongly, you can bring it into existence. Birth affirmations help you to become bold and will give you positive thoughts while giving birth.

Birth mantras help you to have faith that your dreams about you giving birth to your baby will become a reality. Birth affirmations and birth mantras give you the responsibility to make decisions that can help you and your baby throughout the process of giving birth.

How To Use Birth Affirmations?

If you are a mother and about to give birth to a baby, you will be confused about how to use birth affirmations and mantras. Affirmations and mantras will work because they help to amend your thoughts about you as a mom and the birthing process.

Birth affirmations work exceptionally by just reading them. On the other hand, you will get the best results if you tie emotions to birth affirmations. For you to get the most out of your birth affirmations you will have to read through all of the affirmations and find one which is very meaningful and valuable to you.

You will need to ask yourself what would it be like if you have incorporated an affirmation and how would it feel.

What Are Positive Birth Affirmations?

When you are about to give birth to your baby you need to have a positive mindset that can help you to deal with labor contractions and the pain that you will experience with labor and delivery. A positive attitude is what you will need while giving birth and positivity is completely under your control.

A few positive birth affirmations are –

  • I am adjustable and willing to accept suggestions of change.
  • I am a strong, accomplished woman, and I can do this.
  • I have a calm mind and my body is relaxed.
  • It is natural to be scared of the unknown, my fear is natural.
  • I will not think of labor pain as pain to be feared. I will think of it as sensations to be embraced.
  • Every wave of contractions brings my baby closer to me.
  • I am ready for my birthing experience.
  • I will meet my baby soon and will give lots of love to my baby.
  • I am prepared for whatever birth my body and baby need.
  • I trust in my abilities, and I trust in my choices.
  • There is nothing wrong with being afraid. My fear demonstrates my love. I will work through my fear and be left only with love.
  • Soon my baby will leave my body, but it will never leave my heart.
  • I am already a mother, and I will always be a mother.
  • My baby and I are just evolving from one body to two bodies.

What Are Natural Birth Affirmations?

If you are a mom and you want to bring your baby into the world naturally, just like how our ancestors did without any pain relieves, then you need to use natural birth affirmations.

A few suitable and useful natural birth affirmations are –

  • It’s not a pain that I am feeling, it is my body doing what it is made for.
  • When I feel I can do it no longer, I can, and I will.
  • I look forward to my birthing day.
  • My baby is making its way into the world on waves of contractions.
  • I will inhale strength and exhale pain.
  • I will meet my baby soon, and the pain of birth will flitter away.
  • It is my body, my baby, my birth.
  • I am joining the generations of mothers who have given natural birth before me and I am proud.
  • Childbirth is a natural process and it will be my birthing experience and I will embrace it.
  • We are all born through our mother’s pain. With this pain, I am giving my child life.

What Are The Different Types Of Powerful Birth Affirmations And Positive Birth Affirmations For Labor And Delivery?

During pregnancy, you will feel a lot of pain and will undergo tough pains. Before you go to the hospital for delivery you will undergo a lot of experiences that are very common for pregnant women. It is during this time that you need to use various powerful birth affirmations and positive birth affirmations which will help you to stay positive during the process of giving birth.

1. Birth Affirmations Before Labor Begins

You need to use birth affirmations when you are preparing to give birth and the following are birth affirmations that can be used before your labor begins.

  • My future self is thankful to me for the time I have invested in making the birth of my baby a good experience.
  • I have the power to do everything I need to accomplish today.
  • I am fearless and brave.
  • I let go of shame and guilt to live and birth in joy.
  • Perfectionism is a lie. I give myself permission to start messy.
  • I am proud of myself.
  • I believe in my body.
  • I give to myself for a positive birth experience and I cherish it.
  • The ability to give birth is a gift.

2. Birth Affirmations for Early Labor

  • This is the day I’ve been waiting for and I am ready.
  • My mind is relaxed and my body is relaxed.
  • I trust my body, I trust my baby, and I trust my birth.
  • I am safe and my baby is safe.
  • Each contraction is bringing my baby closer to me.
  • I can and I will.
  • I accept and welcome labor.

3. Birth Affirmations For Labor

Once you are in labor with full swing contractions, it is important to keep birth affirmation words in your mind which will help you deal with the pain of labor.

  • I can do it because I am doing it.
  • I can’t go around it, I have to go through it.
  • Trust, open, and relax.
  • I am surrounded by love and so is my baby.
  • Breathe in, ability, and breathe out resistance.
  • I will never have contractions again.
  • Every contraction brings me closer to my baby.
  • Women all over the world are birthing with me right now.
  • It is my birthright to enjoy my birth.
  • I am stronger than I ever imagined.
  • I focus on right here, right now.
  • My body is capable and strong.
  • Each wave has a purpose.

4. Birth Affirmations For Delivery

  • I am ready to meet my baby.
  • A baby will come out of me.
  • Baby is going to be with me very soon.
  • I slow down and take my time to keep my body safe.
  • I want to meet my baby as soon as possible.

5. Birth Affirmations For Courage

  • I create my life and birth.
  • My birth is full of possibilities.
  • I can permit myself and encourage myself under all circumstances.
  • I gracefully surrender to the process of creating life.
  • I am proud of who I am.

6. Birth Affirmations To Deal With Pain

Women experience different levels of pain during childbirth. These pain ranges can be like being in an intense workout to uncontrollable and unbearable pain. An easier birth is less painful.

Affirmations for women to deal with labor pains are-

  • Pain will not last forever and my baby will come.
  • My contractions will not be stronger than myself.
  • When I feel I cannot do it, I know I am close.
  • Pain is part of the process and it will be over soon.
  • There is nothing to fear.
  • My body knows it can achieve only what my mind believes.

7. Birth Affirmations For Fathers And Partners

Fathers and partners can go loose and unanchored during labor and childbirth. They can be really worried about the mother and the baby. Hence there are a few birth affirmations for them also-

  • She is strong, I am strong, our family is strong.
  • I respond to her needs in our shared birth experience.
  • The birth of our baby is also the birth of me as a father.
  • She is safe, our baby is safe.
  • We created this baby together, we will raise this baby together, and we will birth this baby together.
  • We breathe together through each contraction, and soon we will hold our baby together.
  • This birth is beautiful and a splendid process.
  • I am proud of this amazing woman and will give her support and confidence.
  • I am already a father, I just haven’t met my baby.
  • When I meet my baby, I will focus and be the father it needs.

Birth Affirmations Final Conclusion

Birth is a very positive event that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Just like a wedding or your first job, the memories created in the birthing process will give you joy for years to come. It is possible to have a positive birth and it is very challenging. Positive birth affirmations can be uttered between contractions and can be used regardless of whether you have medical interventions or use other forms of pain relief.

Positive birth affirmations will help you take a moment to just be yourself and breathe. If you cannot remember the birth affirmations it is better if you write them down on a page. Read the birth affirmations and recite them. Yes, it is challenging. Yes, it may take you to your limits. But also yes, it can be an incredible experience.

Select your birth affirmations accordingly. Practice them well in advance before the birth of your child. When the time comes to meet your baby, you will be glad you have made the effort to use the various positive birth affirmations.

Birth Affirmations FAQs

1)What do you say to someone giving birth?

You can wish them all the best and encourage them by saying things like you are going to be a great mother and please take things easily one step at a time.

2) Which birth method is best?

The cesarean birth method is safer than the natural birth method in case of the danger posed to the mother or baby due to a medical condition and reduces the death rate and illnesses in the mother and baby.

3)How do I think positively about labor and delivery?

Prepare your mind, prepare your body, practice relaxation techniques, and use birth affirmations to think positively about labor and delivery.

4) How can I calm my birth?

Avoid negativity and toxicity, make a pain plan and be open to communicate your feelings to the doctor or midwife and lastly use birth affirmation.

5) How do I remember all the birth affirmations?

It is very difficult to remember all the birth affirmations. You can write down the birth affirmations on a page and categorize them based on different birth affirmations for different purposes.

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