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Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most sacred, most intimate feelings a woman ever experiences in her lifetime. Anxiety and excitement, however, are the other two feelings each woman experiences before those two pink lines pop up on a pregnancy test.

Have you missed your periods and are hoping for some good news? Well, congratulations could be in order! We have curated a list of the best pregnancy tests out there in the market; but before we get to that, let us also answer some of the other, most common questions around pregnancy and pregnancy tests.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy test?

Most at-home pregnancy tests claim to (almost) accurately determine pregnancy through a urine sample up to five days before the period is scheduled to begin. These at-home pregnancy tests are essentially engineered to detect the levels of hCG hormone in your body. hCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG) is only released by the female body post-conceiving a baby. Wikipedia calls it the “maternal hormone of pregnancy.”

A female body typically starts releasing hCG as soon as an egg is fertilized and these levels double every two-three days, eventually peaking around the first trimester.

Are Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

Pregnancy tests, even on their box, claim to only be 99% percent accurate, there always is that 1% chance of your test results being inaccurate. However, for the most part, undeniable, they are accurate. Also, expecting mothers need to be aware that the tests are more accurate if you wait out sometime before actually taking a test. In simpler words, if you test right after your ovulation days, it would be too early for the tests to determine pregnancy, yielding a potentially false negative.

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s get to the juice. Here are the 5 best pregnancy tests to take in 2020-

1.First Response Pregnancy Test: Best pregnancy test for early detection (Priced at $8.98)

The First Response Pregnancy test claims to detect pregnancy 6 days earlier than when your period is due. One of the most sensitive pregnancy tests out there, it comes in a digital as well as a stick-pee version. The stick-pee version is designed in a curvy handle which makes peeing easier, without creating any subsequent mess on your hands. The results on the stick version are reported with the traditional single or double pink lines while the digital version uses words to report the results.

First Response Pregnancy Test

2.The Natalist Test Pack: A Pregnancy + Ovulation kit (Priced at $34.00)

Natalist claims their test to be 99% accurate and each of their kits includes 7 ovulation tests + 4 pregnancy tests in each. The Natalist test can be used five days before your period and each box comes with easy to understand, clear instructions in English and Spanish.

The pregnancy tests work and report like any other regular tests. The ovulation tests in this kit, on the other hand, can measure the level of the luteinizing hormone in your body. This hormone is released in the body around two days before ovulation. A positive ovulation test means that you will be ovulating within the next 24-48 hours. The ovulation test makes planning pregnancy easier, while the test helps confirm it! 

, though a relatively new brand, has gone a step ahead by including a sweet little note in each of their boxes. It is also a woman-founded and 100% plastic neutral brand. The brand also offers a subscribe and save option if shopping on their website.

The Natalist Test Pack

3.Clinical Guard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips: Most economically priced pregnancy est (Priced at $7.29 for a pack of 20)

The Clinical Guard pregnancy test comes in a humble and simplified packaging, there are no fancy boxes with too much text to speak of. Unlike the generic plastic stick tests, this test is designed in a simple strip format. You just need to dip the strip in your urine and the results are reported with the pink lines.

At under a dollar per test, this pregnancy test is one of the most economical ones out there!

ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

4.Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown: The no-confusion pregnancy test (Priced at $13.98)

How many times have you well-understood the instructions on the pregnancy test only to later forget what one line v/s two lines meant after the reporting of results? You would have also, perhaps, then take the box out of the bin to cross-confirm what your result means.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown saves you that trouble. This digital pregnancy test gives you the answer is clear, definitive words. What’s better still? It also has a flashing light that works as a countdown time-indicator until an answer appears!

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown

5.First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test: For expecting mammas that like to triple-check! (Priced @ $14.39)

1. Let us address the elephant in the room first things first- this pregnancy kit has three variants in one pack:

2. Test 1 that lets you determine pregnancy 6 days before your period

3. Test 2 is a digital-report test stick

4. Test 3 is a rapid-detection test and can report your results in less than a minute!

If there is a test kit that is specifically made to address the compulsive need of being double, triple sure, this kit has to be it!

First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test

FAQs-5 Best Recommended Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2020

1.Does smelly urine indicate pregnancy?

hCG, the maternal hormone we discussed earlier, is responsible for generating a strong odor in your urine when you are pregnant. This is usually noticed and reported by pregnant women in the early days of pregnancy. However, consumption of certain foods and other various factors can also develop an unusual smell in your urine.

2.Can I be pregnant while the pregnancy test kit reports negative?

Most likely, you are not pregnant if your test has reported so. However, this is true only as long as you have not taken your test too early in your cycle, that is, right after ovulation. Pregnancy tests rely on the hCG hormone to detect pregnancy and it takes some time after conceiving for your body to start releasing the said hormone.

3.Can precum lead to pregnancy?

Precum also has sperms as the cum does, however, the number of sperms in precum is lesser- albeit present. Hence, it is possible to become pregnant from precum. The safest way to avoid pregnancy is by using condoms or other preventive methods.

Final Thoughts-

All said and done, please remember, at-home pregnancy kits are only indicative and 99% sure. That 1% chance is never worth the risk. It is of supreme importance that you visit a gynecologist for the absolute surety around your pregnancy.  We hope you have the big, happy news to share with us soon!

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