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Top 10 Best Nursery Rugs of 2024

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Are you almost done with your baby registry? We are sure that you are extremely excited to welcome your newest and the cutest family member! Cribs, baby bottles, diapers… we know all of these have topped your list, but did you manage to include a neutral nursery rug as well?

Picking the best nursery rugs and best washable rugs for nursery is a must-have and it helps you complete the baby room, makes the little space appear much larger, and serves a great purpose when your little munchkin begins practicing their tummy time, up until their toddlerhood.

However, due to the high availability of nursery rugs, most parents face a lot of problems in picking the best rugs for kids. Here’s a list of things you must keep in mind while purchasing your own area rug!

What are the things you must keep in mind while choosing a best rugs for baby nursery

  • Perfect size – Neutral nursery rugs are available in two kinds, large and small. Where the bigger ones are designed to anchor the whole room, and the smaller ones are used only in the required areas.
  • The material – While you’re on the hunt, you’ll come across nursery rugs that feature different materials, such as synthetics, organic, cotton, and wool. So, pick the best rug material for a nursery that would be perfect for the family and the baby.
  • A combination – Does it match the furniture or the decor of the room? Yes, picking the perfect fit balances out the decor, theme, color scheme, etc. If picked otherwise, they might just seem like blocks of colors thrown in space.

Now that we have the kinds and things to look into a nursery rug, let’s quickly dive into the best rugs for babies to crawl on!

10 best nursery rugs

Listed below are the 10 best rugs for baby nursery for you to choose from:

1) Momeni Lil' Mo Whimsy rug: Best Nursery Rugs

Momeni Lil' Mo Whimsy rug

These rugs are designed to be multi-colored with a robot-theme that will surely be the perfect fit for your baby’s room. It hints in a quirky style, accompanied with vibrant colors that add to the room, are gender-neutral, and are handmade that boosts the depth and definition of the shag rug. It includes an additional layer of plush that provides extra comfort to the kids’ hands and feet.


  • Includes vibrant colors
  • Has fun themes
  • Is handmade
  • Is soft
  • Durable


  • Some reviewers have pointed out that the colors are more vibrant as compared to the screens

2) Gabwe Round Giraffe nursery rug: Best Nursery Rugs

Gabwe Round Giraffe nursery rug

These area rugs are compatible with multiple-use and feature a cute giraffe theme in their gray hues. The Gabwe’s rugs are soft making them best for tummy time, are made from high-quality cotton, and can be used as a rug, crawling blanket, or even for the stroller.


  • Features a cute giraffe design
  • Is made from soft and skin-friendly cotton
  • Is multipurpose


  • When washed, becomes unevenly leveled

3) Mybecca rug for nursery: Best Nursery Rugs

Mybecca rug for nursery

These are perfect for a themed nursery for a child and promote imaginative play and also comfortable tummy time. Mybeccas rugs are available in five size ranges, that is from 3×3 inches, 4×9 inches up to 8×11 inches feet. They are easy to clean, are made from high-quality nylon, and include a non-skid gel underside to keep it steady on the floor.


  • Features a city theme
  • Is soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a non-slide gel underneath


  • These nursery rugs are rather thin as compared to the other options on the list

4) NuLoom Pinkie Handprint nursery rug: Best Nursery Rugs

NuLoom Pinkie Handprint nursery rug

NuLoom rug is a high-quality white rug that includes children’s handprints and is available in vibrant colors that pop just perfectly against the white base. It is made using 100 percent polypropylene fibers and comes in a variety of sizes to choose from.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Include eye-catching colors
  • Are available in different sizes


  • It needs rug tape to stay in place

5) Shag Trellis by Ottomanson rug: Best Nursery Rugs

Shag Trellis by Ottomanson rug

This area rug for the little one is a sophisticated yet straightforward rug that fits perfectly in a modern nursery. It comes in a trendy look, is available in gray, navy, turquoise, and orange, and is made from 100 percent polypropylene that provides great comfort. These nursery rugs are fuss-free and resistant to wear and stain.


  • Comes in a trendy design
  • Is super soft and comfortable
  • Resists wear, and stains


  • You’ll need to steam clean it post-arrival as it is covered in a chemical coating.

6) Kroma Carpets Faux Sheepskin rug: Best Nursery Rugs

Kroma Carpets Faux Sheepskin rug

These nursery rugs feature a classic look of a cloud, are soft, and the mat is good for tummy time. It features an excellent size and can be thrown into a washing machine on a gentle cycle.


  • Is extremely soft
  • Comes in a perfect size

Is machine washable


  • Needs rug tape to stay in place
  • Is expensive

7) NuLoom Moroccan Blythe area rug: Best Nursery Rugs

NuLoom Moroccan Blythe area rug

These nursery rugs from Moroccan feature a unique design that is not a traditional nursery rug and could be a wow factor in the kid’s nursery room. It features a traditional tribal-inspired pattern, includes subtle colors, is contemporary-friendly, has hints of a rustic look, and is crafted from durable polypropylene that adds to its soft and easy to clean feature.


  • Boosts the look of the baby’s room with its tribal pattern
  • Top-notch materials
  • Is super soft


  • The unwrapping smell needs time to dissipate

8) Andecor Shaggy floor area rug: Best Nursery Rugs

Andecor Shaggy floor area rug

This area rug features a fluffy rug, is made from using environmental materials,  and features a sponge in the center for tired feet. It also includes a non-slip material that helps to keep it steady on the floor and comes in an elegant gray color scheme that fits perfectly in the baby’s room.


  • Is eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a fluffy surface
  • Includes a non-slip mat
  • Is affordable


  • The grey theme has a hint of a blue tint, that could offset the theme of the room

9) NuLoom Sachiko Cloudy nursery rug: Best Nursery Rugs

NuLoom Sachiko Cloudy nursery rug

These nursery rugs from NuLoom are inspired from a cloud and are absolutely adorable, are hand-tufted and the nursery rug is made of 100 percent polyester. These nursery rugs are available in blue and pink color, with different sizes and shapes as well.


  • Has an adorable cloud design
  • Uses hand-tufted weave
  • Is super soft
  • Is available in wide options, from colors to sizes and shapes


  • Required a rug tape to stay in place

10) PAGISOFE Shaggy fluffy colored rug: Best Nursery Rugs

PAGISOFE Shaggy fluffy colored rug

This best nursery rug is a perfect fit for a nursery and as soft as a cloud and comes in pink color. This rug features soft synthetic microfiber, is attractive as the pink is mixed with white, and measures 4 feet by 5.3 feet, which is an ideal size for most baby rooms.


  • Is adorable
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Comes in a perfect size for a nursery


  • Is rather thin

To Conclude:

A nursery rug is one of the best and must-have accessories for a baby’s room, as it not only brings the room together but also is perfect for tummy-time, depending on the material use, wool and cotton or synthetic microfiber. These come in a variety of sizes, price ranges, shapes, and kinds. Therefore, if now on you to choose the best amongst the rest and help make your baby’s room just perfect and comfortable.

Best Nursery Rugs FAQs

1) What is the perfect size for a nursery rug ?

Nursery rugs come in a variety of sizes and are generally divided into two, a large rug and a smaller rug. Here, the smaller ones are common for nurseries with a size range of 4×6 or 5×8 but end up making the nursery look smaller, as compared to the larger ones that are big enough and go under the furniture as well. So, choose the one that would fit perfectly in your baby's room.

2) What type of rugs is safe for babies ?

  • Wool is the best rugs for babies to crawl on
  • Cotton rugs are breathable
  • Acrylic nursery rugs are beneficial for newborns
  • Jute makes an excellent choice as they are much stronger
  • Polyester is rather smooth and has a silky feeling

  • 3) Does a nursery need a rug ?

    Yes! A nursery rug not only adds to the complete look of the baby's room but also is soft and baby-safe. Also, parents can leave their baby on these comfortable rugs while the little one is playing, is practicing on tummy-time, and are also easy-to-clean.

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