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10 Best Gifts For 12-Year-Old Boy

Table of Contents

best gifts for 12 year old boy

Table of Contents

It is understandable how confusing it could be to choose the best gifts for 12 year old boy, considering the rapid development of the pre-teen. Alongside the physical growth, the boy is developing emotionally too, making it even more difficult with the unsettled emotions and rapid change of choices.

They now have a list of strong likes and dislikes, and you must be careful with the gifts, he may end up detesting them or loving them. To make it easier for you, we have accumulated a list of the top 10 best gifts for a 12-year-old boy that are crisp and easy on the pocket. These gifts could be a great gift for his birthday, graduation, Christmas and any other special occasion.

Here are the best top 10 Gifts for a 12-year-old boy:

1. Xbox One S Gaming Console

Xbox One S Gaming Console Parenthoodbliss

On average, it is noticed for Xbox gaming to be the best gift for any 12-year-old boy. This console is a powerful, well-stocked, and sleek game featuring a compact design with a high-quality gaming experience. The games on this console have been upscaled to 4K Blu-ray movies, 4K Netflix stream and a large space of 2TB hard drive. With that, the system includes HDR supporting the Alexa voice assistant.


1. Very quiet and slim

2. HDR gaming

3. 4K and HDR video streaming compatible

4. Works on TV supported by HDMI



1. No Kinect port

2. Holy Stone GPS FPV RC HS100 Drone

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC HS100 Drone

Is he obsessed with flying gadgets? If yes, then this is what you need. The Holy Stone Hs100 drone is a perfect gift as it features a GPS navigator, and a high navigation camera, offering quality aerial footage. Also, it is simple with intuitive controls allowing him to fly at a height that’s locked. It has a ‘follow me’ mode with the GPS that follows your every step taking excellent aerial footage and can be connected to the phone via Wi-fi for live coverage.


1. Excellent camera quality

2. Responsive and easy to fly

3. Very stable

4. Smooth take-offs and landing


1. The battery could be improved

3. Top Toy Flashing LED Gloves

Top Toy Flashing LED Gloves

This toy features multi color glowing lights that are ideal for parties. They are breathable and have a comfortable material that is cozy and safe to wear. Alongside, has a stretchable fabric around the wrist, this helps keep the 12-year-old safe and comfortable.


1. Fun gift

2. Comfortable

3. Excellent customer service


1. The battery could be improved

4. SpikeBall 3 Ball Kit

SpikeBall 3 Ball Kit

This is a perfect indoor-outdoor sports game and helps in encouraging the 12-year-old boy to maintain his active nature. It is a game that he can play with a group of friends and comes with an adjustable net that can be tightened on the number of players. The kit features foldable legs making it portable and is quite easy to set up making it great and compatible for storage.


1. Fun game for all ages and levels

2. Quality product

3. Great outdoor game

4. Foldable for easy storage



1. The net could be improved

5. Astro Mission Rescue Bot PlayStation VR

Astro Mission Rescue Bot PlayStation VR

It is a featured-packed VR for the 12-year-old boy to play and has an exclusive gaming experience. The rescue bot is packed with action that will perhaps transport him to an expansive environment each time he plays. It features 20 levels with six boss encounters, 26 challenge areas, and eight robots with a crane game-style room enabling him to cash in coins for the play area and collectibles.


1. High rated VR game

2. Easy and friendly setup

3. Excellent for first-timers in VR

4. Superior visuals


1. Price is steep

6. Franklin Sports Kids Folding Hockey 2 Goal Set

Franklin Sports Kids Folding Hockey 2 Goal Set

Playing hockey helps develop endurance and burns off calories maintaining energy and muscle strength. This street and knee hockey set teaches the 12-year-old boy to perfect his skills for the long run. It includes two easy fordable goals, two adjustable hockey sticks, a ball, and foam knee balls, that are easy to assemble and set, perfect for both indoor and outdoor games.


1. Great value and versatility

2. Fun game

3. Easy to assemble

4. Great for indoor games



1. A bit small in size

2. The quality could be improved

7. Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

This exciting family kit balances the game that helps the pre-teen develop interpersonal skills and hand-eye coordination. The kit includes 24 rods, four frame rods, a wooden connector, and a wooden base, allowing 2-4 players, and helps develop interpersonal skills while interacting with the family members. It is easy to set up with hours of fun to offer.


1. Fun game for the whole family

2. Fine motor development

3. Sparks creativity



1. Feels too easy for this level

8. LEGO Architecture 21019 Tower

LEGO Architecture 21019 Tower

This will make an excellent game for the 12-year-old boy who will look forward to venturing into the world of building. It features a detailed model illustrating the most iconic landmarks in Paris, like the Eiffel tower with 321 utilized bricks that resemble the wrought iron elements that built the tower. This helps spark inspiration in the boy as he erects the ‘mega structure’ giving him building experience with the help of the booklet providing the history of the tower.


1. Fairly priced architecture set

2. High-quality construction

3. Sparks creativity


1. Does not stay firm at the top

9. Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

This is a fun gadget for the 12-year-old as he will enjoy playing with the Apple iPod Touch. It is a mini version of the iPad that will help him with Web search making it an excellent learning tool. It doesn’t feature any cellular capabilities but has great functionality and helps him optimize the apps to where he’s like the downloaded games and books.


1. Takes quality photos

2. High-quality product

3. Fairly priced

4. Allows communication, music, and games


1. No cellular function

10. Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

It is a flying disc game featuring flying discs with two cans developing interpersonal skills for the 12-year old boy.  This game can be played in sets of twos with top-quality durability, lightweight, and portable goals. It is perfect for outdoor places like the beach or the backyard and is easy to set up with the help of the manual.


1. Simple fun game

2. Excellent summer outdoor game

3. Fairly priced


1. No carrying case to transport the set

2. The quality is low

To Conclude:

Most parents find it hard for them to buy top 10 best gifts for a 12-year-old boy as these pre-teens at times tend to be demanding and hard to impress. The list above will help you find the neatest and inexpensive gifts available in the market making your work less. Remember, these are generalized gifts, and to get the gift that will work the best, you need to keep in mind the interest of the boy.

Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boy FAQs

1. What can I expect from a 12-year-old boy ?

On average, 12 years is an age that tends to be the most confusing. Therefore, it is important for the elder to show concern and not throw labels at them. Teach them to focus on themselves, be confident, and self-love.

2. What is a 12-year old called ?

A 12-year-old boy/girl is considered to be a preteen or a preteenager. This term is generally restricted to kids close to the age of 12. In order words, they are a blend of between and teen.

3. What to keep in mind while choosing a gift for a 12-year-old boy ?

A 12-year-old boy has a lot going on and might be moody at times which is expected from the age. However, while choosing a gift for a 12-year-old boy, keep in mind, something that will help them grow and keep them busy along with fun and creativity. The most important thing is to know their interests and purchase something in those lines.

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