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11 Best Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

Table of Contents

best bean bag chair for kids

Table of Contents

Bean bag chairs are a childhood staple that can enliven any space whether it be a lying room or a bedroom. Best bean bag chair for kids acts as a lifesaver for rooms and apartments deprived of furniture. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics and have come a long way in terms of comfort and aesthetics. A cozy area for kids and youngsters to chill at, bean bag chairs are extremely popular. They can also be found as a sitting space in any living area or even a classroom.

Wherever bean bag chairs end up, they come in different types of fillings and covers. These varied features make choosing the right one a slightly daunting task. To assist you in your quest for the right bean bag chair, we have collected some highly rated bean bag chair choices to jazz up your child’s family den, playroom, or bedroom.

Points To Remember When Buying Bean Bag chair

Bean bags can be a heft investment as their price can shoot up to 100 dollars. The use of a bean bag seems pretty simple but when it comes to buying the right one you need to keep in check certain factors before committing to one.

  • Material of the cover
  • The material used for filling
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Size of the bean bag chair

Material Of The Cover

The choice of cover material directly affects the aesthetics of your room or the aesthetic that you are looking forward to projecting. The bean bag’s cover material can vary from soft shag covers and durable cotton to high-end suede and leather. Most bean bag chair covers can be removed as per convenience and some can even be washed in the machine. The easy cleaning and durability of the bean bag chairs depend on whether you can afford to spot clean it regularly. Having pets or young kids is also a deciding factor for the easy cleaning of the cover.

Filling Material

The material used as filling in bean bag chairs can dictate how comforting and supporting the bean bag chair is. The commonly used fillings are shredded polyurethane foam, polystyrene beads, and microbeads (banned in several states and cities due to their harmful effects on the environment). Shredded polyurethane is also known as memory foam. Polystyrene beads are typically found in affordable bean bag chairs due to their lightweight dress. Due to this filling, the bean bag chair can retain its shape for a long time. However, they do not provide as much support and comfort as memory foam.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Covers of certain bean bag chairs are machine washable that let’s you have an easy breezy clean. However, there are certain other bean bag chairs that require spot cleaning using mild soap and water. The filling of the bean bags is supposed to be changed regularly over time as they tend to break down or compress. You can come across lots of brands that sell foam or replacement beads separately.

Size Of The Bean Bag Chair

You could start with a small-sized bean bag for your toddlers and young kids as large bean bags for them could be a safety risk. For older children and teens, the more the size of the bean bag, the higher the comfort level will be. Kids have their little snooze on oversized bean bags during sleepovers or cozy movie nights.

While you invest in comforting sizes of bean bags, remember to not leave your child unsupervised near them. Never allow them to go underneath the beach bag due to high suffocation risks. Do not allow them to play with the fillings of the bean bags as they pose a choking hazard even though most bags come with safety locks to prevent this mishap.

Here is the list of the best bean bag chairs for kids in 2022.

Now that we have got the best bean bags for kids list, let’s dive more into the whys of each brand mentioned above.

1. Pottery Barn Kids Navy Anywhere Bean bag chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Navy Anywhere Bean bag chair

The Anywhere Beanbag is 31 inches in diameter and is a durable addition to your child’s space, whether it be a bedroom or a family game room. It comes with a machine washable cover that is made with 100 percent cotton twill. The fillings are 50 percent recyclable polystyrene and are sealed with zippers to prevent children from reaching them. Anywhere Bean Bags are available in various colors and styles. They also come in attractive animal shapes like a cat and a polar bear. These bags can have personalized names on them at an additional cost.

2. Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs from Posh Creations come in three different sizes; 48 inches (extra large), 38 inches (large), and 27 inches (medium). These are measurements in diameters. It also offers 20 removable cover options and you can make your choice according to your child’s style. These covers also come in multiple color patterns.

3. Big Joe Kid's Small Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair

The stand-out feature of Big Joe small bean bags is its backrest that provides additional support and comfort. The cover is stain-resistant making it ideal for young children. It measures 18 inches in diameter approximately and is 23 inches wide with it being suitable for kids aged 3 to 7. The maximum weight capacity of Big Joe bean bag chairs is 250 pounds.

4. Aspyn Faux Fur Shag Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Aspyn Faux Fur Shag Bean Bag Chair

Aspyn Faux fur shag bean bag is an oversized bean bag chair made of cotton faux fur and polyester. These materials give it a cozy and soft feel. These bean bag chairs measure 44 inches in diameter and come in both grey and white colors. To add to its style and comfort you could match it with Aspyn Faux Fur Shag Ottoman.

5. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

These bean bags chairs will be ideal for you if you are looking to store away those animal toys. Acting as a storage and a place to have a little siesta, Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chairs will be the ultimate choice for all parents of young toddlers. The fabric of the cover can be unzipped and filled with all the toys you want. The storage capacity is brand specific but we can say a 200-liter option will be able to hold around 100 medium-sized stuffed toys. These are available in multiple kid-friendly sizes and patterns including arrows, stars, and dinosaurs.

6. Big Joe Classic Beanbag Smartmax: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Big Joe Classic Beanbag Smartmax

Classic bean bags of Big Joe’s are water-resistant and stain-resistant with easy spot cleaning using damp clothes. These thereby can fit in any place of your choice from playrooms to living rooms. The chairs are filled with polystyrene beads which is why they may compress over time. But no worries as they also sell additional filling separately for easy refills. The one special feature of Big Joe’s classic bean bags is that the zipper comes sealed with a safety lock with no handle making it safe for children. You can refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual to unzip it using common household items such as a paper clip.

7. LoveSac GamerSac: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

LoveSac GamerSac

Amongst the LoveSac bean bag collection, GamerSac is the smallest. It is about two and a half feet wide and weighs 22 pounds. The fillings are of their own brand called the DuraFoam which is basically a blend of recycled foam remnants. The brand claims that it can absorb body weight evenly and does not compress over time. There are more than 150 color and fabric options available to choose from.

8. Crate & Barrel Large Light Purple Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Crate & Barrel Large Light Purple Bean Bag Chair

The one feature that is significant in the Crate & Barrel bean bags is that it comes with a fabric handle allowing easy portability. According to the brand, the bean bag chair is “loosely filled”,i.e., not up to the brim. This ensures extra comfort and softness for the entire 40 inches. The insert shells of the bean bags are made from polyester and durable cotton blend along with partially recycled polystyrene beads. The cover can be taken off by unzipping and is machine washable. Give an additional 10 dollars and personalize it!

9. Polar Bear Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Polar Bear Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

This stylish and snug bean bag includes a removable cover that is 100 percent polyester and ensures easy cleaning. You can choose between buying the cover or the insert. The insert is filled with partially recycled polystyrene beads. It comes in two sizes, 41-inch diameter (large) and 36-inch diameter (medium).

10. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Chill sack bean bag is an oversized bean bag that is a good option for both kids and adults. It measures around 60 inches in diameter while being stuffed with a memory foam blend. The cover is removable and double stitched and is soft to touch. It is also discoloration and stain-resistant. You need to spot clean the bean bag to keep up its soft texture.

11. CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair: Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

CordaRoy’s bean bag is a hybrid seat that can be converted from the usual bean bag to a full-size mattress. Now that’s a dual-purpose bean bag that you would need around toddlers. The cover can be removed by unzipping and the inner foam-filled cushion can be flipped to make it into a mattress. Now to convert it back into a bean bag chair fold it right back. The cover of CordaRoy’s Chenille bean bag is dryer and washer safe that comes with an extra-long zipper. This zipper ensures that you slide the cushion in and out with ease.

Best Bean Bag Chair For kids Final Conclusion

That was an exhaustive list of cozy and snug bean bags suitable for young children. Opt to buy machine washable and removable covers for your bean bags to make it worth your money. If you are deciding to buy bean bags for infants, remember to choose the stain and water-resistant covers as the little ones are prone to spillage. Read all the precautions mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual before introducing them to your child to avoid all safety risks. Happy hunting!

Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids FAQs

1) Which bean is best for bean bags?

EPS/EPP beans are considered the best for filling the bean bags. They are cheap, long-lasting, snug, lightweight, moisture resistant, and heat resistant. Shredded foam is another alternative for EPS beans or they may also be used as a mix.

2) Are bean bags safe for toddlers?

Yes, bean bags are absolutely safe and sound for toddlers. They have no sharp edges to pose as a threat to young kids. Always remember to check the age tag and safety instructions before committing to one.

3) Is a bean bag good for back pain?

Bean bags are a great option to relieve and prevent backaches and tension as it improves your posture. It assists the muscles and joints with support to realign themselves. These bags can adapt to all body shapes, sizes, weights, and heights so you can simply relax in comfort.

4) How long does a bean bag last?

A rough figure of around 5 years is the calculated age for a bean bag. They are unaffected by both heat and moisture thus living rigidly for long enough years.

5) Is bean bag filling toxic?

It is claimed by certain institutions that expanded polystyrene (EPS) is carcinogenic to people. According to the U.S. Centers for Diseases Control! (CDC) and the Environment Protection Agency! (EPA), bean bag fillings are considered safe under normal use by consumers.

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