6 Best Baby Life Jackets Reviews

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Best Baby Life Jackets Reviews

Table of Contents

Finally, summertime is here! With the hot and humid weather, comes all the fun water play.

This is the perfect time to take the entire family to the pool, lake, or beach. You can relax and refresh in the water.

But if you are going to be near the water with the kids, you need to be prepared and safe at all times. As parents, safety should be paramount, especially if your little ones are not yet aware of water safety!

One of the most important safety items you will need is a quality, coast guard-approved baby life jacket. Although, it can be challenging to find a comfortable, effective and best baby life jacket for your baby. But don’t you worry because after comparing and reviewing a lot of baby life jackets, we have compiled a list to help you find the best baby life jacket for your little one!

What Are Some Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing the Best Baby Life Jacket?

  • Make sure that your little one’s life jacket has the seal of approval from the United States Coast Guard.
  • The life jacket should come with neck and head support to keep your baby’s face above water at all times.
  • To make sure your baby will stay in place, it should have a crotch strap.
  • To prevent accidental drowning, the life vest should have a grab handle to be able to quickly pull your baby out of the water.
  • The vest should not be too loose. It should fit perfectly. If not tight enough, your baby can slip too far down into the water. Before actually using it, test the fit on your baby. Simply pull your baby up by the vest shoulders to be sure his or her chin and ears will not slip out.
  • To prevent accidental drowning, you should go for Faceup Floating Life Vest for infants and toddlers.

What Are Some Safety Regulations For The Best Baby Life Jacket?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources warned that not all babies in life vests can be considered safe. They declared that some babies are too small for any life jacket, even if the label might suggest 0 to 30 lbs. Typically, if your baby is under 6 months or 16 pounds, they are too small for a life jacket to be effective. This is because of the extreme size of their heads to their body mass. Please consider waiting until your little one is a little older before taking them boating (only if your baby is a newborn). Remember to always test the life vest that you choose for your baby in a safe and supervised environment. Also, keep in mind that your babies, toddlers, and children should never be around water without attentive adult supervision!

6 Best Baby Life Jackets Reviews

1. Stohlquist Unisex Nemo Infant Life Jacket

Stohlquist Unisex Nemo Infant Life Jacket

This infant life that’s on top pick for our best baby life jacket list because it’s comfortable and certified by the United States Coast Guard. It has a V-shape design in the front which will make sure that the life jacket stays in place and not in your baby’s face. To ensure added safety, it comes with a crotch strap that prevents the life vest from slipping over your baby’s head, if it seems like other straps are not tightly secured enough. It has a feature that makes this option stand out forms of the best life jackets for your little ones, which is that it has two foams. These foams will support your baby’s neck at all times. Some notable details on this life jacket include the crotch strap ( which will secure the jacket in place), a convenient grab handle, and a quick-release buckle. Also, due to the additional foam padding that supports the smallest of babies, some moms found that this life jacket will properly fit their babies as young as 8 weeks old. It is best suitable for babies who weigh around 8 to 30 pounds. It is made available in 6 stylish highly visible color patterns.

2. STEARNS Infant Puddle Jumper

STEARNS Infant Puddle Jumper

This jumper is the infant version of the classic toddler puddle jumper model (which you already might be familiar with). This jumper is designed for infants that weigh less than 30 pounds. It meets the US Coast Guard certification and it comes with an oversized head support panel and a grab handle, which helps encourage face-up floating. To make it easy to get your little one in and out of the life vest, it has a buckle on the side and a zipper in the back. The two-leg straps can be adjusted for an even better fit. This puddle jumper has got some mixed reviews, some parents love it, whereas some parents say it’s not good for bigger babies and that babies fall back or forward and cannot remain upright in the water.

3. Salus Bijoux Baby Vest

Salus Bijoux Baby Vest

This baby vest is created for babies who weigh around 9 pounds to 25 pounds. It is made available in 5 different colors, which include blue, lime, pink, red, and yellow. It features lots of mesh and webbing for venting and comfort. This baby vest comes with a liner which is called the Dry-Lex Aerospacer Liner. It will help your baby with drainage, breathability, temperature control, and comfortability. Plus, the vest has mesh in the back which allows your little ones to lay comfortably on their back in a carrier or blanket to rest. It was announced as a winner of the Canadian Safe Boating Award for Best New Safety Product. When your baby is wearing it, it doesn’t scrunch their face up, and parents love that. Although, it is pricer than the other life jackets that are mentioned.

4. O’Neill Infant USCG Vest

O’Neill Infant USCG Vest

This vest is best suitable for babies and toddlers that are under 30 pounds in weight. At the head of the life vest, you can find a handle strap. The bright pink/purple design or blue/yellow color also helps with the quick location. To secure your little one into the life vest well, it has dual adjustable buckles. Although, it does not include a zipper, which could be something that you might want in an infant life vest. Some parents said that this infant vest seems pretty big on their baby, whereas some parents with babies who are 10+ months old, liked the fit of this vest on their children.

5. Airhead Infant Life Vest

Airhead Infant Life Vest

This infant life vest is the best baby life jacket for infants that weigh around 15 to 30 pounds. You have the option to buy it in two different cute animal options, a duckie or a hippo. To make it highly visible, it comes in bright yellow and blue colors. If you want to tighten it on your baby, you can do it with adjustable buckle straps. To meet the United States Coast Guard’s requirements for this type of infant life jacket, it has a grab strap in the event you might need to pull your child from the water easily and quickly. The foam collar offers additional head and neck support for your little one, not only in water but also on dry land.

6. STEARNS Classic Series Infant Life Vest

STEARNS Classic Series Infant Life Vest

This Coast Guard-approved infant life vest comes with all the typical features of an infant vest such as a crotch strap, and padding behind the head which will keep your baby’s neck and head safe. It is high quality and affordable too. Some parents said that it’s not that comfortable because it tends to touch your baby’s face. To keep your baby’s head safely out of the water, it comes with thick padding that is above and behind the neck.  It is best suitable for infants that weigh less than 30 pounds and it is great to prevent any accidental drowning. While boating, your baby will be protected. If your baby is not actively learning how to swim, this vest is great to introduce little ones to the water safely. Although, because of the shape, it’s not a great toddler life jacket.

In Conclusion

Every baby life jacket on our list is certified by the United States Coast Guard for your peace of mind. Even if weight requirements are met, you must make sure it is the right fit for your baby. Once you are done with making sure that your little one is safe, just pack some baby sunscreen and you can have a blast this summer with your family in the water! Enjoy it because this is your only summer with them as a baby!

FAQs on Best Baby Life Jacket

1) At what age can a baby wear a life jacket?

The U.S. Coast Guard's Office of Boating Safety says that an infant must not travel on a boat until they are at least 18 pounds in weight. They can wear a personal flotation device (PFD). Considering that, most babies reach that weight somewhere between 4 and 11 months.

2) Do babies need to wear life jackets on boats?

Yes, they have to because under California law every child under 13 years must wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket in serviceable condition and of a type and size appropriate for the conditions and the activity. Whether they are on a moving recreational vessel of any length.

3) How do infant life jackets work?

An infant life jacket makes sure that your baby’s on their back and head above water.

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