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What Is Happening To Your Belly Button During Pregnancy?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Can you see your “innie” starting to pop through your clothes? During pregnancy, a lot of women find they suddenly have a “popped-out” belly button. But don’t worry because it’s a short-term change.

When can you usually see changes in your belly button during pregnancy?

Most women notice that their bellybuttons are beginning to change around the end of their second trimester of pregnancy.

What causes your belly button to change during pregnancy?

As your uterus is rapidly expanding, it pushes your abdomen forward and makes even the most inverted ‘innie’ belly button become an ‘outie’.

What to do about your belly button changes during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent changes to your navel during pregnancy. At some point during pregnancy, just about every belly button pops out. Moreover, just like so many other pregnancy symptoms having a popped-out belly button is completely harmless.

What can cause pain in your belly button during pregnancy?

Here are some of the potential causes for belly button pain during pregnancy, which includes:

1. Friction

If your new outie navel keeps on rubbing against your clothes, it might get irritated. So, to prevent that from happening, try using a specially-designed belly button cover or a pregnancy support product, like a tummy shaper or tummy sleeve, to protect a popped-out belly button.

2. Umbilical hernia

This could be happening because there’s a small tear in your abdominal wall. You will start to notice a soft lump around your navel. Consult your health care provider right away when this happens.

3. Belly button piercing

While being pregnant, if you opt to keep your belly button piercing on, it might get irritating as your baby bump grows or possibly catches on your clothing. Look for possible redness, which indicates that the piercing might be too tight.

4. Dry or tight skin

With your growing baby bump, pregnancy hormones and stretchy skin can make your belly feel itchy. Itchy, dry skin can be uncomfortable or downright painful. So, remember that applying lotion daily really helps.


If the itching on and around your belly button is being accompanied by a rash, be sure to let your doctor know about it. This could be an indicator for a more serious pregnancy condition, such as the polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (PEP) or pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).

Will your belly button go back to normal after pregnancy?

Absolutely yes! It will take a few months after delivery but your belly button will get right back to its regular position. Although, it may look a little stretched out. But don’t you worry about it! It’s a badge of honor, so wear it proudly!

Here Are Some Other Issues That You May Have Noticed

1. Itchiness

Your uterus’s significant growth has resulted in your belly button being popped out. Due to this growth, your skin has been stretched out, which can lead to itchiness around your belly, especially your belly button. However, if you are experiencing severe itching, it could mean that something more serious is happening such as an infection around the belly button. So, if you are concerned and the itching is not resolving or increasing in severity, you should contact your health care provider.

2. Umbilical Hernia

When parts of an internal organ abnormally exit through a hole in a nearby muscle, it is referred to as a hernia. They usually happen because of increased abdominal pressure. So, if you notice a painful and tender enlargement around your belly button, this could be the reason.

Some of the symptoms that will help you decide if you have a hernia include an achy feeling around the area, a soft lump that is more noticeable as you lay down, and pain while bending or sneezing. Just to make sure everything is safe, you should consult with your doctor. Also, if necessary determine the treatment options. Although it is risky to have surgery during pregnancy, some surgeries can reverse this if it is serious. Normally, once your baby has been delivered the issue can be fixed.

3. Dark Rings

Some mothers might notice dark lines around their belly button. It is completely normal and happens due to skin pigmentation, likely from hormones. There’s another possibility that as your skin gets stretched, light bruising happens from the leaking blood vessels under your skin. Keep in mind that as your belly button becomes an outie, it becomes extra sensitive and develops a dark ring or bruise. It gets irritating when it’s being rubbed against clothing.

4. Linea Nigra

Linea Nigra  refers to a dark line that extends from your navel to your pubic bone. Only some women will get it during pregnancy. Usually, it is present before pregnancy, however, it is called linea alba which means a white line. It is not visible.

The linea nigra is neither dangerous nor harmful. This happens because hormones caused an increase in melanin, which is the hormone used for pigmentation, and that is why you can see the color change. Although this line is always present, it is not visible until later in pregnancy. Also, you don’t need to fret, it fades on its own after pregnancy.

Is There A Way To Stop Your Belly Button From Popping Out?

The best thing to do about your belly button popping out is to just embrace it! Consider it as a milestone in your pregnancy because this means you are one step closer to meeting your baby. Your navel will not stay in this permanent state forever. The popping out was a result of the little life that is growing inside of you.

So this is something that you should be proud of, not embarrassed. Seeing that most pregnant women experience the belly button pop, you should just own it! It is only temporary, however, if it’s bothering you there are ways that you can help mask its appearance underneath your clothing. Just wear tank tops underneath your shirts or go for a thicker fabric that won’t cling to your belly button and accentuate it.

Pregnancy and Belly Button Piercings

Every woman is different. It depends on how your baby grows because your belly button could be barely affected. A lot of moms can maintain their piercing throughout their entire pregnancy. So, there’s a possibility that you might not have to go back in for round two! Also, some health care providers will advise you to take your piercing out as a precautionary measure. Although it ultimately depends on you, you should follow your doctor’s advice.

Your growing belly could put a significant amount of pressure put on your belly button that can make your piercing painful. Sometimes the piercing tends to rub against clothing and get stuck. A lot of moms would describe this pulling sensation as painful. You must remove your piercing if you experience this.

Additionally, avoid getting your piercings done during pregnancy because your immune system is not at its strongest levels, and the skin is extra sensitive leading to a higher chance of developing an infection

Does Your Belly Button Reveal Your Unborn Baby’s Sex?

Some old wives’ tales suggest that during pregnancy, the shape of your belly button can help you predict the sex of your baby . However, no evidence suggests that any of this is accurate. So, it is best to use a reliable testing method to have a doctor give you gender confirmation.


Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster of a journey that leads to motherhood. Your body will go through so many changes and that something as small as your belly button is even affected seems so crazy. With all the changes that you had to accept, your belly button should be the least of your worries. Let’s just embrace that pregnancy belly!

FAQs on Your Belly Button During Pregnancy

1) What week does your belly button pop out during pregnancy?

Although, it doesn't happen to all pregnant women, however, sometimes the baby in the uterus can put so much pressure on a woman's abdominal wall that her normally “innie” belly button becomes an “outie.” You can see it happening around the second or third trimester of pregnancy or most commonly around 26 weeks.

2) Is it bad to touch your belly button while pregnant?

No, it's not! It's completely normal and harmless.

3) Can your belly button get infected while pregnant?

There's a risk of developing an infection if you have tearing or an injury to the belly button because the bacteria get into the wound.

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