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5 Weeks Pregnant

During the 5th week of your pregnancy, you might face major mood swings as the baby in you develops major organs.

How Big is Your Baby at five Weeks?

The baby is about 0.09 inches long which is approximately the size of a Pop Rocks crystal. Isn’t it fascinating!

Here’s is what this article will help you explore regarding the 5th week of pregnancy:

1. Your Baby

2. Your Body

3. Your Life

Your Baby’s Development at 5 Weeks

If you were to look at a baby of 5 weeks in ultrasound you probably would see nothing as the baby wouldn’t be very recognizable to the human eye. But that doesn’t mean there is no development rather there are major developments that take place.

1. Organ development : Although it might seem early, the organs of the baby like the heart, stomach, liver, and kidney start to develop.

2. Simple beginnings : The baby at this stage consists of three germ layers. The ectoderm turns into the brain of the baby, spinal cord, skin, and nails. On the other hand, the mesoderm will change into the baby’s heart and circulatory system. Whereas, the endoderm would turn into the lungs, intestines, and other major organs. Isn’t the development of the human!

Symptoms your body face at 5 weeks

The most common pregnancy is when you miss your periods and feel nausea with changes in the breasts that might seem either sore or have darker areolas.

Listed here are some other symptoms you may experience at five weeks pregnant.

1. Rising hCG levels – Taking a Pregnancy test at home is quite reliable. This is because they measure if the level of the pregnancy hormone increases the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) or doubles.

2. Sore boobs – The hormones start to kick into high gear. This is as your uterus starts to prepare itself for a baby that usually results in really tender breasts.

3. Mood swings – The mood swings tend to rise and fall intensively during the first trimester as well as postpartum with the rising level of hormone. It is recommended to eat daily and be gentle with yourself along with a good rest.

Many pregnant women do not have any symptoms when they are in their 5th week. Be aware of the chance to feel nauseous and fatigue over the next few weeks.

How to Count Your Pregnancy Weeks

It may have happened that the news broke as a surprise and you were already 4 or 5 weeks along with no symptoms!

It might for once feel different to not have any symptoms at all and you didn’t notice the conceiving of the baby. This is why it is important to know the due dates to understand and study your pregnancy. Gynecologists need exact dates as pregnancy is dated back to the first day of your last period or the last menstrual period irrespective of the baby being conceived after two weeks.

To know the due date, all you need to do is to follow a basic formula. The formula is the LMP (Last Menstrual Period) + 280 days. In the year 2014, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists shared their guidelines that included the early ultrasound measurement too. In simple words, the date could also change depending on the guidelines of the doctor as per what they see on the screen.

Your Life at 5 Weeks Pregnant

It is of course hard to think of anything else but your normal pregnancy.

Alongside the excitement, wonder, and panic you come across, the initial thoughts that might run across you could be of wondering if you are pregnant? With a lot more questions that follow, such as, Why am I so tired? Is caffeine OK? Can I still work out?

Listed here are answers to all such burning pregnancy questions.

1. Good for your body – You must consider kegel exercise as it works well in the abdomen area. It not only helps promote healing after birth, but it also has been linked with processing the delivery easily and smoothly along with improving the 0 bladder control while reducing hemorrhoids.
To do them, lift the pelvic floor muscles and hold it tight for about 5-10 seconds and then relax. You must repeat this 10-20 times a day.

2. Snack attack – Popcorn is great for pregnant women as it has a good amount of fiber and has nutrients like zinc and folate. It is also easy to prepare, tastes well, and helps keep nausea away.

3. Write it down – Pregnancy might result in you often forgetting the details as the baby arrives. For which you must keep a journal handy to record emotions, symptoms, and big milestones that you achieve each week. Writing can also help as a reference during your second pregnancy (If you choose too), or even as a gift to share with your children.

Your 5 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Yes, you might not look pregnant as yet but the midsection feels the other way! It might seem bloated as well as a little crampy. You would experience light cramps that are considered normal and are caused by the implantation or the stretching of the uterus. There are more severe cramps that you’d face during your period as you need to communicate it all to your doctor.

As long as bloating is considered, try wearing stretchier or loose pants for comfort.

Many doctors recommend that women gain about 1 to 4 pounds during their first trimester, but you might as well focus on the quality and not the quantity for the betterment of both the baby and the mother.

To Conclude :

As you are in your fifth week, here is a checklist for you at 5 Weeks for your reference

1. Practice Kegels – As your body grows, these little movements help benefit in huge amounts.

2. Find out how much your health insurance covers when pregnant and after birth.

3. Relax! Lay low and rewatch your favorite movie.

4. Rest well.

FAQs : A Guide For Women 5 Weeks Pregnant

1. Could one show as early as 5 weeks pregnant ?

At 5-weeks the baby is about the size of an apple seed or rather an orange seed so you do not show at five weeks. However, if you feel you are, that’s most probably a result of bloating.

2. What do 5-week pregnancy cramps feel like ?

As the uterus grows along with the weeks, you're likely to experience mild to moderate cramping in the lower abdomen or the lower back. It feels like pressure, stretching, or pulling typical to menstrual cramps.

3. How does your stomach feel when you're pregnant for the first month ?

You feel nauseous and your stomach could hurt a little. Some women also experience light cramping at the very beginning of their pregnancy that may or may not be accompanied by spotting
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