Best Toys and Gift for 6 Year Old Baby Girls – Expert Reviews & Guide

Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 6 -Year-Old Baby Girls

By the time a kid reaches 6 years of age, they tend to have their own opinions and interests. At times, choosing a toy for a 6-year-old could get a lot more challenging, while some like a book and others to fashion accessories and jewelry. Toys play an essential role as instruments of learning, developing psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills, which is why choosing the best toy is quite essential.

Here is a list of the top 10 best toys for a 6-Year-Old Girls:

1. Pretend and playschool set

Pretend and playschool set

Pretend and playset is a toy that allows the 6-year-old girl to learn, engage, imaginative play, role-play, build her community, and verbal skills. This set comes with a working school bell, a 15” hand pointer, crayons, a yellow pouch, hall pass, and a whiteboard in a strong carry case, adding to her imaginative play.



1. Organized

2. Storage in the carrying case

3. Appealing colors


1. Includes a whiteboard marker

Osmo genius kit

This is a great gift for a 6-year-old girl that helps them learn and engage with the iPad by not touching it, breaking the boundary down built in between the physical and digital play. It features 5 games, that is, tangram, newton, numbers, masterpieces, and words, encoded into the base that acts as an iPad dock. This supports the mini, air, and retina versions making the kit an educational alternative for the kid’s entertainment, allowing growth.


1. Encourages fun learning

2. iPad compatible

3. Multi-playing pieces


1. Not supportive of android tablets

2. Needs signing up

3. HedBanz game

HedBanz game

This is a famous upgraded universal game, where instead of us writing the topics on the cards, they are prewritten using beautiful graphics. The game comes with a timer and 6 headbands supporting at least 2 players. All you need to do is, pick a card and slip it into the headbands without viewing it, on the other hand, the participant asks questions until the winner snaps victory by guessing, more like head-up without actions but questions. It helps enhance many skills, like categorical, critical thinking, and vocabulary; great 6-year-olds who like puzzles, and riddles.


1. Easy play

2. Has a manual included


1. As there are a limited number of cards, kids are prone to memorize them all

4. Hyper toss action game

Hyper toss action game

It is a fast interactive game with time, testing the speed of the 6-year-old girl. It involves 3 different colored cups for the player to attempt different challenges and explore her skills both physical and mental. It comes with audio instruction, making it easy to play with her friends also keeping her scores.


1. Interactive

2. Motor skill development

3. Enhances social interaction


1. Has no sound control

5. Stick'n Style crystal clutch

Stick'n Style crystal clutch

Most girls like glitter and shiny things and this crystal clutch have it both! It comes with over 550 sparkling jewelry pieces designed for a 6-year-old making it her own glamorous and glitzy purse with jewelry sticking onto it like a mosaic.


1. Has a lot of jewels

2. Good for kids that like jewelry


1. Has only one clutch purse

6. Razor kick scooter

Razor kick scooter

A scooter is a great toy for a 6-year-old girl encouraging outdoor play. This razor scooter has a streamlined body of 98mm urethane wheels, featuring a shock-absorbing system, a rear fender brake, a wheelie bar, that can carry up to 143 pounds of weight with easy storage.


1. Lightweight

2. Has storage

3. No need to assemble


1. Has no speed control

7. DIY Headbands

DIY Headbands

This is a throwback to the mid-20th century with a statement of fashion underlined. This DIY headband set is a great toy/gift for a 6-year-old girl who is into fashion and accessories. The set comes with various accessories, craft materials, 10 headbands, ribbons, gems, felt, sticky, tulles, gem stems, shoelaces, ribbon straps, rubber bands, and fabric flowers. So, let the little girl set out and work her magic in crafting her headband, empowering and expressing her inner self through the bold style and fun colors.


1. Has colorful accessories

2. 10 headbands

3. Promotes self-expression


1. No attached decorations

8. Fashion plates deluxe kit

Fashion plates deluxe kit

These Fashion plates deluxe kits feature over 30 pieces of fashion art materials, 20 drawing sheets, 8 colored pencils, 15 interchangeable fashion plates, a drawing tablet, a carrying case, and a rubbing crayon with a holder.


1. Promotes motor skills

2. Has a carry case

3. Includes a set of 30 fashion pieces


1. Has limited paper

2. Frames supporting the plates bend easily

9. DIY Friends 4 ever scrapbook

DIY Friends 4 ever scrapbook

Having scrapbooking is the most persistent hobby in 6-year-olds, and this scrapbook makes it even more special as it is themed around ‘Friends 4 ever’. It includes over 450 important materials like ribbons, stickers, glue, gems, paper, 48-page hardcover scrapbook with simple instructions. This will help the 6-year-old record moments, showcase significance building with their favorite people, enhancing their social skills.


1. Has most accessories

2. Includes scissors and glue

3. Enhances creativity


1. Pieces easy to lose

10. Draw Like A Pro

Draw Like A Pro

This kit makes drawing easy with pre-printed slides, markers, easy directions, paper, and a projector.  It allows the users to create pictures that are easy to trace and project on slides and comes with 124 preprinted encouraging 3 types of artwork.


1. Great for beginners

2. Develops fine motor skills

3. Includes a carrying case


1. Doesn’t have batteries

To Conclude

The development of the motor skills, confidence, and health of a 6-year-old is at its peak at this age. Therefore, parents need to choose toys that will further enhance and uplift their skills and interests to their full potential. The list above is compiled keeping in mind various interests for you to choose from.

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FAQs: Top Best 10 Toys For A 6-Year-Old Girl

1. Can we gift a 6-year-old a DIY Crafts?

Yes, sure! DIYs help encourage 6-year-olds to develop their artistic skills and be creative all day long. She could try DIYs of different kinds, such as sewing, crochet, bracelet making, knitting, headband making, and wreath making.

2. What works best as a supplement for board games for a 6-year-old girl?

It’s ok to not be fond of board games, there are a lot of people including adults who despise the board game as their favorites. However, you could initially try different board games to help her find her niche, if she does, it’s ok. There are many games in the market around the same lines, such as card games, and memory games.

3. What if a 6-year-old isn’t much of a reader?

As parents, we must help the 6-year-olds encourage reading, try bedtime books that help form fond memories, and also library visits. Generally, kids need a little push that helps them through to find their genres and authors.
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