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Ifeyinwa is a certified nutritionist with a BSc in nutritional sciences from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA. She consults as a pediatric nutritionist specializing in medical and dietary ailments, introducing innovative recipes to improve a child’s diet based on their diagnosis, physical activity, and age. Her experience ranges from dealing with picky eaters to the treatment of genetic and chronic diseases and also co-founded Nutrition4kidsng, an online platform educating parents on proper nutrition and effective feeding techniques. Not only that, through her social media platforms, she educates and shares her experiences about raising healthy and well-nourished children in this modern world.

Are plant based diets good for children - 1

Are plant based diets good for children?

Table of Contents What is a Plant-based Diet? Just like every other new trend out there, a diet based on just greens, grains, legumes, and fruits seems to be gaining a lot of traction, especially with health-conscious individuals. A plant-based diet is where consumers focus more on eating plants and their derivatives to get their nutrients. However, with every trend, assessing the true values, especially… Read More »Are plant based diets good for children?

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