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Baby Acne Everything Else You Need To Know About It

Baby Acne: Everything Else You Need To Know About It

What Is Baby Acne ? A commonly found phenomenon in babies, baby acne, as the name obviously suggests, is the kind of acne that takes place on babies. Baby acne, also referred to as neonatal acne or neonatal cephalic pustulosis usually occurs during the first initial weeks after birth. Baby Acne can be recognized as whiteheads and red pimples on the infant’s cheeks, nose, and… 

gripe water

Gripe Water for Newborns and Babies – Expert Reviews & Guide

As parents, it could be hard to see your little baby suffer from colic or abdominal discomfort due to the gas buildup. Such discomfort often yields incessant crying causing parents to desperately look for ways to alleviate their pain. This is where the Gripe water works its magic. It is a tried and tested remedy for babies that are fussy due to the discomfort caused…