Close up of newborn girl with mom at bed in hospital

A Guide For Postpartum Bleeding – Expert Reviews & Guide

Ever thought of a nurse instructing you about attaching three heavy flow pads? This article will act as a guide to all the new mothers to understand and be prepared for what comes after you have given birth to your baby. After you complete your trimester, there is one last thing, blood! It is known to be postpartum bleeding which is absolutely normal post-pregnancy. However,… 

40 weeks pregnant

40 Weeks Pregnant : What To Expect? Symptoms, Baby Development, and Tips! – Expert Reviews & Guide

40th week of pregnancy, what we like to call the final lap of pregnancy,  is when the baby can be expected to pop out any minute. The baby has now fully grown and would measure 20.4 inches long and weigh an easy 7.6 pounds. To put things in better perspective, this should be right about the size of a balloon. In your 40th week of…