6 Best Snow Boots For Kids

Top 6 Best Snow Boots For Kids 2021

Snow boots are an essential need for kids, especially those living in colder places. However, parents usually tend to buy a pair at the beginning of the season, assuming for it to last, which isn’t always true. There are a wide variety of boots available in the market with different features, this makes it even more difficult for parents to choose the perfect boot for their kids.

Then how does one choose a snow boot that works the best ?

You could dissect your analysis of your finding in two parameters:

1. Are they warm ?

As obvious as it may sound, this important factor is almost covered by the manufactures under the facade of the style. While you purchase your kid’s boots, may sure you check-in for the warmth it has to offer.

2. Is it workable ?

Your kid wouldn’t like sitting in one place after they have their smart pair of boots. This is why you must check if the boost offers the freedom to walk and easy to use, for instance, shoes with a velcro strap?

Despite it all, it is completely natural you seem lost while choosing a pair of snow boots for your kid, it at times could also turn tricky. A good boot consists of good habits and strong muscles for your child and doesn’t cause pain only because the kid was around the snow.

To help you choose the best snow boot, we have a list accumulated for parents to refer to:

1. Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot

Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot

This snow boot comes with a secure Velcro above the ankle that makes it less likely to allow snow down to the foot area. These Kamik boots are made from synthetic rubber sole, that protects the feet of the child from the cold as it’s waterproof, with insulation and plush lining, keeping them warm.


  • Available in 8 different colors/patterns
  • Wide range of size, from 5 – 10
  • 4” inches tall


  • Doesn’t last too long
  • May have sewing or construction quality issues

2. SkaDoo kids snow boots

SkaDoo kids snow boots

These boots come in two different styles; The black camo boots ( with a large velcro flap securing both sides), and the second has a velcro strap above the ankle with a bungee at the top.


  • Available in 20 colors/designs
  • Has a wide variety of sizes



  • The preferred size may be smaller, so try to order a size or two above
  • Delicate drawstring
  • May have issues with the stitching quality

3. Stonz three-season stay-on snow boots

Stonz three-season stay-on snow boots

Stonz snow boots are versatile, as they could transform from boots to overshoes in a second, with two adjustable bungees at the top, ensuring a good fit. They are made out of nylon that keeps the little one’s feet warm and has non-slip soles providing safety to the kid while out in the cold weather.


  • Versatile in nature
  • Available in 14 colors/designs
  • Non-slippery


  • Not waterproof
  • No insole attached
  • Doesn’t fit into bigger boots

4. Femizee warm snow boots

Femizee warm snow boots

These pull-on snow boots are extremely cute, super cozy, and are lightweight.  They are best worn in light snow as they are about mid-calf in height, have a rubber sole for safety, and prevent the moisture from getting in.

The faux fur lining helps to keep the little one’s feet nice and warm and can be transformed in a shorter length by simply folding it down.


  • Available in 14 neutral colors
  • Size range, 4 – 13.5 (toddler to the kid)
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Not quite durable
  • Can have an odd scent at arrival

5. DREAM PAIRS insulated waterproof snow boots

DREAM PAIRS insulated waterproof snow boots

These are the best-insulated boots for toddlers, with cozy fleece lined inside, and have 15 different colors with added fur. The little ones can easily slip in and out of the snow boot with the side-zipper feature, with an adjustable elastic band, and insulated 200g thermolite for even -25F.


  • Size range from 9 – 6 ( toddler to kids)
  • Keep the kid’s feet warm
  • Has a wide range to choose from



  • Not quite durable
  • Limited sizes for some designs

6. Nova mountain boy’s waterproof snow boot

Nova mountain boy’s waterproof snow boot

These are boots that could be a great fit for rough and tough use, available in 9 different designs for toddlers. The synthetic uppers and rubber lower make it the best fit for the coldest and wet conditions with insoles insulated. They are lightweight, solid making it easier to walk even in -25F with an anti-skid design, giving them a grip in the snow.


  • Are adjustable
  • Has a front lace with a toggle to help tighten
  • Has a good ankle support


  • The toggle might not be easy for the toddler
  • Are big in the leg/calf area

To Conclude:

In cold weather, snow boots are a go-to essential, especially for little toddlers. We wouldn’t want the kids to sit back and get bored just because of the weather outside, in fact, we would like to encourage them to get outside and make use of the weather, continuing to build their communal skills. However, there is a wide variety of snow boots available for parents to choose from that makes it quite tricky and challenging to choose off. This is why we need to understand what makes a difference between – want and need. While you are shopping for a perfect snow boot, it is essential to make an account of the feature to understand if they are a perfect fit for the little ones.

FAQs: FAQ’s: Top 6 Best Snow Boots For Kids 2021

1. What must a toddler wear while going skiing ?

● Synthetic inner layer ● Fleece mid-layer ● Neck gaiter ( if the temperature is far below freezing) ● Ski pants/bib ● A jacket ● Ski boots with warm and thick socks ● Goggles

2. What are the ways to dry a snow boot ?

● Use a boot dryer ● A hairdryer ( blow inside the boot) ● Use absorbent towels, towels, newspapers to stuff the boots, and leave overnight

3. Why is it important to own a snow boot for a toddler ?

Snow boots are essential for those living in colder areas as they provide traction, and keep the toddler’s feet dry and warm. However, even if you aren’t living amidst snow, you could use them to protect the toddler from cold and keep their feet dry.
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