6 Best Baby Nursing Pads Of 2021

Best Baby Nursing Pads

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Do you often experience wet stains on your nursing bras and t-shirts? If yes, then these best nursing pads or the breast pads are your answer.

We, at ParenthoodBliss, understand that the breastfeeding sessions could be a bit messy while being beautiful moments for you and your baby. It could range from milk leakage, that is when the breasts release milk when not nursing to milk stains that turn out to be embarrassing and uncalled for or even when you extract the milk using breast pumps.

This is why most moms use these breast pads that are inserted in the nursing bra to soak up the extra liquid and keep the nipples dry.

Nursing pads come in two versions: disposable nursing pads and reusable nursing pads. The disposable nursing pads are convenient and have a plastic back that does not allow the breast milk to soak through the clothes, while the best reusable nursing pads are softer, environment-friendly, and cost-saving. However, choosing between the two is up to your convenience and comfort.

6 Best types of breast or nursing pads for breastfeeding moms

However, you help you choose the best nursing pads, we have curated a list of the top best 6 nursing pads to choose from. They vary in their shape, absorbency, types, and fit. Read on to know more:

1) Medela Disposable Breast Pad

Medela Disposable Breast Pad

These best disposable pads are individually wrapped and are a perfect fit for slipping inside your bra and helps the breast stay dry. They are also convenient to carry in the purse and the cup shape provides a good fit even for larger breasts. Medela’s nursing pads’ disposable nature is liked by many moms as they also feature adhesive strips on the back that are sticky to put on your bra to stay in place.

2) Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

These Stay dry best disposable are ultra-soft and you should buy a box of these Lansinoh pads. They have a honeycomb lining that wicks the moisture away and keeps the sensitive nipples dry even when they are soaked up with breast milk. It is also thinner compared to the other disposables with a cup-shaped and a sticky back to stay in place and prevent leaks.

3) Nuk Ultra Thin Nursing Pads

Nuk Ultra Thin Nursing Pads

This Nuk super soft thin pad is a great fit with thinner bras and tops. While keeping you dry, these pads come across as invisible under your clothes but have no adhesive to keep them stay put.

4) EcoNursing Pad

EcoNursing Pad

These Eco nursing pads are super absorbent, so it doesn’t matter how much leakage you experience. But, make sure that these soft and thin pads are handled on light to moderate flow in the washing machine. The absorbent material, that is, the thicker breathable bamboo tends to absorb more liquid from the breasted women. All of them have a leak-proof backing so nothing soaks through. Note – these organic bamboo make pads are machine washable and dryer safe too.

5) Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads Multi-Pack (2 Pair)

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads Multi-Pack (2 Pair)

This reusable breast pad is a good fit for tender and sore nipples with their Bamboobies that feel like velvet against the sensitive skin and get softer with each washing. They feature to handle a lot of leakages, are washing machine, dryer-safe, and include one set of ultra-thin regular pads with one set of super-absorbent overnight pads too

6) BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

These eco-friendly pads unlike the reusable ones have a contoured shape that cups the breast avoiding any bunching up. They feature hypoallergenic bamboo cotton and are available in three sizes, from A cups, B, D, and E. BabyBliss include a set of 14 pads, is machine washable and dryer or even air-dry safe.

To Conclude

Purchasing nursing pads is a vital need for a breastfeeding mother and helps her do away with the milk stains that she would otherwise have on her clothes. Perhaps, these come in a wide range of options to choose from that might make the mothers a bit confused. For this, we have curated our top 6 best picks that you can consider while you are purchasing. Also, for those who have super sensitive nipples, try using a nipple cream instead in order to aid the discomfort.

Happy breastfeeding!

FAQs on Best Baby Nursing Pads

1) What makes a breast pad good and what to keep in mind while buying a pad for breastfeeding sessions ?

While you are purchasing a pad for the breastfeeding sessions, it is extremely important to pick ones that are soft or made with materials that are sensitive on the skin, those that do not create irritants and rashes, are super absorbent in nature, and are made of cotton. Most importantly, the pads must allow the breasts to breathe, therefore, avoid the ones that are waterproof or have a plastic liner as they can trap the moisture against your skin resulting in an infection. Also remember, to make sure to change the nursing pads as and when they get wet as too much wetness could result in soreness of the nipples.

2) Are the nursing pads really necessary ?

No, they are not of utmost necessity, and a nursing mother can do without it as well. However, as seen, the initial days do go by at ease as the flow of the breast milk starts to increase, the clothes begin to get wet. This is why to prevent all of this, most mothers choose to purchase the nursing pads best in absorption and do not keep the clothes away from staining.

3) What are the benefits of disposable breast pads ?

The disposable nursing pads are made from using special materials that help the mothers stay dry and also have a super-soft lining. This makes them comfortable to wear with two adhesive tapes attached that keep them securely in place. Adding on, they are of contoured shape with a discreet, natural, and reliable fit.
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